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Vascular Plants with Seeds. Two main types 1. Gymnosperms 2. Angiosperms.

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1 Vascular Plants with Seeds

2 Two main types 1. Gymnosperms 2. Angiosperms

3 Gymnosperms “naked seed “ plants “naked seed “ plants seeds in cones or scales seeds in cones or scales Includes: 5 phyla Includes: 5 phyla 1. Phylum Coniferophyta 2. Phylum Cycadophyta 4. Phylum Ginkgophyta 5. Phylum Gnetophyta

4 Phylum Coniferophyta 1. Common name: Conifers 2. Examples: pines, firs, spruces, junipers, larches, yews 3. Needle or scale-like leaves 4. Most of the evergreen trees or shrubs

5 Phylum Cycadophyta 1. Common name: Cycads 2. Example : Cycas 3. Palm-like leaves, lives in tropics 4. Evergreen trees and shrubs

6 Phylum Ginkgophyta 1. Common name : Ginkgoes 2. Example: Ginkgo biloba 3. Only one remaining species 4. Deciduous trees with fan- shaped leaves 5. Fleshy seeds 6. Used as a memory- enhancing food supplement

7 Phylum Gnetophyta 1. Common name: Gnetales 2. Examples : Ephedra, Welwitschia 3. Gymnosperm (“naked seed” shrub or vine with some angiosperm characteristics Welwitschia mirabilis Stimulant used in diet supplement

8 Angiosperms 1. Plants with seeds inside fruits 2. Includes : trees, shrubs, herbs, or vines with flowers 3. One phylum : Phylum Anthophyta rhododendron sage grape vine

9 Phylum Anthophyta Contains two classes: 1. Class Monocotyledones 2. Class Dicotyledones cornbean

10 Phylum Anthophyta 1. Class Monocotyledones (Monocots) A. Examples : palm trees, grasses, lilies, irises, orchids iris Tiger lily orchid Pampas grass palm

11 Class Monocotyledones B. Embryos with one seed leaf (cotyledon)

12 Class Monocotyledones C. Parallel leaf veins

13 Class Monocotyledones D. Flower parts in threes or multiples of three

14 Class Monocotyledones E. Vascular bundles in stems scattered randomly

15 Phylum Anthophyta 2. Class Dicotyledones (Dicots) A. Examples: roses, daisies, most deciduous trees

16 Class Dicotyledones B. Embryos with two seed leaves cotyledons Bean seedling

17 Class Dicotyledones C. Leaf veins in a net-like pattern (palmate or pinnate) Palmate venation Pinnate venation

18 Class Dicotyledones D. Flower parts in groups of four or five

19 Class Dicotyledones E. Vascular bundles in stems arranged in a ring pattern

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