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Course Selection Grade 10 to 11 Information Session Revised: Feb.6/2015.

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2 Course Selection Grade 10 to 11 Information Session Revised: Feb.6/2015


4 Workplace ‘E’ College ‘C’ University/College ‘M’ University ‘U’ Open ‘O’ Courses designed for students to enter the workplace directly following high school Courses designed to prepare students for entrance to most college programs following high school Courses designed to prepare students for entrance to specific college and university programs following high school Courses designed to prepare students for entrance to university programs following high school These courses are not specific to any particular post- secondary destination. They are designed to provide students with a broad educational base that will prepare them for their studies and for productive participation in society.

5  Analyze your learning skills  Grade 9 & 10 marks  Discussion with subject area teacher  Discussion with guidance counsellor/student services teacher  Study various pathways  Research post secondary programs of interest  Involve parents in decision making process

6 Profile of the Learner Students who: benefit from hands-on experiences in order to make connections from concrete to abstract benefit from practical, real life mathematical experiences often have strengths in linguistics and/or spatial reasoning require time to develop understanding of concepts APPLIED COURSE Profile of the Learner Make connections from concrete to abstract concepts with ease Ability to handle pace of delivery of content of Academic/University level courses ACADEMIC COURSE


8 Course Selection for Grade 11 3 Compulsory Courses English (1) Religion (1) Math (1)  5 Elective Courses  2 Alternate Courses

9 Bachelor of Arts Programs: English Criminology Communication Studies Creative writing Public Administration (one “U” math) Human Resource Management Language Program Some Careers Social Services Human resources Law school Editors Advertising Bachelor of Fine Arts Programs: Dance Design Digital Media Film Music Visual Art Careers Sound Recording Engineer Choreographer Music Therapist Costume Designer Entertainment Anchor Physical and Health Education/Kinesiology Careers: Nutrition and dietetics Occupational therapy Personal training Sports injuries management Physical Therapy Athletic Administration College Pathways Architectural Technology-MAP 4C/MCT 4C; ENG 4C Construction Engineer -MAP 4C/MCT 4C; ENG 4C Broadcasting-ENG 4C Business AdministrationENG 4C; MAP 4C University Pathways

10 Important to consider: Will you have your compulsory groups covered by the time you graduate? Group 1 1 additional credit in English, or French as a second language, or a Native Language, or a classical or an International language, or Social sciences and the Humanities, or Canadian and World Studies, or Guidance and Career education, or cooperative education** Group 2 1 additional credit in Health and Physical Education, or the Arts, or Business students, or Cooperative Education** or French as a second language Group 3 1 additional credit in Science (Grade 11 or 12), or Technological Education, or Computer Studies, or Cooperative Education**or French as a Second Language

11  Select 2 alternate courses  Alternate choices are frequently placed in schedules - so choose wisely!!! Why are alternates used? › Course may be cancelled due to low enrollment, conflict in schedule etc.


13 Choice of subjects must be focused to meet post secondary and career requirements Some useful websites:

14  Include any failed compulsory course to your course selection  If a failed compulsory course is earned at summer school, Guidance will replace course will alternate in August Failed: English grade 10 Grade 11 Course Selection: Compulsory Choices ENG2P ENG3C

15 WARNING: Taking a grade 11 compulsory course will not guarantee that your 1st or 2nd alternate will be in your schedule!!!! Summer SchoolAlternates Grade 11 Course1stGrade 11 Biology 2nd Physical Education FULL

16 Offered for Grade 11 and 12 Students to earn a red seal diploma REQUIREMENTS-along with OSSD o *4 Major courses (2 in Gr. 11 and 2 in Gr. 12) *Grade 11 Math, Grade 12 English & 1 Elective from a pre-selected bundle of courses-must complete an assignment connecting broadcast to each of these 3 courses (TJG3M1 & EMS3O1 are mandatory courses) *Earn 6 Industry Recognized Certifications *Complete a 2 Credit COOP in the area of Broadcast and Create Work Plan *Complete one Career Exploration and one Post- secondary site visi t

17 Steps to Register….. Sign the SHSM Application Form and submit to Guidance Counsellor along with Course Request form SHSM Liaison and Administration will interview to determine Program Suitability of student

18  Mandatory component for SHSM program  Explore tentative career choices  Gain valuable work experience  Strengthen employment skills through on the job training  Use equipment not available in the school  Make a smoother transition from school to work or postsecondary education  Obtain employment references  Discover personal interest and abilities  Develop confidence and self-reliance  Earn secondary school credits while gaining practical job experience  Possibility of future employment with the company

19 Requirements of Co-op  Be at least 16 years of age  Earned at least 16 credits  Complete a Co-op Education Application Form (pick up in guidance or co-op office)  Successfully complete an interview with a member of the Co-op Department

20 Two Credit Co-opCOOPHD (typically scheduled periods 3 & 4, SHSM students may be scheduled differently) Three Credit Co-opCOOPTD (scheduled periods 2,3 & 4) Four Credit Co-opCOOPFD (scheduled all day)

21 Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program  an opportunity for a student to meet diploma requirements while participating in an apprenticeship program Requirements  16 years of age and have 16 credits  may involve the student’s registration in an apprenticeship program  requires documentation by the student and training organization regarding trade specific competencies acquired  involves the earning of Cooperative Education credits

22 How to access Career Cruising? Under Guidance Select “Career Cruising”.

23 Username: Student number (7 digits) If you have a 6-digit student number, add a zero to the beginning of student number Forgot your password? Click here! How to LOGIN here.

24 Choose Alternate Wisely!!

25 ALERT : You are not able to select this course due to the lack of prerequisite(s)

26 When you have finalized your course selection, click submit! Very Important: Your choices will be locked-in and submitted at this point. You will no longer be able to change your course selection once “submit” is clicked.

27 FINAL STEPS: 1.Print & sign “course request sign off sheet” 2.Attach – Student Activity Fee of $100.00 WARNING: Draft copies will not be accepted!

28  Course selections sheets are DUE: FEBRUARY 24 th, 2015  Attach a $100 student activity fee made payable to St. Theresa of Lisieux CHS NOTE Students who do not meet the deadline dates cannot be guaranteed their courses for next year!

29 WE ARE HERE TO ASSIST IN THIS PROCESS! Please make an appointment with your guidance counselor. Student SurnameCounsellor A to C, XYZB. Knuff D to F, RL. Joseph G to LT. Hayhoe M to QE. Wong S – WT. Emmanuel


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