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Mediterranean Chaparral/Tem perate Shrub AP Environmental Science OConnor Jonnae McCray.

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1 Mediterranean Chaparral/Tem perate Shrub AP Environmental Science OConnor Jonnae McCray

2 Vocabulary  Chaparral : vegetation consisting chiefly of tangled shrubs and thorny bushes  Shrub : a woody plant that is smaller than a tree

3 Where’s It At Though?  Mediterranean  Coast of North Africa, South Europe and West Asia  Coordinates: 35°N 18°E

4 The Mediterranean Region

5 Climate  Hot and Dry Summers (105°F)  Cool and Moist Winters (50°F)  Moderate amount of rain (15 to 40 inches of rain per year)

6 Climatogram

7 Plants  Salvia Microphylla  Grows well in both dry heat and frost and snow.  Hardenbergia alba  Able to withstand temperature extremes, lack of water and wind.  Aromatic Shrubs  Sagebrush  Acacia  These plants also have little hairs on their leaves to collect moisture from the air

8 Salvia Microphylla

9 Animals  Many of the Animals are small and nocturnal  Not many large animals simply because of the heat  Golden Jackal  In the winter, the Jackal grows a thick coat of hair  Helps the environment by keeping the rodent, gazelle, bird and frog population down.

10 Animals cont.  Bezoar Goat  A special adaption of a goat is it’s wool, which helps it survive in the harsh mountain climate. Also, it’s horns helps it defend itself and fight for females.  Armadillo  Withstand warm weather  Beaver

11 Invasive Species  Spanish Broom  Spread rapidly and produces seeds that are transported by any type of erosion or rain wash  Quickly colonizes disturbed habitats and develops thick shrub communities that prevent colonization  Plant grows to human head height and form a tangle containing a large amount of dead wood  Considered a fire hazard

12 Human Impact  Due to dry climate, Chaparral areas are at high risk for wildfires often occur due to human error or natural causes.  Climate change because of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere during fossil fuel use. The gases explain roughly half of the increased dryness.

13 Sources  Kevin S. (2001). Mediterranean Chaparral. Retrieved from parral.htm (Oct.5.2014) parral.htm  Woodward, Susan (2012) Mediterranean Scrub. Retrieved from page_id=98 (Oct.5.2014) page_id=98  Julius L. (2001). Mediterranean Chaparral Animals. Retrieved from p_animal_page.htm (Oct.1.2014) p_animal_page.htm

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