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Personal Orientation Project Teacher Training Model April 16th and 17th, 2007.

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1 Personal Orientation Project Teacher Training Model April 16th and 17th, 2007

2 POP Resources and Tools A Good Start! Patty Arnold, GOAL Consultant, Riverside School Board Suzanne Dery, GOAL Consultant, Eastern Townships School Board Sandra Salesas, Provincial GOAL Coordinator, MELS

3 I. Know Yourself KNOW YOURSELF Who are you? What do you enjoy? What skills would you like to use in your job?  Spend some time to get to know yourself and understand your skills, interests, motivations and values to make it easier for you to define your goals and market yourself to potential employers.  Please note that self assessment is not an exact science; the exercises contained in many of these sites are introductory. Students should understand that the results they attain from these exercises should be considered as guides for further research, not as final destinations. Put more emphasis on what you learn about yourself rather than any specific occupations that may be suggested.  In order to get the most out of the exercises contained in these sites, use your findings as a starting point for discussions with friends, family or a professional career counsellor, not as a replacement.  A guidance counsellor would be an ideal resource person to help support you in the exploration of the websites and tools that follow.

4 Supporting Websites:  Career Cruising is an interactive career resource designed for people of all ages. If you want to find the right career, explore different career options, or plan future education and training, you've come to the right place! Your school board must have a contract to access this site – ask your GOAL rep or school guidance counselor for the passwords required.  Welcome to Canada’s National career and education planning tool. Complete the “know yourself” survey. “I want to be…” profiles of 226 occupational groups; “I want to study …” education and work experiences of recent graduates from 155 post- secondary educational programs in Canada; “I want to know more about the world of work…” links to over 100 interesting sites.  Explore your career options by completing one or all of the following quizzes (abilities quiz; data, people, things; work preference quiz; work values quiz; MI quiz; etc.). Define your abilities and interests and receive suggestions on occupations matching your profile.  By choosing an occupation the Career Navigator will provide you with information on, wages, number of jobs available and employment prospects to help you make an informed career decision.









13 Supporting Websites (cont’d):  Canada’s premier education guide to schools, scholarships and careers. Try the online Three Steps Career Quiz. You'll have to register to do so, but registration is free.  The Self-Assessment section of the Mazemaster site has three sections: Interests, Skills test and Values. The results of the interest inventory are directly linked to occupational descriptions to allow easy further research. Access to the site is free but users will need to create a user code and password.  Quebec site with information on the labour market, interest inventories, etc. Content is in French.  Prelude, a unique learning module that facilitates self-discovery and development in the classroom, the workplace and the community.





18 II. Know the World of Work Career and Labour Market Information  This site will provide you with Canadian labour market information and statistics (job perspectives, salary ranges, educational requirements) on a number of occupations. http://imt.emploiquebec.net or  Labour Market Information for the province of Quebec (provincial and regional prospects). The main sections include: Trades and occupations; Training programs; Sectors of Activity  The information on the labour market is mostly available in the French section of the site, except for the following documents:  Employment in Quebec: Key Figures – 2006 edition  The Labour Market in the Montreal region – Job Prospects 2005 – 2009



21 II. Know the World of Work Vocational and Technical Training  This site will provide you with information on all the Vocational and Technical Training offered in the province of Quebec. Under the “Student Section” find information on: the Top 50 Vocational/Technical programs; Loans and bursaries; virtual visits  The Government of Québec has identified over 80 trades requiring vocational or technical training that have good job prospects and for which training facilities have registration openings.



24 II. Know the World of Work Sector Councils  Sector councils are involved in many activities that enable Canadian companies and citizens to prosper. These include developing industry-wide human resource plans, creating national training programs, establishing occupational standards, nurturing a training culture and informing young workers of the changes and opportunities in particular industries Employability Skills skills.htm  Employability Skills are the critical skills you need in the workplace – whether you are self-employed or working for others.



27 III. Planning for the Future Educational and Professional Planning  Find information on more than 1700 universities, colleges and career colleges in Canada.  CanLearn is the only online post-secondary education resource that provides Canadians with the information and services they need to decide what and where to study and how to cover the costs.  Offers a host of resources for youth on jobs, education, financial planning, etc.




31 III. Planning for the Future Loans and Bursaries  Are you enrolled in a secondary school vocational training program or pursuing postsecondary studies at the college or university level? This program, administered by Aide financière aux études (AFE), is intended to help Quebec students who do not have sufficient financial resources


33 IV. Career Development Resources (Print Material) Real Game – Next Generation ( ($300)  Helping students see the connections between school and their future life/work roles can be a challenge. This game’s highly-interactive exercises are designed to identify connections between school subjects and work roles. The digital version will be available Winter 2008. Careers 10 ( Click on “Subjects” and select “Business and Technology” then “careers” N. B. Often publishers will provide “complimentary copies” if requested.  Textbook and Teacher’s Resource Manual Unit 1 – Who Am I ?; Unit 2 – Where Am I Going?; Unit 3 - How Will I Get There? Career Studies 10 (




37 IV. Career Development Resources (Print Material) Central Alberta Career Prep – Pick Up & Go Kits – Lesson Plans (9-11)  A comprehensive set of career development lesson plans in PDF format Be Your Own Boss; Career Planning; Evaluating Post-Secondary Options Exploring the Hidden Job Market; Future of Work; Interview Skills Building Moving Out; Resume Development; Safety First; Transferable Skills Etc. The Saturday Gazette – Working Section  Useful career-related information and a weekly job profile Career Connections Weigl Educational Publishers Limited (  Each Career Sector booklet is $13.95; Each Teacher Guide is $59.95 AWAL  Database on activities to bring workplace relevance to classroom activities




41 POP Resources and Tools A Good start … but by no means an end! N. B. Consult the POP Resources on line document ( dev/pop/popdocs.html ) for a more comprehensive list of websites and dev/pop/popdocs.html

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