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CNC’s Rare Treasure: Our Old Growth Forest Bill Hopple.

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1 CNC’s Rare Treasure: Our Old Growth Forest Bill Hopple

2 Outline Our Geologic History Eastern Deciduous Forests –Forest Layers –Forest Types –Old Growth Features of the Krippendorf Forest –Horticultural Legacy –Defining Species Challenges to our forest today –Invasive Species

3 A Forest over A Sea

4 Geologic History Bedrock Formation –Ordovician Seas – 450,000,000 ya –Sedimentary – Limestone & Shale Tectonic Plates –North American Plate moves north Uplift – Cincinnati Arch Lexington Peneplane Pleistocene Glaciation –2,000,000 ya



7 Glacial Periods in SW Ohio Pre-Illinoian Glacier –About 1,000,000 ya Illinoian Glacier –250,000 ya Wisconsian Glacier –70,000-19,500 ya Note: Kansan Glacier ( 2M ya) did not reach SW Ohio


9 Glacial Deposits Glacial Till –Sand, gravel, soil, erratics carried by glacier Glacial Outwash –Carried by melt waters –Sorted by size when deposited

10 Ohio Soils Divided mainly into those topsoils resultant from glacial activity and those not impacted

11 Ohio Surface Water Primarily small streams low to mid-gradient rivers and oxbows. Few natural lakes.

12 Cincinnati Bioregion 4 Ecoregions Defined by: –Geology –Topography –Climate –Hydrology –Soil type –Vegetation –Wildlife –Land Use

13 Loamy, High Lime Till Plains Eco-region Wisconsinan deposits -rolling landscape -clay, silt, sand, boulders -alkaline, fertile soils -Beech-Maple Forest Loam - Soil composed of sand, silt, clay

14 Hills of Bluegrass Eco-region -unglaciated -narrow ridges and valleys -neutral, well drained soils -Oak Hickory Forest

15 Outer Bluegrass Eco-region -thin glacial till -moderately sloped -neutral well-drained soils -Mixed Mesophytic Forest

16 Pre-Wisconsinan Drift Plains Eco-region -Illinoian deposits -Drift – material of glacial origin (till, lake sediments, gravel, sand, loess) -generally flat landscape -poor drainage (due to young age) -Swamp Forest – Pin Oaks Loess – wind blown glacial silt

17 Ohio Vegetation

18 Ohio 1803

19 Ohio 1903

20 Ohio 2003

21 Forest Layers Canopy Understory –Sub- Canopy –Shrub Layer Forest Floor –Herbs and Vines

22 Forest Types Beech-Maple Mixed Mesophytic (Mesic) Oak-Hickory Bottomland Hardwood

23 Beech-Maple Forest Beech-Maple forests once covered much of Ohio, including parts of Hamilton and Clermont counties. Abundance of beech and (sugar) maple trees (in some cases up to 90% of the trees are of these two species).

24 Beech-Maple Forest

25 Mixed Mesophytic (Mesic) Forest on well-drained soil, usually a loam. a high species diversity of trees and other plants generally appear lush. Most of the Eastern Deciduous Forest can be described as Mesic.

26 Mixed Mesophytic (Mesic) Forest

27 Oak-Hickory Forest A forest of nut producing trees: various species of oak, hickory, formerly chestnut (now surviving only as understory sprouts). Understory of flowering dogwood, sassafras, hackberry, hawthorn. The shrub layer is distinct, dominated by species characteristic of acidic soils; blueberries, huckleberries, and laurels. Some shrubs are evergreen.

28 Oak-Hickory Forest

29 Bottomland Hardwood Forest Also known as Riverine Forests - moist sites along rivers and floodplains. Spring flooding may be an annual occurrence Box Elder, Sycamore, Cottonwoods, Silver and Red Maple occur. Some invasion by oak, hickory forest species. Open spaces allow herb growth in though cover may be minimal throughout a large portion of the year.

30 Bottomland Hardwood Forest

31 Forest Succession Field or forest opening Colonization by herbaceous plants Early successional shrubs & trees –Shrub spp –Red Cedar & Black Locust Deciduous trees –Mid successional –Young Forest –Mature Forest Old Growth Forest

32 Many old trees – greater than 150 years All age classes Standing deadwood Prevalence of fallen trees High species diversity - in all forest layers Deep top soil with rich humus layer No signs of human influence

33 Carl & Mary Krippendorf 1897 Carl purchased 75 acres in Perintown 1900 House built as a wedding present

34 Wildwood/Groesbeck Property


36 Rowe Woods Vegetation Zones

37 CNC Vegetation Descriptions

38 Forest Layers Canopy Understory –Sub- Canopy –Shrub Layer Herbs and Vines

39 Sub-canopy Paw Dogwood Buckeye Sassafras Redbud

40 Paw

41 Dogwood

42 Buckeye

43 Sassafras

44 Redbud

45 Shrub Layer Spicebush Service Berry Bladdernut Leatherwood Buttonbush

46 Spicebush

47 Service Berry

48 Bladdernut

49 Leatherwood

50 Buttonbush

51 CNC Species/Habitat Diversity 2002 - Vegetative Assessment and Species lists –Dr. Barry Dalton - NKU’s Center For Applied Ecology 2009 – Land Management Plan –Connie O’Connor, Ed. Director –Jason Brownknight, Land Preservation Specialist

52 Land Management Need for diversity of species and habitats available for teaching –Catalog forest and habitat types –Prioritize – protect natural heritage & unique habitats; retain some diversity for teaching. –Management methods Seasonal mowing and burning Selective cutting or other physical removal Selective use of herbicides White tail deer

53 Common invasive species at Rowe Woods Amur Honeysuckle Lesser Celandine Garlic Mustard Multiflora Rose Wisteria Purple Loosestrife Autumn Olive Burning Bush (euonymus) Wintercreeper (euonymus) English Ivy Asian Bittersweet

54 Amur Honeysuckle

55 Garlic Mustard Lesser Celandine



58 Autumn Olive

59 Burning Bush (Euonymus)

60 Wintercreeper (Euonymus) English Ivy Asian Bittersweet

61 Land Steward Volunteers Began in 2008 30 Active Volunteers Nearly 1500 Vol. Hours Nearly 200 Acres Treated

62 Trees "I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree A tree whose hungry mouth is prest Against the earth's sweet flowing breast; A tree that looks at God all day, And lifts her leafy arms to pray; A tree that may in Summer wear A nest of Robins in her hair; Upon whose bosom snow has lain; Who intimately lives with rain. Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree." Joyce Kilmer. December 6, 1886-July 30, 1918.

63 Questions?

64 Let’s go for a hike!

65 RW Vegetation map w/ trails

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