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WorkOne Staff Enrichment Session November 10, 2011 How STEMworks for Indiana Workers.

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1 WorkOne Staff Enrichment Session November 10, 2011 How STEMworks for Indiana Workers

2 Learning Objectives After completing this session, you will : Know what STEM-related occupations are and their importance to the economic success of Indiana’s workforce & businesses Be able to identify the in-demand STEM occupations in central Indiana, the education credential needed for these jobs and the companies that are most likely to hire for STEM-related positions Know how the STEMworks Indiana project has benefited WorkOne clients and how it will continue to benefit them Think of STEM-related jobs as a possible fit for ALL WorkOne clients and know how to direct clients to the available STEM resources and services

3 Roadmap for Today’s Journey All About STEM STEMworks Indiana Update STEMworks Indiana Success Stories How to Make STEM Work for WorkOne Clients


5 What Is STEM? STEM refers to a cluster of occupations which focus on four main segments –Science –Technology –Engineering –Mathematics Individuals in these occupations use science and math to solve problems

6 STEM: The Future of Our Nation oSTEM workers drive our nation’s innovation and competitiveness by generating new ideas, new companies and new industries. oSTEM job growth was three times that of non-STEM jobs over the past ten years. U.S. businesses are increasingly concerned that they will not be able to fill STEM-related positions, at all levels. It is not just a scarcity of STEM workers that is a concern, but a broader scarcity of workers with STEM competencies across the economy. oSTEM is second only to healthcare as the fastest-growing occupational category in the economy. oBy 2018, 92% of traditional STEM jobs will require at least some postsecondary education and training. Source: Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce; STEM Executive Summary, 2011.

7 STEM: Good For Now & the Future Source: U.S. Department of Commerce ESA issue brief : STEM: Good Jobs Now and for the Future. July 2011 7.9% 2.6% 17.0% 9.8%

8 Education Needed for STEM Jobs While many STEM jobs may require a four year degree, many others do not A significant number of STEM jobs are “middle skill” jobs; jobs that require more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree –In 2009, over half (55%) of all jobs in Indiana were middle skill jobs representing more than 1.5m workers –50% of projected job openings through 2016 will be middle skill jobs (24% low & 25% high) –Middle skill job & STEM = high demand/high pay jobs Source: “Indiana’s Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs: Meeting the Demands of a 21 st –Century Economy.” Written by National Skills Coalition, Washington, DC. October 2010.

9 STEM: It Pays (well)! Average Hourly EarningsDifference STEMNon-STEMDollarsPercentage High school diploma or less $24.82$15.55$9.2759.6% Some college or associates degree $26.63$19.02$7.6140.0% Bachelor’s degree only $35.81$28.27$7.5426.7% Graduate degree $40.69$36.22$4.4712.3% $55,390 Annually$39,561 Annually Source: U.S. Department of Commerce ESA issue brief: STEM: Good Jobs Now and for the Future. July 2011

10 Indiana NEEDS Middle Skill Workers Current & future shortage of middle skill workers –For the next 15 years –Due in part to retirements and the aging workforce –Immigration will offset some loss at the low/high ends –Nearly 2/3 of the people in Indiana’s workforce in 2020 were already working in 2005 Long past the traditional high school-to-college pipeline –Indiana faces challenges in meeting the skill attainment levels needed to grow its middle-skill workforce Source: “Indiana’s Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs: Meeting the Demands of a 21 st –Century Economy.” Written by National Skills Coalition, Washington, DC. October 2010.

11 Closing the Middle Skill Gap Types of Training for Middle-Skill Level Jobs Associate’s DegreeVocational CertificateApprenticeship Time to CompleteTwo years, full timeUp to a yearTwo to four years AvailabilityCommunity collegeCommunity college, community-based organizations, technical school, workplace Offered by trade groups, unions and businesses Examples of types of jobs Radiation therapist, computer specialist, medical technician, industrial engineering technician, medical equipment repairers Dental assistant, inspectors, mechanical drafters Electrician, aircraft mechanic, plumber Table Excerpted From : “Indiana’s Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs: Meeting the Demands of a 21 st – Century Economy.” Written by National Skills Coalition, Washington, DC. October 2010.

12 Key Areas in Indiana Key STEM Areas in Indiana oAdvanced Manufacturing oAdvanced manufacturing is the process of mass producing products on demand, using the latest technology maintain efficiency oBiotechnology oBiotechnology is technology based on biology, agriculture, food science, and medicine oEngineering oEngineering is the discipline, art and profession of acquiring and applying technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge to design and implement materials, structures, machines, devices, systems, and processes that safely realize a desired objective or inventions oInformation Technology oThe study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware

13 Advanced Manufacturing The NEW Manufacturing –Conexus NBC News SegmentConexus NBC News Segment Computer software applications CNC programmers Electrical and Electronics Repairers Electrical engineers Industrial Production managers Industrial Engineers Industrial Machinery Mechanics Maintenance technicians Logisticians Machine operators

14 Biotechnology Agricultural and Food Science Technicians Biological Technicians Biochemists Chemists Chemical Technicians Environmental Science and Protection Technicians Medical Scientists Microbiologists Natural Sciences Managers

15 Engineering Engineers –Chemical Engineer –Electronic Engineer –Industrial Engineer –Mechanical Engineer Engineering Managers Engineering Technicians Mechanical Drafters

16 Information Technology Computer Software Engineers Computer Systems Analysts Graphic Designers Network Systems and Data Communication Analyst Network and Communication Systems Administrators Database Administrators Computer Support Specialist Technical Sales Representatives

17 “Where The Jobs Are” List Lists available, high demand STEM jobs for central Indiana Spreadsheet with salary and education requirements Copies of both are included in your materials and in the STEM Resources Online Library

18 “Where The Jobs Are” List Information Technology Examples –Computer support specialists –Security and fire alarm installers –Telecommunications equipment Installers/repairers –Computer system analysts –Network systems & data communications analysts –Network & computer systems administrators –Computer software engineers, applications/systems –Database administrators

19 “Where The Jobs Are” List Bio Tech Examples –Medical & clinical laboratory technicians –Medical & clinical laboratory technologists –Medical records & health information technicians –Medical equipment repairers –Medical secretaries –Medical transcriptionists –Environmental science & protection technicians –Life, physical and social science technicians

20 “Where The Jobs Are” List Advance Manufacturing Examples –Computer-controlled machine tool operators –Electrical & electronic engineering technicians –Mechanical drafters –Mechanical engineering technicians –Production, planning and expediting clerks –Commercial & industrial designers –Installation, maintenance & repair workers –Purchasing agents –Welders, cutters, solderers & brazers

21 “Where The Jobs Are” List Engineering Examples –Civil engineering technicians –Computer software engineers, applications –Computer software engineers, systems software –Electrical & electronic engineering technicians –Industrial engineering technicians –Mechanical engineering technicians

22 Indiana Companies With STEM Jobs

23 STEM Resources for You STEMworks Indiana: first stop for you & clients!STEMworks Indiana –Career Blueprints –CNC Machinist VideoCNC Machinist Video O*Net Online Career One Stop Occupational Outlook Handbook Hoosiers by the Numbers Online STEM Resource Library


25 STEMworks Indiana Overview STEMworks INDIANA is a comprehensive pipeline initiative that has created educational and occupational opportunities for two important audiences – dislocated workers and disadvantaged students. This program has developed tools for these audiences to identify their occupational interests, hone in on appropriate educational pathways, transform into STEM career candidates and become employed in gateway STEM jobs.

26 Overview STEMworks Indiana Overview Program was designed to serve 500 participants –400 Dislocated Workers & 100 Disadvantaged Youth Services include: training, job readiness and job placement STEM works Indiana grant concludes 12/31/11 STEM-related services are here to stay! – website will stay –Demand for STEM workers will continue to increase and the wages for these jobs will be higher than most others with comparable education and training

27 STEMworks Indiana by the Numbers 298 Participated in the program 219 Enrolled in a training program –(192) enrolled in Information Technology –(14) enrolled in Advanced Manufacturing –(8) enrolled in Engineering –(5) enrolled in Biotechnology 51 Earned credentials –31 earned credential and are employed 144 found employment Dislocated Workers

28 STEMworks Indiana by the Numbers 153 Participated in the program 82 Enrolled in a training program 46 Earned credentials 11 found employment STEM Scholars

29 Training Process Overview Attend training information session and/or receive training application from WorkOne representative STEM Coach/ER Staff will schedule appointment to discuss STEM interest and complete enrollment. ER will schedule TABE Assessment Testing. Customer passes drug screen and meets with ER to engage in STEM services and training. Next Steps: Customer will complete and return required training application. Will receive call within 48-72 hours Customer passes TABE Assessment is referred to complete a drug screen.


31 STEMworks Indiana Successes Cherita Wilson Completed training at New Horizons Computer Learning Center and received CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications. She is now employed as a Computer Support Technician at Indianapolis Public Schools and loving her job!

32 STEMworks Indiana Successes Milton Heredia Veteran and STEM dislocated worker that obtained CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications. He is now successfully employed as a contract cable installer and plans to use his newly obtained skills to move upward in the technology field


34 Is STEM a good fit? Good Question! STEM-related careers can be a great career option for many, many WorkOne clients We should think STEM for every client we interact with to be sure they are aware of the value and potential advantages of these careers

35 Is STEM a good fit? (Almost) Always! When working with ANY WorkOne client, assess his/her potential interest and aptitude for STEM careers –Determine overall fit Work history, transferable skills and interests Provide STEM information Refer to STEM resources – (assessments, explore occupations, Career Blueprints, videos) –STEMworks Indiana social media (FB, Twitter, YouTube, flickr) –O*Net, OneStopCareer, CareerConnect, etc.


37 STEM Case Study One A customer picks up a training application. She completed the application and has been contacted by an Educational Recruiter ER assessed the customer and found that customer is currently employed full-time as a Customer Service Representative She had been working for over six years. Customer expressed her interest in an Associate’s degree in biotechnology field 1.Is this person a good STEM candidate to refer to the STEM program? Why? or Why Not?

38 STEM Case Study Two Customer has been laid off from Praxir where he worked as a Machine Operator when the company closed their business Customer is seeking a Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) certification and has inquired about possible funding 1. Is this a possible candidate for the STEM program? Why? Why Not?

39 STEM Case Study Three Customer had been laid off from Eli Lilly where she worked as a Systems Analyst She has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Technology that she obtained in 1987, however, she feels she needs updated training to make herself more marketable to potential employers She is interested in pursuing IT certifications 1.Is she a possible candidate for STEM referral? Why or Why Not?

40 STEM Case Study Four Customer had been laid off from Telemon Co as an electrical engineering technician Customer is currently in a Bachelor Degree program majoring in electrical engineering and is in his last year of the program 1.Should this person be referred to the STEM program for possible STEM funding? Why? Why Not? 2.Is electrical engineering a STEM field/occupation?

41 STEM Session Homework Go to Set up a user account and log in Explore the site –STEMworkers, STEMtraining, CAREERexploration Go to the CAREERblueprint section –Complete the assessments –Explore a few careers that are a good fit –Build at least one career blueprint Send an email to Christal or Alisa when done! – or


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