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Northeast Landscape Planning Committee Meeting #7 – Ecological Policy Framework (cont’d) Resource review Landcover data Watershed data FIA data.

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1 Northeast Landscape Planning Committee Meeting #7 – Ecological Policy Framework (cont’d) Resource review Landcover data Watershed data FIA data

2 Land Cover Datasets MFRC Landscape Program Historical Assessments Big Woods Landscape Plan (MN DNR) Doug MacCleary (US FS Assistant Director) article Pre-settlement Inventories1974 1988 State of Minnesota Land Cover Inventories – LMIC1969 1988 GAP1992 National Land Cover Data (NLCD)1992 2001 2006 2011?




6 Presettlement GAP 1992 (compared to Presettlement) Cover TypeAcres% of Total Acres Change% ChangeAcres% of Total Acres Change% Change Upland Forest4,428,71460.1-- 3,928,83353.4-499,881-11.3 Upland Shrub00.0--427,3745.8427,374n/a Upland Grass688,7389.4--292,3684.0-396,371-57.6 Lowland Vegetation1,805,45424.5--1,878,26725.572,8134.0 Agriculture00.0--106,2891.4106,289n/a Developed00.0--115,7991.6115,799n/a Barren00.0--37,4020.537,402n/a Open Water425,5825.8--576,3537.8150,77135.4 Unclassified15,1560.2--9600.0-14,196-93.7 Totals7,363,644100.0--7,363,644100.0-- NLCD 2001 (compared to GAP 1992) NLCD 2006 (compared to NLCD 2001) Cover TypeAcres% of Total Acres Change% ChangeAcres% of Total Acres Change% Change Upland Forest3,480,33047.3-448,503-11.4 3,439,59446.7-40,736-1.2 Upland Shrub472,9716.445,59810.7473,5776.46050.1 Upland Grass166,4432.3-125,925-43.1186,5892.520,14612.1 Lowland Vegetation2,424,10832.9545,84129.12,440,58033.116,4720.7 Agriculture14,5340.2-91,755-86.314,8430.23092.1 Developed182,0302.566,23157.2183,6652.51,6350.9 Barren40,9630.63,5619.546,5100.65,54813.5 Open Water581,9027.95,5491.0577,9237.8-3,979-0.7 Unclassified3630.0-597-62.23630.00 Totals7,363,644100.0--7,363,644100.0-- Land Use/Cover in the Northeast Landscape: presettlement, 1992, 2001, 2006

7 Lake Superior Basin Lake Superior North Lake Superior South Cloquet River St. Louis River Rainy River Basin Rainy River – Rainy Lake Rainy River – Headwaters Littlefork River Vermilion River St. Croix Basin Kettle River Nemadji River Upper Mississippi River Basin Mississippi River - Grand Rapids Watersheds Northeast Landscape Region


9 Lake Superior – North Rainy River – Rainy Lake Rainy River - Headwaters Nemadji River Kettle River Vermillion River Little Fork River St. Louis River Cloquet River Lake Superior – South Land Use/Cover Barren Crops Developed Forest Grassland Open Water Shrub Wetlands Cloquet River0.1 Kettle River0. Lake Superior - North0.0 1.983. Lake Superior - South0.30.25.876. Little Fork River0.80.51.780. Nemadji River0.01.02.972.310. Rainy River - Headwaters0. Rainy River - Rainy Lake0.00.30.973. St. Louis River1. Vermillion River0.30.11.474.50.713.16.43.4 Land Use/Cover by Watershed Percent of Watershed

10 FIA Inventories 1934 - 1936 1953 1962 1977 1990 1999-2003 2004-2008 2009- FIA Data MFRC Landscape Program

11 Land use NE LandscapeCarltonCookLakeSt. Louis 2010 Total7,348,736566,3461,034,7741,437,5144,310,101 All forestland5,682,348356,218897,6121,248,4133,180,105 Timberland4,580,364346,902603,256913,9532,716,252 Other forestland213,8043,09515,35453,851141,504 Reserved productive forestland859,0756,221271,737266,080315,037 Reserved other forestland29,105-7,26514,5297,312 Nonforest1,070,704199,70331,25264,837774,912 Non-Census water68,1213,51510,10413,86040,642 Census water527,5636,90995,807110,404314,443 2003 Total7,368,179540,5131,038,1941,437,9044,351,568 All forestland5,484,718307,385865,2611,191,6483,120,425 Timberland4,431,726300,103595,851889,2662,646,506 Other forestland178,7697,28210,47151,514109,503 Reserved productive forestland840,726-248,448239,365352,913 Reserved other forestland33,497-10,49111,503 Nonforest1,219,749227,62543,50094,520854,104 Non-Census water128,8651,28431,03326,55869,989 Census water534,8484,21998,402125,179307,049 Change (2003 to 2010 in %) Total-0.34.8-0.30.0 All forestland3.615. Timberland3.415. Other forestland19.6-57.546.64.529.2 Reserved productive forestland2.2 9.411.2-10.7 Reserved other forestland-13.1 -30.826.3-36.4 Nonforest-12.2-12.3-28.2-31.4-9.3 Non-Census water-47.1173.8-67.4-47.8-41.9 Census water-1.463.8-2.6-11.82.4 FIA estimates of land use in the Northeast Landscape

12 Note: Methods of estimating area in these categories have changed over time. As a result, estimates of area may have changed while actual areas did not. For example, estimated total land area in the Northeast Landscape varied from 7,118,303 acres (1977) to 7,368,179 (2003) but the the Northeast Landscape did not change in extent. Forest land - Land with at least 10 percent cover (or equivalent stocking) by live trees of any size, including land that formerly had such tree cover and that will be naturally or artificially regenerated. To qualify, the area must be at least 1.0 acre in size and 120.0 feet wide. Forest land includes transition zones, such as areas between forest and nonforest lands that have at least 10 percent cover (or equivalent stocking) with live trees and forest areas adjacent to urban and built-up lands. Roadside, streamside, and shelterbelt strips of trees must have a width of at least 120 feet and continuous length of at least 363 feet to qualify as forest land. Unimproved roads and trails, streams, and clearings in forest areas are classified as forest if they are <120 feet wide or an acre in size. Tree-covered areas in agricultural production settings, such as fruit orchards, or tree-covered areas in urban settings, such as city parks, are not considered forest land. Nonforest land - Any land within the sample that does not meet the definition of accessible forest land or any of the other types of basic land covers. To qualify, the area must be at least 1.0 acre in size and 120.0 feet wide, with some exceptions that are described in the document "Forest inventory and analysis national core field guide, volume 1: field data collection procedures for Phase 2 plots, version 4.0." ( Evidence of "possible" or future development or conversion is not considered. A nonforest land condition will remain in the sample and will be examined at the next occasion to see if it has become forest land. Noncensus water - Lakes, reservoirs, ponds, and similar bodies of water 1.0 acre to 4.5 acre in size. Rivers, streams, canals, etc., 30.0 feet to 200 feet wide (1990 U.S. Census definition - U.S. Census Bureau 1994). This definition was used in the 1990 census and applied when the data became available. Earlier inventories defined noncensus water differently. Census water - Lakes, reservoirs, ponds, and similar bodies of water 4.5 acre in size and larger; and rivers, streams, canals, etc., more than 200 feet wide (1990 U.S. Census definition; U.S. Census Bureau 1994). Definitions, etc.

13 Forestland (acres)% of NE Landscape Forestland Owner NE LandscapeCarltonCookLakeSt. Louis NE LandscapeCarltonCookLake St. Louis 2010 County/Municipal 1,157,898 39,263 9,686 192,290 916,66020. National Forest 2,035,530 643,380 648,508 743,64235.8 11.311.413.1 Other federal 145,001 3,240 9,035 25,581 107,1452. Private 1,617,028 232,029 138,378 230,245 1,016,37628. State 726,891 81,686 97,132 151,790 396,28212. All owners 5,682,349 356,219 897,612 1,248,414 3,180,104100.06.315.822.056.0 2003 County/Municipal 987,080 37,689 1,377 168,155 779,86018. National Forest 1,870,525 579,460 595,390 695,67434.1 10.610.912.7 Other federal 173,597 2,989 32,559 10,666 127,3823. Private 1,585,367 192,901 124,694 218,027 1,049,74528. State 868,149 73,806 127,169 199,409 467,76415. All owners 5,484,718 307,385 865,260 1,191,647 3,120,426100.05.615.821.756.9 Ownership of forestland in the Northeast Landscape

14 All forestland (acres) % of Total Covertypes (DNR) NE LandscapeCarltonCookLakeSt. Louis NE Land- scapeCarltonCookLakeSt. Louis Total5,682,349356,219897,6121,248,4143,180,104 100 Jack pine237,005-42,18767,906126,912 4 554 Red pine217,42110,77129,58251,704125,364 43344 Eastern white pine121,5782,29619,38922,37777,516 21222 Balsam fir325,8001,62076,719118,446129,015 60994 White spruce63,69042526,05920,91616,289 10321 Black spruce785,88019,58674,374221,889470,031 14581815 Tamarack265,25721,6344,10216,989222,532 56017 N white-cedar222,7902,90863,73853,233102,911 41743 Oak16,70211,847--4,855 03 0 N hardwoods366,58948,60251,879105,014161,095 614685 Lowland hardwoods279,38147,72822,15447,764161,735 513245 Cottonwood/Willow52,299--2,99449,305 1 02 Aspen1,836,974148,389250,384276,2841,161,917 3242282237 Birch651,84523,884174,729196,850256,383 11719168 Balsam poplar88,6145,6097,14518,68857,172 22112 Non stocked36,6677,08210,8771,22417,484 12101 Other113,8563,83844,29426,13539,589 21521 Forest cover types in the Northeast Landscape 2010


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