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Sue Zake, Ph.D. Director of OEC

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1 Sue Zake, Ph.D. Director of OEC
Achieving Balance … Sue Zake, Ph.D. Director of OEC

2 Federal and State Requirements

3 Ohio’s Determination: Meets Requirements
Compliance Indicators are Met

4 Monitoring & Dispute Resolution
Child Find IEP LRE Prior Written Notice

5 Federal and State Requirements
A Shift in Focus: Results Driven Accountability

6 Statutory Monitoring Focus 20 USC 616(a)(2)
Improving educational results and functional outcomes for all children with disabilities In the past Federal focus: ensuring that states meet IDEA procedural requirements State focus: ensuring that LEAs meet IDEA procedural requirements

7 OSEPs Vision for RDA All components of an accountability system will be aligned in a manner that best support states in improving results for infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities, and their families.

8 Components of RDA Determinations reflect performance on results, as well as compliance. Differentiated monitoring and technical assistance supports improvement in all districts, but especially low performing districts.

9 LEA Determinations 2014: Will use the current matrix (based on data) 2015: Will use results data Will change how compliance data is used in state and district determinations


11 Fall 2013 IF … The New Learning Standards are designed to prepare students for success beyond high school The assessments based on the Standards will measure students’ progress toward readiness for postsecondary opportunities Diverse Learners


13 Definition of Readiness for College and Careers
High school graduates have the necessary knowledge and skills to qualify for and succeed in entry level, credit bearing, college level courses; and postsecondary job training and education for a chosen career


15 College and Career Ready: Students with Disabilities
Ohio Longitudinal Transition Study 2005 – years of Trend Data

16 OLTS: Trends Students with disabilities:
Increased enrollment in two and four-year post-secondary education programs Full-time employment is increasingly less common since 2008



19 The Compliance ~ Education Connection
Aligned courses of study Supervised work experiences Links to postsecondary settings and adult services

20 Header Font: Arial 42 Bold
Supporting text font: Arial 32

21 Pathway to Employment – A Conversation Starter
Realizing Employment First for Youth Chris Filler, Project Manager Sue Beck, Project Coordinator

22 Instruction & Learning (College & Career Ready)

23 Progress?

24 Changes in LEA Performance Index: 2008 to 2013

25 Diverse Learners: Instruction and Assessment
New Learning Standards Universal Design for Learning Evidence Based Practices

26 Goal: Ensure All Students Can Read
Third Grade Reading Guarantee Goal: Ensure All Students Can Read College and Career Ready

27 Target: Early Intervention/Support for “at risk” K-3 students

28 USDOE Grant ( )

29 Alignment as a Systemic Tool
Curriculum Classroom Instruction Alignment Standards Assessments

30 Identifying Successful Practices for Students with Disabilities in Ohio Schools
An Ohio Special Education Research Project by the Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities

31 Recommendations for Practice
Leadership for Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices Special Education & General Education Alignment Leveraged Focus

32 SPDG 2007–2012: Lessons Learned (Brian McNulty, June 2013)

33 SPDG: 2013 … System-wide inquiry & learning through shared instructional leadership Integrated services (MTSS) OIP Implementation – 5 Step Process Parent – Educator Partnerships

34 Ohio Academic Content Standards – Extended (OACS-E) and
Alternate Assessment for Students with Cognitive Disabilities (AASCD)

35 OACS-E AASCD Training 2012-2013
2200 online modules 8000 face-to-face 500 Trainers 10,000 TAs OACS-E AASCD

36 Participation Data Grade Band Students 2013 Students 2012 3-5 7030
7039 6-8 7315 7238 OGT 2220 2326 Total 16,565 16,603

37 LRE Project a multi-year effort to improve least restrictive environment decisions and supports to students with disabilities

38 Ohio Rule and Policy on Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) and Restraint and Seclusion

39 Increase positive academic and behavioral outcomes for all students
Purpose Build positive behavior interventions and supports Prevent use of restraint &/or seclusion Protects the safety of all children & adults Mission Increase positive academic and behavioral outcomes for all students

40 Application Applies to all traditional Ohio school districts Effective: Start of the school year.

41 Any school employing physical restraint and/or seclusion practices shall ensure it has:
A policy and procedure; Specific training related to the use of restraint and seclusion; A process for collection of each incident.

42 Systems for Students with High-Risk Behavior
SCHOOL-WIDE POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT Tertiary Prevention: Specialized Individualized Systems for Students with High-Risk Behavior ~5% Secondary Prevention: Specialized Group Systems for Students with At-Risk Behavior ~15% Primary Prevention: School-/Classroom- Wide Systems for All Students, Staff, & Settings ~80% of Students

43 Federal and State Requirements
Results Driven Accountability

44 Indicator 17: State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP)
a comprehensive, multi-year State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP), focused on improving results for children with disabilities Broad strategies with detailed improvement activities RDA

45 RDA - SSIP: Phase 1 - Analysis
Phase I Submit in 2015 with SPP/APR for Data Analysis; Identification of the Focus for Improvement; Infrastructure to Support Improvement and Build Capacity; and Theory of Action. Stakeholder involvement!

46 RDA - SSIP: Phase 2 - Plan Submitted in 2016 with SPP/APR for 2014-15
Infrastructure Development; Support for LEA Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices; and Evaluation Plan

47 RDA - SSIP: Phase 3 – Evaluation and Revisions
Phase 3 submitted in 2017 with SPP/APR for Results of ongoing evaluation of strategies in the SSIP Extent of implementation of strategies Progress toward established goals Any revisions made to the SSIP in response to the evaluation

48 RDA - Differentiated Monitoring and Support

49 Technical Assistance in Support of RDA

50 Sue Zake, Director Tom Lather, Associate Director
Wendy Stoica, Assistant Director (Diverse Learners) Jo Hannah Ward, Assistant Director (Resource Management) Olivia Schmidt, Interim Assistant Director (Monitoring Services and Supports) Monica Drvota, Interim Assistant Director (Procedural Safeguards) Contact Information: Sue Zake

51 Social Media Ohio Families and Education Ohio Teachers’ Homeroom
ohio-department-of-education @OHEducation OhioEdDept

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