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Designing Your Postsecondary CTE Programs For The Future...

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1 Designing Your Postsecondary CTE Programs For The Future...

2 I’m not sure I want to create or modify a Career and Technical Education Program!

3 Premature Judgment and Evaluation One reason why CTE programs rarely include innovative components (presenter’s personal opinion). What are some other reasons? (Audience Participation)

4 Please Write the Following on a Piece of Paper and Sign Your Name I agree to defer judgment and evaluation of the ideas presented and discussed today.

5 Please Place Your Written Commitment on the Floor Remember to look down occasionally and remind yourself of the commitment you have made today! Here We Go!

6 A Course for Students Not Sure of Their Final Destination... Maybe it includes the opportunity to design something, build something, fix something, and covers the basics of industrial safety.

7 What if we had two four week courses instead of one eight week course? Students could continue ahead in the initial course for more credit or could switch to the other course...

8 What If There Were No Textbook? Maybe students could get their info from your website or other internet sources?

9 What If We Scheduled Programs Using A Modified Cohort Model? Individual students could enter and exit at designated points while the entire cohort moved through the courses comprising the program.

10 What If Industry Leading Experts Presented A Current Topic? Using a “webinar” format students could acquire a unique opportunity to interact with experts.

11 What If A Course Had Variable Credit? Competency acquisition would be used to determine the credit award.

12 What If Students Designed Assignments For The Course? Assign an industry “mentor” to the student and encourage creativity.

13 25% Take 25% of the coursework in the program and redesign it so that everyone would seek it, even if it were an “elective” course.

14 Design For Online Delivery First You can always use the digital assets in the physical classroom.

15 If I Can Complete The Assignments Faster Than Others... Why not let the student progress to the next module or course in the program?

16 Is The Program Visible To The Community Of “Opportunity”? Have you included options allowing students to demonstrate their skills and competencies to prospective employers while they are students?

17 What About Assignments That Require Creation Of A Tool Or Modification Of A Current Process... You can use completion of these assignments to assist your program in teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills.

18 What If Your Program Design Produced Graduates That Consistently Exceeded Expectations? Rather than just preparing students to acquire credentials or achieve a standard what if they excelled (as a consequence of your program’s design) and were recognized for setting a new standard in the industry?

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