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1 Welcome State Directors. Your work is important to the nation 2.

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1 1 Welcome State Directors

2 Your work is important to the nation 2

3 Important to the Nation’s Workforce In print, broadcast and online, SkillsUSA is getting noticed. As news. As a website and in social media Featured in “Who Will Take Over for the Retiring Baby Boomers?” in USA Today 3

4 Important to the Global Economy At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, SkillsUSA was profiled as one of top 14 public-private partnerships in the WORLD. Report prepared by Deloitte Touche

5 Important as an education solution 5

6 Thank you 6

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11 Thank you 89SB00g&feature=youtu.be 89SB00g& 11

12 12 SkillsUSA Strategic Plan FY 2014-15

13 Looking back / looking forward …2012...2013...2014...2015…2020 13

14 14 What is the SkillsUSA vision? Where are we headed in the future?

15 Mission SkillsUSA empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. 15

16 Vision 2020 Reach One million learners and educators annually 100,000 alumni members 16

17 Vision 2020 Connect Our partner network benefits all members, education and industry Our business model and financial strength enable us to meet the needs of members, partners and the nation 17

18 Vision 2020 Lead In employability education for continuous career success and, Known nationally and internationally as expert in workforce education and employment readiness. 18

19 19 Vision SkillsUSA is recognized as the organization that empowers students to be global leaders of America’s skilled workforce and ready for continuous career success. Our partner network benefits all members, education and industry. Every eligible student is involved and every life we touch is improved.

20 20 Goals In effect for several years 1.Marketing 2.Membership services 3.Training 4.Fiscal integrity and growth 5.Advocacy All are tied to macro objectives

21 21 Macro Objectives They are the major initiatives of the national office and organization They’re what we’ll be measured by They cross departments Department objectives and business plans collectively deliver the macro objectives They’re SMART

22 22 Specific Measurable Achievable (Actionable) Relevant Time bound True for both macro objectives and department objectives SMART

23 23 Priority Areas Ahead Areas of focus based on input from stakeholders

24 Stakeholder surveys “What’s the one thing we could do to better serve our members?” Focus on core Communications, online, social media Funding/sponsors 24

25 Areas of focus Move to Louisville Communications Membership development Infrastructure State association growth and development Fiscal integrity and growth Core 25

26 Goal One: Marketing Macro Objective One : External/Membership Reach SkillsUSA will have an impact upon 364,000 learners and educators including 308,000 paid high school and college/postsecondary students and instructors, 50,000 Alumni & Friends Association members and 6,000 served through alternative programs and services by August 2014. [Reach] Membership tools including enhanced membership landing page and new advisor membership tracker Market strategies for college/postsecondary and middle schools and a new affiliation plan Incentives including program of work chapter recognition and a membership growth challenge Research (including core) and Alumni 26

27 Goal One: Marketing Macro Objective Two: Brand Focus Build exposure of SkillsUSA brand with particular emphasis on four brand delivery measures including social networking participation, media impressions, SkillsUSA website hits and unique users. FY14. [Reach and Lead] Messaging including 50 th Anniversary, administrators e-newsletter, WorldTeam New social media focus including website redesign and mobile apps Traditional media will explore “one copy per member” policy for magazine 27

28 Goal One: Marketing Macro Objective Three: Product and Service Marketing Research, support and promote the most-valued products and services of SkillsUSA measured by maintaining or increasing customer satisfaction over prior years and ROI. Improve direct communications with SkillsUSA stakeholders through an integrated system of digital media. Communications plan developed during FY13 and system introduced by the end of FY14. August 2014. [Connect and Lead] Communications plan, integrated system of print and digital media for direct communications to stakeholders Marketing strategies to reach non-SkillsUSA programs and explore education resources site licenses 28

29 Goal Two: Member Services Macro Objective Four: Member Development and Engagement Conduct and increase participation in national programs, leadership programs and conferences and maintain or increase customer- satisfaction over prior years. SkillsUSA will develop a membership system that assists teachers in engaging students to become career ready. A multi-year plan for the system will be developed by September 2013. And, we will identify and list the programs and services that are core to the delivery of the SkillsUSA mission and how they are financially supported by November 2013. FY14. [Lead] Membership system framework assists teachers to engage students Programs/Projects for teacher professional development and student engagement 29

30 30 Macro Objective Five: Training Provide workshops, seminars and other training programs to meet the needs of SkillsUSA association managers, instructors, alumni, students, sponsors and staff for growth and development of the association and service to individual members. Evaluation based on customer satisfaction for selected programs in FY14. In addition, measure the number of individuals trained and the estimated number of individuals affected by August 2014. [Lead] Students and advisors: Research e-learning course; “How to” videos on program of work posted on Facebook; New advisor membership focus. Also, training for advisors on how to start an alumni association/chapter Goal Three: Training

31 31 Macro Objective Six: Fiscal integrity and growth Ensure future growth and solvency of the association so it may continue to fulfill its mission. Revenue raised from all sources will total $9.8 million combined in SkillsUSA and YDF. Develop a plan to increase earned income, restricted and unrestricted revenue by December 2013. The plan will include new and enhanced strategies to grow revenue to support the reach to Vision 2020, including opportunities for larger donations to support new initiatives and branding of SkillsUSA students as essential to a highly skilled workforce. August FY 14 [Connect] $3.4 million overall YDF accrual $6.4 million from service areas Goal Four: Fiscal Integrity

32 32 Macro Objective Seven: Infrastructure By 2015, SkillsUSA will successfully move its national conference to Louisville, Kentucky. Also, during FY14-15, SkillsUSA staffing will be reviewed to ensure the necessary talent is in place and prepared, and the technology infrastructure will be in place to achieve Vision 2020. Revise as necessary the existing SkillsUSA infrastructure plan to meet the needs and secure the resources of the organization. FY14. [Connect] Plans for move to Louisville Technology to streamline membership and access to records Human resources, staff recruitment and succession plan Goal Four: Fiscal Integrity

33 33 Goal Four: Fiscal Integrity Macro Objective Eight: State Association Growth and Development Assist and support state associations through an initiative to reinforce the value of SkillsUSA in state and local education systems as an essential element of a quality CTE program. Introduce state plans by fall 2014. [Connect] Assist states in creating and implementing strategic membership campaigns State directors marketing kit Provide six initiatives to develop quality state programs Face-to-face visits with state agencies

34 34 Goal Five: Advocacy Macro Objective Nine: Advocacy Win, maintain and expand support of federal policymakers for career and technical education and for SkillsUSA. Assist state associations and chapters to win public policymaker support. Staff, board, YDF and students and instructors members will make 100 visits to, or two-way communications with, federal agencies and congressional offices in FY14. [Lead and Connect] Work with other advocacy organizations on legislation Provide opportunities for members and sponsors to be advocates Maintain advocacy website

35 35 Discussion Reactions? Comments? Suggestions?

36 Input What is the one thing that the national SkillsUSA organization can do to better serve our state associations? 36

37 37 Thank you State Association Directors We’re looking to a bright future SkillsUSA will Reach, Connect and Lead in the interest of our members, state associations, sponsors, and many more You are at the core of SkillsUSA

38 And finally… 38

39 39 Thanks again for all you do


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