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Division of Florida Colleges Legislative Update FACRAO 2014 Narcissus Willis Coordinator of Student Affairs June 4, 2014.

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1 Division of Florida Colleges Legislative Update FACRAO 2014 Narcissus Willis Coordinator of Student Affairs June 4, 2014

2 Agenda I.Legislative Action Summary II.Questions & Answers

3 Education Dollars for Duty (EDD) HB 7015 – Allows online courses – Restricts payment of repeat courses – Allows textbook costs to be covered – Requires institution to report course enrollment, withdrawal, cancelation, completion, failure and grade for EDD recipients Amended statute: s. 250.10, F.S.

4 Veteran and Military Support/Residency HB 7015 – Congressman C.W. Bill Young Veteran Tuition Waiver Program – Public postsecondary institutions to waive out-of-state fees for honorably discharged Armed Forces, Reserve Forces and National Guard veterans: who physically reside in Florida while they are enrolled in the institution – Applicable to 110% of the required credit hours of the degree or certificate program – Institutions must report to the State Board of Education the number and value of all fee waivers granted annually Signed by the Governor; law effective July 1, 2014 Amended Statute: s. 1009.26, F.S.

5 Postsecondary Student Fees HB 851 – Provides an out-of-state fee waiver, regardless of immigration status, for students who: Attended a Florida high school for 3 consecutive years Enrolls in an institution of higher education within 24 months after graduation, Provides their high school transcript as documentary evidence of attendance and graduation. – Qualifying students are not classified as residents for tuition purposes, but may be reported for purposes of state funding – These students are not eligible for state financial aid Amended Statute: s. 1009.26, F.S.

6 Residency HB 851 – Redefines parent as either or both parents of a student, any guardian of a student, or any person in a parental relationship to a student – Clarifies that a dependent student may not be denied residency based on immigration status of parent – Clarifies residency determination on the basis of marriage to a Florida resident Amended Statute: s. 1009.21, F.S.

7 Postsecondary Student Fees HB 851 – Updates the statutory tuition and eliminates the statutory rate of inflation for: Workforce education programs Florida College System (FCS) State University System (SUS) – Revises s. 1009.22, F.S., workforce education postsecondary student fees, and eliminates the out-of-state fees for adult general education Amended Statutes: s.1009.22, F.S., s.1009.23, F.S., s.1009.24 F.S.

8 Collegiate High Schools SB 850 – Requires FCS institutions and school districts to: Establish a collegiate high school program Execute a contract to establish the program by January 1 each year – At a minimum, CHSP must include 12th grade option to earn 30 college credits and industry certification – Contract must include: Description of how students and parents will be informed about collegiate high school program Include student eligibility and procedural requirements in the district’s comprehensive student progression plan – Authorizes the SBOE to exercise enforcement authority by withholding funds for noncompliance (school districts and FCS institutions) Amended Statute: s. 1007.273, F.S.

9 Dual Enrollment HB 5101 – Public postsecondary institutions shall receive funding equivalent to the standard tuition rate per credit hour for each dual enrollment course taken by a student during the summer term (subject to annual appropriation) – Eliminates school district payment requirement for courses taught by school district faculty on high school campus – Expands requirement to develop a comprehensive dual enrollment articulation agreement to all public postsecondary institutions – Clarifies that dual enrollment eligibility is for students in grades 6- 12 (HB 7031) Amended Statute: s. 1007.271, F.S.

10 Articulation HB 5101 – By January 31, 2015, Articulation Coordinating Committee to make recommendations regarding the cost and requirements to develop and implement an online system for collecting and analyzing data regarding requests for transfer of credit by postsecondary education students – Online system must collect information regarding: Total number of credit transfer requests denied Reason for each denial Amended Statute: s. 1007.01, F.S.

11 Baccalaureates HB 5101 – Moratorium on all new Florida College System baccalaureate degree proposals (including St. Petersburg College) March 31, 2014 - May 31, 2015 – Restricts State Board of Education from approving any new baccalaureate degrees Amended Statutes: s.1001.03, F.S.; s.1007.33, F.S.

12 Florida Virtual Campus/ Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative HB 5101 – Eliminated Florida Virtual Campus organization. It was renamed Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative and moved to the University of West Florida as a single library automation system and association resources and services that all public postsecondary institutions shall use to support their learning, teaching, and research needs – The budget restored $838,500 in non-recurring funds for operations Amended Statute: s.1006.73, F.S.

13 Nursing Education SB 1036 – Simulation is 50% of the clinical requirement, rather than the current 25% – Curriculum must consist of 50% clinical training in the U.S. and territories for the following programs: practical nursing program; an associate degree in professional nursing; or a professional diploma in nursing education – Specifies curriculum must consist of 40% clinical training in the U.S. and territories for a bachelor’s degree in professional nursing education. – Licensure prep course required for students who have been out of school for more than six months who wish to take NCLEX – The Board of Nursing (BON) has authority to establish guidelines

14 Nursing Education (cont.) – BON approved program must achieve a graduate passage rate for first time test takers that is not more than 10% lower than the national average passage rate for comparable degree programs, during the same calendar year. – Existing nursing programs with enrolled students must be accredited programs in accordance with s. 464.003, F.S., by July 1, 2019 – Programs with no enrolled students must be accredited programs in accordance with s. 464.003, F.S., within 5 years of enrolling their first students Amended Statutes: s.464.008, F.S., s.464.019, F.S.

15 College Name Changes SB 236 – Changes Edison State College to Florida SouthWestern State College – Changes Pasco-Hernando Community College to Pasco- Hernando State College Amended Statute: s.1000.21, F.S.

16 Credit for Online Courses HB7029 (2013) Currently drafting rule/regulation language as required by s. 1004.0961, FS, Credit For Online Courses. Similar to existing rule/regulation for military training credit.

17 Florida Student Identification Number Senate Bill 188 Relating to Education Data Privacy Requires the Florida Department of Education to establish a process for assigning a Florida student identification number to every student in the state

18 Budget Overall increase of $28 million (2.5%) over 2013-14 state funds Includes: – $5 million for college program enhancements (funding model distribution) – $15.5 million for equity/compression adjustments – $2 million for operating costs of new facilities – $5 million for performance incentives based on industry certifications – $3.3 million in special projects for 5 colleges – $4.8 million for dual enrollment (summer)

19 Legislation That Did Not Pass

20 Textbook Affordability Would have: Revised textbook affordability policies to include recommended and other instructional materials Required institutions to post textbook information 14 days prior to registration Required reports from the SBOE and BOG to the Governor and Legislature on reducing student costs Required Florida Virtual Campus to report affordability policies and procedures and bookstore contracts.

21 Technical Career Centers Would have: Authorized career centers and charter technical career centers to offer college credit certificate programs (formerly referred to as Applied Technology Diplomas) Created a process for approval to offer associate in applied science (AAS) degree programs (mirrors FCS process for baccalaureate degree approval) Provided faculty credential guidelines for general education courses offered as part of an AAS degree to ensure transfer in the Statewide Course Numbering System Authorized career centers and charter technical career centers who offer college credit certificate programs or AAS degrees to request a name change to “technical college” Removed the nonresident fee for adult general education programs

22 Questions? Narcissus Willis 850-245-9464

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