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Golden Gables Rose Garden Groveland, Florida Golden Gables Rose Garden West Trumpeter (Ireland) Clotilde Soupert Celine Forestier (France) Madam Ernest.

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2 Golden Gables Rose Garden Groveland, Florida

3 Golden Gables Rose Garden West Trumpeter (Ireland) Clotilde Soupert Celine Forestier (France) Madam Ernest Calvat Lagerfield (United States) Sun Flair (Ireland) Gruss an Aachen (Germany) Baronne Henriette de Snoy (France)

4 Trumpeter (Ireland) Floribunda from Sam McGredy of Ireland in 1977, Trumpeter. Huge clusters of large, over 4 inch, double, cupped blooms, 39 petals, up to 15 per stem, in a vivid orange/red, from spring through fall on a low maintenance shrub. The blossoms will not fade in color until the petals drop. Flowers of a slight dusky rose scent are bourne in abundance on a very disease resistant, bushy shrub, with glossy, dark green leaves, red color to the new growth. Bushy, spreading and low growing in form, Trumpeter grows 2 to 3 feet in height and width.

5 Gruss an Aachen (Germany) Floribunda from Germany in 1929, Pink Gruss an Aachen. Considered to be the first Floribunda rose, with large flowers for a Floribunda, Gruss an Aachen produces large, over 3 inch, highly scented, beautifully formed shell pink blossoms, tinted with salmon, the 40 to 45 petals opening full and flat. Pink Gruss an Aachen is is similar in form, scent, a light pink with a tinges of brighter pink, fading to creamy ivory. The color holds up better in the sun, varies with the weather, soil. Pink Gruss an Aachen is a compact, bushy, spreading shrub, growing 3 to 4 feet in height, 3 feet wide. Its foliage is rich green, leathery, very disease resistant, replenishing its beautiful, fragrant flowers all season. Said by many to be the most beautiful in her class, this fine Floribunda will tolerate sun to partial shade, is most adaptable to a wide variety of climates, very hardy from zones 4 through 9. Parents of Gruss an Aachen were Hybrid Perpetual Frau Karl Druschki X Franz Deegan, Hybrid Tea, Pink Gruss, a sport of Gruss an Aachen.

6 Clotilde Soupert Polyantha, from 1890, Clotilde Soupert. Individual flowers of Clotilde Soupert are unlike any other Polyantha, large and full, often quartered, with over 100 neatly layered pale- pink petals. Fragrance is excellent, strong scented. Growing from 3 to 4 feet in height, spreading, the foliage is dark green, tolerating a wide variety of climates, heat, continuing to produce her beautifully formed flowers up until frost, very repeat in clusters, growing from zones 6 through 9, 5, with protection. Often said to look like a smaller Souvenir de la Malmaison, Clotilde is hardly ever out of bloom.

7 Sun Flair (Germany) Floribunda by Kordes of Germany in 1987, Sun Flair. Oval buds open to clusters of large, 3 inch, double blossoms, 25 to 30 petals, in a bright, lemon yellow with a sweet licorice fragrance. Very repeat and prolific blooms are produced on quite disease resistant, shiny, bright green foliage with purple stems and new shoots. This bushy, vigorous, very healthy shrub, with rounded growth, grows to 4 feet in height, 3 feet wide, very hardy from zones 5 through 9, possibly 4, with protection. Sunsprite, being the best of the deep yellow clustered Floribundas, from which it takes all the good characteristics, parents, Sunsprite X seedling, Sun Flair is one of the healthiest, most vigorous, also, a good show and cut flower.

8 Lagerfield (United States) Grandiflora from Christensen, USA, in 1986, Lagerfeld. A great exhibition rose, Lagerfeld's fat silver/lavender buds opens to sprays of 5 to 15 flowers, high centered, large, 5 inches, in a rare, beautiful silvery lavender shade. Intensely fragrant of an old rose scent, these well formed blossoms repeat throughout the growing season. This abundant bloomer produces its clusters on a very healthy bush, with dark green, shiny, disease resistant foliage. Spreading, vigorous growing from 4 to 6 feet in height, 4 feet in width, this fine Grandiflora is hardy from zones 4 through 9. Lagerfeld was named after a fashion designer.

9 Baronne Henriette de Snoy (France) Old garden Tea, from France in 1897, Baronne Henriette de Snoy. Long buds open to large, 35+ petals, double, quartered, pale pink and cream blossoms, carmine reverse, with excellent fragrance. Blooms are produced repeatedly from spring through fall, on stiff stems, with glossy, green, disease resistant foliage, bronze red new growth. A strong, vigorous, tall plant, Baronne Henriette grows 4 to 6 feet in height, 3 to 4 feet in width, producing an abundance of fragrant blooms, excellent for cutting, from zone 7 through 11. Beautiful rose, its parents were fine Teas, "Gloire de Dijon" and "Madam Lombard".

10 Celine Forestier (France) Noisette from Trouillard of France in 1842, Celine Forestier. Large, double, 3.5 to 4.5 inch, quartered blooms, in a creamy yellow with peach/pink tint open flat, display a button eye. The flowers are very fragrant, of a strong, spicy Tea scent with fruity overtones. Celine Forestier produces clusters of blossoms on strong canes, disease resistant, medium green foliage. Growing on a well foliated shrub 10 to 15 feet in height, Celine Forestier thrives in warm protected areas in cooler climates, hardy from zones 6 through 9.

11 Madam Ernest Calvat Bourbon from 1888, Madam Ernest Calvat. Huge, pale pink, shading to darker pink, very double, quartered, cupped-shaped blossoms are produced in clusters during the growing season, with exceptional rich fragrance. Mainly produced in the spring, but the blooms in fall are largest and most fragrant. The foliage of Madam Ernest Calvat is dark green with purple tinted leaves, resistant to black spot, healthy. Growing vigorously with tall, strong canes, from 5 to 7 feet in height or more, it is very hardy from zones 5 through 10. A sport of Madam Isaac Pereire, this Bourbon makes a good hedge, shrub, or pegged specimen.

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