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2014-2015 Training Session #10 for Career and Technical Education (CTE) and School Counselors Academic and Career Plans (ACP) of Study : Connecting Secondary.

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1 2014-2015 Training Session #10 for Career and Technical Education (CTE) and School Counselors Academic and Career Plans (ACP) of Study : Connecting Secondary and Postsecondary Education, Part II December 11, 2014 Virginia Department of Education

2 Agenda  Welcome and Introduction  Implementing the ACP, Part I Summary  Planning for Postsecondary Connections with the “End in Mind”  Using Labor Data and Research  Locating Resources for Postsecondary Preparation  Earning an Industry Credential: New Graduation Requirement for Standard Diploma  Announcements Connecting Secondary and Postsecondary Education

3 ACP Session I Summary Academic and career planning requires a comprehensive and developmental process that includes a career assessment for each student. collaboration among students, parents, educators, school counselors, and business and industry. identification of key roles and responsibilities of partners. high-level support from school leaders. development of a timeline for implementation. locating and using a variety of resources.

4  Grades K- 5  Career Awareness and Exploration  Goals - Clusters  Grades 6-8  Career Development and Planning  Clusters – Pathways  Interest Assessment as Critical Component  Grades 9-12  Career Focus and Experiences  Pathways - Credentials - Postsecondary ACP Session I Summary continued

5 Options  Four-Year College  Two-Year College  Trade School  Military  Apprenticeship  Entrepreneurship  Service Volunteer Postsecondary Preparation

6  ACP  Rigorous Academic and CTE Courses  CTSO’s (Career Technical Student Organizations)  Dual Enrollment  AP/IB  Work Based Learning Experiences  CLEP (College-Level Examination Program)  Industry Credentials Postsecondary Preparation continued

7 Postsecondary Preparation cont.

8 Technical Assistance Document located at mic_career_plan/index.shtml Planning with “The End in Mind” Academic and Career Plan Guidelines and

9 Know occupational employment projections:  Labor Market Information (LMI)  Occupational Outlook Handbook  Reports and Research Articles  Harvard Graduate School of Education: Counseling and College Completion: The Road Ahead; a summary report from the strengthening school counseling and college advising convening, 7-28-14. /HelpWanted.ExecutiveSummary.pdf Using Labor Data and Research


11 Use Virginia Education Wizard





16 Occupation profile

17 Job outlook

18 Apprenticeships

19 Resume builder

20 Interview tips

21 Prepare for college

22 College Search

23 James Madison University

24 Test preparation

25 Paying for college

26 Paying for college continued  Comparing Costs  Award Estimator  Estimated Eligibility  Financial Aid Video  College Transfer  Mobile App

27 Beginning with 9 th grade class of 2013- 2014, a student must earn a career and technical education credential that has been approved by the Board of Education to graduate with a Standard Diploma. The credential could include, but not be limited to, the successful completion of an industry certification, a state licensure examination, a national occupational competency assessment, or the Virginia workplace readiness skills assessment; Requirement Industry Credentialing Requirement

28  CTE students may earn student-selected verified credits by passing examinations for industry certification or licensure.  Through exploration of critical job roles and skill sets  By increasing job opportunities for advancement in a chosen career path  By meeting the needs of a highly skilled workforce  By adding value to a transcript for higher education purposes or obtaining an entry-level position How Can Industry Credentials Help?

29  By validating that the student has completed advanced educational preparation and verification of CTE business and industry competencies  By enhancing the student’s self-esteem through achieving national occupational competency standards recognized by business and industry  By building the “mosaic” of a robust resume  By promoting CTE program improvement  By identifying extended career pathways (Postsecondary) How Can Industry Credentials Help? continued



32 Industry Credentialing

33 Industry Credentialing continued

34 R U Ready? Resources  Career preparation through pathways  PDF version on the CTE home page  Online and in print  Targeted audience: 10 th Graders  Plans for Life After High School  Parent’s Guide  Teacher’s Guide Parents: Help your child develop a career plan! 34

35  CTE Resource Center  Career Planning Guide (CPG)  RU College and Career Ready Magazine magazine-216 magazine-216  Ready or Not Teachers Resource teaching-companion-for-r-u-ready-211 teaching-companion-for-r-u-ready-211 Resources for Postsecondary Preparation

36  Academic and Career Plan Webpage demic_career_plan.shtml  Career Clusters and Pathways l/career_clusters/index.shtml  School Counseling and Guidance index.shtml index.shtml  Board of Education-approved exams & assessments l/path_industry_certification/index.shtml Resources for Postsecondary Preparation continued

37 Archived Presentations Evaluation: Please access the VDOE Web site VDOE/SREB School Counselor Training; Counseling for Careers: The New Paradigm Workshop: Dates to be Announced- March Next Video Streaming Session Session 11: Work-Based Learning: Expanding Opportunities for Students- January 15, 2015, 1:30pm Announcements

38 Contact Information: Virginia Department of Education Office of Career and Technical Education Services 804-225-3370

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