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1 East Neighbourhood Environment Forum March 2013 East Neighbourhood Parks and Greenspaces.

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1 1 East Neighbourhood Environment Forum March 2013 East Neighbourhood Parks and Greenspaces

2 2 This presentation will: Introduce the East Parks Team Talk about what we do and what we are responsible for Describe how we are measured and how we are performing

3 3 Who are the East Parks Team? Karen Reeves East Environment Manager Scott Thomson Community Parks Officer Russell Linton Park Ranger Natalia Navarro Gonzales Park Ranger

4 4 What are we responsible for? There are 21 parks in East Neighbourhood: Craigmillar Castle Park, Portobello Community Garden, Meadows Yard, Abercorn Park, Rosefield Park, Straiton Place Park, Newcraighall Park, Brighton Park, Meadowfield Park, Meadows Yard, Figgate Park, Joppa Quarry Park, Bingham Park, Seafield Recreation Ground, Lochend Park, Portobello Park, Hawkhill Woods, Jewel Park, Cairntows Park, Hunters Hall Park, Hays Park, Magdalene Glen...

5 5 What are we responsible for? Community woodlands Play areas Sports pitches & ball courts Watercourses in parks Formal and informal planting Signage / Notice boards Pathways, lighting, gates, benches, bins & railings

6 6 How are we measured? Parks Quality Assessment: Based on the Green Flag Awards, which is the national standard for parks and green spaces Welcoming Park Clean and Well Maintained Conservation and Heritage Healthy, Safe and Secure Sustainability Marketing

7 7 How well are we performing? NeighbourhoodAverage City Centre & Leith (19)63% South (23)52% West (27)54% Citywide (135)65% North (14)64% East (21)76% South West (31)53%

8 8 Parks Quality Assessment 2012: East Results Summary AreaNumber of Sites 2010 Av. PQS 2011 Av. PQS 2012 Av. PQS Trend East (Craigentinny and Duddingston) 656%55%57% ^ East (Portobello and Craigmillar) 1551%55%54% East (Total) 2153%55% -

9 9 Parks Quality Standard Results

10 10 Parks Quality Standard Results

11 11 Parks Quality Standard Results

12 12 Parks Quality Standard Results

13 13 Landscape Quality Standards What are Landscape Quality Standards? Over a period of two years we set out to map all the features of open spaces throughout Edinburgh This is an ongoing process, which allows us to understand what features we look after

14 14 Landscape Quality Standards The mapping system allows us to separate each feature and monitor its maintenance against a criteria 2% of the features of each Neighbourhood are assessed monthly by another Neighbourhood

15 15 Landscape Quality Standards Goal: to improve standards of grounds maintenance for all open spaces The Landscape Quality Standard focuses on the results, not the process They are a means of defining levels of measureable quality

16 16 How well are we performing? Type of Assessment Number of Assessments Target (%)Pass Rate (%) Established Woodland 1190%73% Hedges495%100% Mixed Flower Beds285%50% Play Areas3100% Rose Beds485%100% Shrub Beds2850%54% Water Features195%100% LQS Assessments from 1 November 2011 – 31 December 2012

17 17 How well are we performing? Overall performance from 1 November 2011 – 31 December 2012: Target: 100% Performance: 71%

18 18 What are we doing to improve our parks and greenspaces?

19 19 New gates for... Lochend Park Joppa Quarry Park Bingham Park Baronscourt Park

20 20 Shrub beds... Northfield Lochend Portobello Community Garden Bridge Street carpark Hawkhill Avenue Kemps Corner Moffat Way Craigentinny Road Portobello High Street Sleigh Gardens Rosefield Park

21 21 New signage in all parks Examples of these are available to view on display boards

22 22 New notice boards/ entrance signage in... Joppa Quarry Park Baronscourt Park

23 23 New paths in... Bingham Park – start date 15 March 2013 Brunstane Walkway – start date 11 March 2013

24 24 How can I report an issue? Contact the East Environment Team on 0131 529 3298, or at Attend Environment Forum meetings and complete New Local Issues forms

25 25 Thank You Any Questions?

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