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National College Application Week Presented by: Robert C. Kanoy August 3, 2011.

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1 National College Application Week Presented by: Robert C. Kanoy August 3, 2011

2 The Question How do we reach the goal where we once again lead the world with the greatest percentage of workers with a higher education and achieve the goal to “…increase the proportion of Americans with high quality degrees and credentials to 60% by the year 2025”? Lumina Foundation for Education

3 How do we reach this goal? Increase our retention and graduation rates of our current students. Bring back the adult learner with some college credit to become an Adult Completer. Increase the proportion of first generation and low-income high school graduates who pursue a postsecondary education.

4 High School Graduation Projections (in thousands)

5 High School Graduation Projections 2010 – 112013 – 142016-172019 - 20 Hispanic525,772568,166630,685723,204 Black435,571395,721403,074394,345 White1,771,5311,674,0111,648,7231,603,816 WICHE 2008

6 College-going Rates of High School Graduates 3-Year Percent Rolling Average (2005-09) 2005-07 2006-082007-09 White 68.2(%) 68.7 69.5 African-American 55.7 55.0 59.6 Hispanic 58.8 62.0 62.3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Low-income 24.3(%) 24.5 25.7 Mortenson, Postsecondary Education Opportunity, 2010

7 Preparation A successful postsecondary education requires the Four A’s: Aspiration Academic Preparation Availability Affordability J. Tafel 2001

8 Start to Finish Once aspiration and academic preparation are addressed, then there are 5 steps: Step 1 – Answer two questions for students: 1) Is there really a college for me? 2) Can I really afford (financially) to go to college? Step 2 – Apply Step 3 – Enroll Step 4 – Retain Step 5 – Complete/Graduate

9 Key Points Among high school graduates, the growth will come from: First generation college students Students from low-income families Hispanic students (number of high school graduates is increasing; African-Americans are flat; Whites are declining) “Sometimes a student going to college is as simple as someone helping them to apply” (J. Watts, 2010)

10 Step 2 – Apply National Application Week The Basics: Focus is on the first generation college student Occurs in mid-November Done online during the school day Requires collaboration between K-12 and Higher Ed College Board and ACT waivers for the application fee Low cost – requires training and volunteers Utilize existing networks and infrastructures in the state You can’t enroll if you don’t apply

11 Levels of Participation Level I: Communication to K-12 and Higher Education leaders to encourage participation. Press releases Presentations (as available) PSA’s Local grass roots promotion

12 Levels of Participation Level II includes the elements of Level I plus: Governor proclaims a state College Application Week Point person ensures wide communication of the proclamation. Coordinated marketing efforts among stakeholders to build public awareness. Ensure educators are aware of resources for technical assistance and training.

13 Levels of Participation Level III includes elements of Levels I and II plus: A designated Champion to coordinate. Establish an Implementation Committee of all stakeholders. Partner with the state’s AACRAO association to ensure support of Admissions Directors. Training to coordinators at each high school. Establish a link for the students from College Application Week to the state’s FAFSA Day or College Goal Sunday.

14 Participating States Colorado Florida Georgia North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee West Virginia ( pilot in 2010 )

15 Current and Future Resources SREB Implementation Manual – in 2011 Materials available from North Carolina at: High School Coordinator Training Manual – in 2011 Technical Assistance from the ICCS: Bobby Kanoy – or (919) Joe Watts – or (336)

16 National College Application Week Steering Committee James ApplegateLumina Foundation for Education Molly Corbett BroadAmerican Council for Education Kati HaycockThe Education Trust Bobby KanoyInstitute for College and Career Success Martha KanterUnited States Department of Education Paul LingenfelterState Higher Education Executive Officers Dane LinnNational Governors Association Eduardo OchoaUnited States Department of Education Sheri RanisLumina Foundation for Education Roberto RodriguezWhite House Domestic Policy Council Gene WilhoitCouncil of Chief State School Officers Zakiya SmithWhite House Domestic Policy Council

17 Results from One State – NC 2008 YearStart DateEnd DateWeekTotal Apps Submitted 20089/28/200810/4/2008Oct - Week 16,785 200810/5/200810/11/2008Oct - Week 27,837 200810/12/200810/18/2008Oct - Week 39,849 200810/19/200810/25/2008Oct - Week 49,252 200810/26/200811/1/2008Oct - Week 515,355 200811/2/200811/8/2008Nov - Week 19,541 200811/9/200811/15/2008Nov - Week 241,915 200811/16/200811/22/2008Nov - Week 39,443 200811/23/200811/29/2008Nov - Week 46,121 200811/30/200812/6/2008Nov - Week 59,846

18 Results from One State – NC 2009 20099/27/200910/3/2009Oct - Week 17,406 200910/4/200910/10/2009Oct - Week 28,707 200910/11/200910/17/2009Oct - Week 311,360 200910/18/200910/24/2009Oct - Week 410,111 200910/25/200910/31/2009Oct - Week 514,610 200911/1/200911/7/2009Nov - Week 113,178 200911/8/200911/14/2009Nov - Week 212,581 200911/15/200911/21/2009Nov - Week 353,990 200911/22/200911/28/2009Nov - Week 47,224 200911/29/200912/5/2009Nov - Week 511,481

19 Results from One State – NC 2010 20109/26/201010/2/2010Oct - Week 17,300 201010/3/201010/9/2010Oct - Week 27,772 201010/10/201010/16/2010Oct - Week 39,891 201010/17/201010/23/2010Oct - Week 49,735 201010/24/201010/30/2010Oct - Week 513,176 201010/31/201011/6/2010Oct - Week 613,077 201011/7/201011/13/2010Nov - Week 111,588 201011/14/201011/20/2010Nov - Week 247,957 201011/21/201011/27/2010Nov - Week 38,367 201011/28/201012/4/2010Nov - Week 413,490

20 2008 Applicants 20,000 students submitting 41,915 applications Data on 17,000 that could be sent through the National Student Clearinghouse 79% matriculated in Fall 2009 Additional Fact: In last 10 years, NC has increased college participation rate of lowest- income quartile of students + 3.2%

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