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A Management Plan for Swendsen Farm, Bethlehem, CT February 2004.

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1 A Management Plan for Swendsen Farm, Bethlehem, CT February 2004

2 18901908 1930 18901908 19302003

3 Swendsen Farm

4 Agriculture

5 Swendsen Farm Agriculture Area: 68.5 acres Crops: -Corn -Hay -Pumpkins

6 Current Management Practices Herbicides and Pesticides Liming Crop Rotation Soil Erosion Control

7 Management Recommendations Maintain and improve drainage system Review pesticide application plan Develop an edge management plan Maintain and enhance field species diversity

8 Forests

9 Forest Communities 1.Hardwood-Thick Shrub 2.Hemlock-Hardwood 3.Mixed-Wood 4.Red Maple Mesic 5.Red Maple Swamp 6.Upland Hardwood 1 2 34 56

10 Objective: Maintain Forest Health Considerations: Potential pathogens Invasive species Recommendations: Monitor for hemlock woolly adelgid and beech bark disease Eradicate invasive species where feasible

11 Objective: Watershed Health Considerations: Vegetation traps sediments and prevents sediment loading of streams Recommendations: Maintain riparian buffers

12 Objective: Wildlife Habitat Considerations: Food Sources Shelter Recommendations: Maintain variety of food sources and habitats

13 Objective: Aesthetics Considerations: Beautiful stands enhance the visitor experience Recommendations: Create and maintain aesthetically pleasing stands


15 Wetlands

16 Objectives Preserve wildlife habitat Maintain high water quality Maintain ecosystem health Promote aesthetics Preserve species diversity

17 Recommendations Maintain buffers Restrict recreational activity Monitor pond and wetlands for invasive species Encourage community groups to pursue wetland projects

18 Wildlife

19 TaxaTotalAbundantCommonUncommonRareEndangered Amphibians 16011320 Reptiles 20413201 Birds 16599062231 Mammals 525311231 Potential Wildlife in Non Forested Areas of Swendsen Farm (source: NEWILD) TaxaTotalAbundantCommonUncommonRareEndangered Amphibians 15011220 Reptiles 20411401 Birds 15268046191 Mammals 513301431 Potential Wildlife in Forested Areas of Swendsen Farm (source: NEWILD)

20 Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus Bog Turtle Clemmys muhlenbergii Indiana Myotis Myotis sodalis Source: Bern W. Tryon/Knoxville Zoo Source: Source: Merlin D. Tuttle Bat Conservation International Endangered Species

21 Management Recommendations Maintain habitat diversity Maintain species that provide food and shelter Develop strategies to enhance habitat connectivity

22 Recreation

23 Objective To open up Swendsen Farm as a passive recreation resource for the general public.

24 Choice of Recreation

25 Recommendations Mark property boundaries Include a recreation clause in the agricultural lease

26 Recommendations Designate recreational options -Hiking -Horseback Riding -Fishing -Bird and scenic observation sites -Skating -Cross country skiing -Picnicking

27 Recommendations Build a parking lot Create a trail system

28 Recommendations Develop signage - Welcome sign - Steep slope warning signs - Pesticide application signs

29 Recommendations Appoint a property steward Publicise opening of the property to the public Approach community groups regarding use of the property

30 Education

31 Objective To investigate the potential for utilizing Swendsen Farm as an educational resource for schools and the community.

32 Local Schools Bethlehem Elementary School Woodbury Middle School Nonnewaug High School

33 Recommendations Forge relationships with the local schools Develop interpretive materials Promote educational activities on the property

34 Priorities for 2004-2005

35 Melissa Aikens Jessica Barnes Alvaro del Campo Elizabeth Petruska

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