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COMMON INDIAN FLOWERS A brief description

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1 COMMON INDIAN FLOWERS A brief description

2 RANGOON CREEPER A vigorous twining climber blooms through out summer.
The fragrant white flowers quickly changes first to pink and then to red making a spectacular show The fast growing creeper can grow up to 70 feet.

3 FOUR O’ CLOCK Known as Gul Abbas (Hindi) and Beauty of Night is a leafy shrub like perennial which blooms throughout the summers. Comes in red,magenta,pink,yellow or white colours. The mildly coloured flowers open in the evening and wilt the next morning.

4 ROSES Shrubs found in temperate regions through out both the hemispheres. Originated in Northern Persia perhaps. It is available in every colour except blue and true black. Some varieties are pleasantly scented while some are odourless. Red rose is the symbol of England.

5 MILK AND WINE LILY The faintly sweet fragrant large striped Lily like flowers bloom in warmer months. The stripes are alternately white and wine pink. Can be grown both by bulbs and seeds.

6 BELA An evergreen shrub also known as Arabian Jasmine.
Flowers are used in making perfumes and as a flavouring tea. Its national flower of Philippines. A native to India.

7 BUTT MOGRA A slow growing shrub quite similar to jasmine.
The older plant gives flowers of different shapes and sizes at the same time. The plant need partial shade and very well drained moist soil. Like jasmine Mogra is also used for flavouring tea and making perfumes.

8 NARGIS A perennial with numerous strap like leaves and a single flowering stalk which bears 1to12 flowers perennial. Also known as Daffodil and Narcissus after a Greek myth. Originated in Portugal,Spain and the Southern coast of France.

9 BALSAM Known as Gul Mehandi.
Usually found in at low altitudes in foothills. Flowers are found in variety of colours.

10 ASIATIC LILY Its an unscented annual .
Comes in variety of colors-:gold, yellow ,orange, rose, white and pink bloom. Propagated through bulbs which can be stored for a year. Blooms are visible in June.

11 Rajanigandha Rajanigandha means:- the fragrance of night .Also known as Mexican Tuberose.Because of its fragrance its used for making perfume. Grown quite easily from bulbs Tuberose survive in sunny spots and bloom in late summer.

12 SWEET PEA This is a sweet scented annual vine which needs a support to grow up to 6 to 9 feet. There is a dwarf variety too. Can be grown easily from seeds.

13 DAHALIA The Dahlia shown here is a Water lily Dahlia also known as Double Dahlia in local dialect. Its an annual winter plant. Propagated from bulbs.

14 WATER LILY A very common plant seen often covering entire pond with flowers and floating round leaves. Often confused with Lotus. Hybrids vary in colour.

15 POINSETTIA It is a shrub known as Christmas flower.
Flowers are borne at tip of the stem in winters.The actual flowers are very small yellow structures at the center of the brilliantly coloured modified leaves called bracts.

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