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It’s College That Works! Dr. Nichole Kennedy Executive Director of Student Affairs September 6, 2012.

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1 It’s College That Works! Dr. Nichole Kennedy Executive Director of Student Affairs September 6, 2012

2 Investing in our Students The TCSG colleges have added $659 million in new buildings, renovations and equipment over the last six years new classroom & lab construction: $393,000,000 new classroom & lab equipment: $129,000,000 campus building renovations: $92,000,000 Georgia career academy grants: $45,000,000

3 TCSG Enrollment has Skyrocketed at the 25 TCSG Colleges... Enrollment grew by 46,000 students between FY08 - FY11 32% increase in students in three years 190,000 students enrolled in the 26 TCSG colleges in FY11 167,000 students enrolled in the 25 TCSG colleges in FY12 – Semester conversion – HOPE changes 15 TCSG colleges in Community College Week Magazine lists of 50 fastest- growing two-year colleges in the nation in 2010

4 University System of Georgia Statewide Articulation TCSG USG Student Success

5 TCSG & USG Statewide Articulation TCSG CourseUSG Course Equivalent American LiteratureENGL 2130 Art Appreciation ARTS 1101 World History I HIST 1111 World History II HIST 1112 U.S. History I HIST 2111 U.S. History II HIST 2112 Intro to Humanities HUMN 1101 Intro to Psychology PSYC 1101 Intro to Sociology SOCI 1101 American Govt. POLS 1101 Economics (Principles) ECON 1101 Economics Macro ECON 1199 Economics Micro ECON 1998 English Composition I ENG 1101 English Composition 11 ENG 1102 Public Speaking SPCH 1101 Biology I BIOL 1111 (L) Biology II BIOL 1112 (L) Chemistry I CHEM 1151 (L) Chemistry II CHEM 1152 (L) Intro to Statistics MATH 1127 Pre-Calculus MATH 1113 Calculus MATH 1131 College Algebra MATH 1111 Math Modeling MATH 1101 Intro to Physics I PHYS 1111 (L) Intro to Physics II PHYS 1112 (L)

6 Georgia Department of Education Dual Enrollment Alliances – Statewide Articulation TCSG GA DOE Student Success

7 Statewide Assessments – December, 2012 TCSG Course #Course Name ACCT 1100Financial Accounting I COFC 1010Introduction to Construction CUUL 1000Culinary Art ECCE 1101 Intro to Early Childhood Care & Education MKTG 1100Principles of Marketing WELD 1000Intro to Welding Technology GA DOE Course #Course Name 06.41600Introduction to Accounting 46.54600Introduction to Construction 20.53100Intro to Culinary Arts 20.52510 Intro to Early Childhood Care & Education 08.47400Marketing Principles 48.58100Introduction to Metals

8 TCSG Course #Course Name AIRC 1005Refrigeration Fundamentals ALHS 1040Introduction to Healthcare ALHS 1090Medical Terminology AUTT 1020Electrical Systems COMP 1000Introduction to Computers CULL 1120Principles of Cooking DFTG 1101CAD Fundamentals DMPT 1000Intro to Design & Media GA DOE Course #Course Name 47.57910Heating Ventilation & Air 25.52100Intro to Healthcare Science 25.59100Medical Term in Healthcare 47.57600Electrical Systems 07.44110Computer Applications I 20.53310Culinary Arts II 48.54200Survey of Engineering Graph 48.56200Graphic Design & Production Statewide Pilot Launch - December, 2012 & May, 2013

9 Model Articulation (TCSG & Southern Polytechnic State University) BAS Articulation Signed May, 2009 134 TCSG Students BAS IT (1 Masters) 43 TCSG Students BAS Business 16 TCSG Students BAS Manufacturing BSET Articulation Signed May, 2011 18+ North Georgia Technical College

10 Electrical Engineering Technology (SPSU)

11 Mechanical Engineering Technology (SPSU)

12 Industrial Engineering Technology (SPSU)

13 Dual Enrollment Video

14 Seamless Education HB 186 – Section I (7) House Bill 186 – Restores FTE Funding to High Schools that participate in DE. Every state education agency, postsecondary institution, and local school system should provide all high school students with opportunities for accelerated learning through dual credit coursework leading to at least six postsecondary credits and have as a collective goal to graduate every student with postsecondary credit 14

15 Benefits How Does Dual Credit Benefit High Schools? Encourage high school completion Encourage postsecondary completion HB186 – retain FTE fundingIncrease student performanceEarn college creditProvide efficiency for tax payers High School Benefits

16 Student Benefits How Does Dual Credit Benefit High School Students? Enhance high school experienceExpanded course offeringsCollege persistenceCollege savingsJob skills acquisitionQuicker entry into the workforce High School Benefits

17 How Does Dual Credit Benefit Postsecondary? Creates postsecondary pipeline Provide early entry into workforce Instruct efficiently Enable tax payer efficiency Declared major Postsecondary Benefits

18 Dual Enrollment Joint Enrollment Articulated Credit Residential Programs Move On When Ready Early Colleges College Credit Now

19 2011- 2012 Fiscal Year Dual Credit Programs


21 TCSG – High School Initiatives Web Page

22 Why TCSG & DE ? Harvard Pathways to Prosperity – 4 year degrees – 2 year degrees – Certifications – Apprenticeships – Entrepreneurship

23 QUESTIONS 23 /presentations2011/articulationassessment2011.pptx/07/07/20011/rbs

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