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1.Water ____________hydrogen and oxygen. 2.The teacher _______ the class ______ two groups. 3. It is not easy for him to __________________ bad habits.

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2 1.Water ____________hydrogen and oxygen. 2.The teacher _______ the class ______ two groups. 3. It is not easy for him to __________________ bad habits. 4. To be honest, I can’t tell what the ________of this building is. 5. ______________, he passed the driving test. Revision consists of divided into break away from attraction To his delight

3 1.puzzle 2.refer to 3.find + 宾语+宾补 ( adj; adv; v-ing; pp; 介 词短语;不定式) ” 4.get sth done =have sth done 使某事被 做 ……. 5.break down 6.convenience 7.influence 8.worth 9.leave out Language points

4 1. puzzle (1) puzzle n. 意为 “ 难题、谜、测验能力的问题(或玩 具) ” , 可喻为 “ 复杂难懂的事物 ” 。用作单数时,作 “ 迷 惑、困惑 ” 解释。 He is ____________about the matter. This is really_____________. (2) puzzle v. 作 “ 使 ….. 迷惑;使 ….. 为难 ” 解释,常用 于被动结构或用其过去分词作表语、定语、状语。 他对这件事大惑不解。 in a puzzle 这对我来说真是个难题。 a puzzle to me This letter_____________. 这封信使我迷惑不解。 puzzles me There was a expression on his face. puzzled

5 2. refer to 1) 提及,指的是 …… When he said “some students”, do you think he was referring to us? 2) 参考;查阅;询问 If you don't understand a word you may refer to your dictionaries. 3) 关系到;关乎 What I have to say refers to all of you. This rule refers to everyone. reference: n. reference books

6 3. find + 宾语+宾补 ( adj; adv; v-ing; pp; 介词短 语;不定式) ” 1. A cook will be immediately fired if he is found smoking in the kitchen. 2. You'll find him easy to get along with. 3.They found themselves trapped by the bush fire. 4. When I woke up, I found myself in hospital. 5.I called on him yesterday, but I found him out.

7 4. get sth done =have sth done 使某事被做 ……. I'll just get these dishes washed and then I'll come. get + n. + to do get + n. + doing You'll get her to agree. I'll get the car going.

8 B 1. ____ by his problem, I didn’t know how to answer. A. Puzzled B. Puzzle C. Puzzling D. To puzzle A 2. It was foolish of him to _____ his notes during that important test, and as a result, he got punished. A. stick to B. refer to C. keep to D. point to 3. When I returned my hometown, I found it ____. A. change B. changes C. changed D. changing 4. I can watch TV when I get my homework ____. A. finish B. finishing C. finishes D. finished C D

9 5. break down 1.His car broke down on the way to work this morning. 2. His health broke down under the pressure of work. 3. He broke down and wept when he heard the news. 4. Talks between the two countries have completely broken down. 区别 : break in break off break into break out break up 闯入 ; 打岔 中断,折断 闯入 爆发 ; 发生 驱散 ; 分散, 拆散 ( 会谈 ) 破裂,失败; ( 汽车等 ) 出故障 ; ( 人的健康状况 ) 变得恶劣;(情感)失控

10 6. convenience n 方便;便利 ----- inconvenience adj. for (the sake of) convenience 为了方便起见 at your convenience 在你方便的时候 be convenient for sb to do sth. 对某人来说做某事方便 be convenient for sth 离 … 很近 Come and see me whenever ____________. A. you are convenient B. you will be convenient C. it is convenient for you D. it will be convenient to you C 1.It was not convenient for him to come here now. 2.Will it be convenient for you to start work tomorrow? convenient

11 7. influence 1). (v) 对 … 产生影响 What influence you to choose a career in teaching? 2). ( 可数 n) 产生影响的人或事 He is one of the good influences in the school. 3). ( 不可数 n) 影响 A teacher has great influence over his pupils. My teacher’s influence made me study science at college. 由于我老师的影响,我上大学学了理科。

12 affect & influence 意义相近 affect: 一般指生理 / 物质上的改变 influence: 较多用于指感觉 / 态度上的改变 1) Drinking can affect your ability to drive. 2) The TV advertisements have influenced my attitude towards drinking and driving.

13 8. worth 只做表语 值得 …… ,价值 , be worth + n./doing The dictionary is worth more than 10 dollars. The city is worth visiting. worthy 作表语 “ 值得,相称,配得上 ” 作定语 “ 可敬的,相称的 ” be worthy of + n./being+done. be worthy to do / to be done. e.g. 1) This question is worthy of consideration. 2) This question is worthy of being considered. 3) This question is worthy to be considered.

14 9. leave out Be careful not to leave out any words. Don’t leave me out,please. He left out some unimportant details. (1)遗漏,漏掉 (2)省去,删掉

15 1. My car _________ on my way to Shanghai. A.broke down B.broke up C.broke in D.broken out 2. I kept my dictionary near my desk ______. A. for convenience B. in convenience C. at convenience D. with convenience 3. I kept my reference book near my desk ________. A. for convenience B. at my convenience 4. You must decide for yourself. Don’t let anyone else _____ you. A. influence B. affect 5. The book ________ reading. A. is worth B. is worthy C. is worth to A A A A A

16 1.sightseeing n.& a. 观光 worried about / for 为 … 着急 3.available adj. 4.remain 5.It looked splendid when first built! (Pa2) memory of = in honor of 为了纪念 7.It is strange (necessary, natural, important, a pity) +that (should) + v. 虚拟语气 ( 引导主语从 句 ) 8.thrill vt. 使激动的, 使胆战心惊的 9.display n. & v. 陈列, 展示, 表露 10.feel / be proud of = take pride in 以 …… 为自豪

17 1. sightseeing n.& a. 观光的 sightsee v. 观光 sightseer n. 观光客, 游客 go sightseeing 观光, 游览

18 2. be worried about / for 为 … 着急 be anxious about sth. 为 … 担忧 be upset about sth. 对 … 感到苦恼 be curious about sth. 为 … 好奇 be eager for 盼望得到, 想得到 be confused with 对 … 感到混乱

19 3. available adj. 1) (sth.) that can be used (指物)可用的 ; 可 得的 This was the only available room. Tickets are available at the box office. 2) (sb.) be free to seen ( 指人 ) 可会见的 I am available in the afternoon. He was not available for the interview.

20 4. remain --- remaining (adj ) --- remains (n ) 1) After the fire,very little remained of my house. 2) Much work remained to be done. 3) I’ll remained to see the end of the game. 4) In fact,the work remained unfinished. The children remained listening. The Indian people remain in deep poverty. 5) The remains of the ancient temple are worth seeing. 剩下 留待以后去做 vi. 逗留, 留下 link. 仍然是 n. 残存的物

21 The pilot asked all the passengers on board to remain _______as the plane was making a landing. A seat B seating C seated D to be seating C

22 3. I am a_________ in the afternoon. 4. It remains __________ whether you are right. A. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. seen 5. Generally speaking, ___________according to the directions, the drug has no side effect. A. when taking B. when taken C. when to take D. when to be taken 2. Unless _______to speak,you should remain silent at the conference. A.invited B.inviting C.being invited D.having invited A available B B 1. We’ll go s_____________ on Monday. sightseeing

23 6. in memory of = in honor of 为了纪念 in celebration of 为了庆祝 The museum was built in memory of the great writer – Lu Xun. A grand party was held in celebration of their victory.

24 7. It is strange (necessary, natural, important, a pity) +that (should) + v. 虚拟语气 ( 引导 主语从句 ) 1.You can’t imagine that a well-behaved gentleman (should) be so rude to a lady. 2.It is strange that he ___ so much about me. A. knows B. knew C. has known D. know

25 8. thrill vt. 使激动的, 使胆战心惊的, 有时相当于 excite thrilling = exciting thrilled = excited a thrilling experience The film thrilled the audience.

26 9. display n. & v. 陈列, 展示, 表露 on display 展览 on show 展示 = on exhibition The seller displays all kinds of fruits in the shop. 商人在店里摆了各种水果。 display one’s true feelings 表露自己真正的感受

27 10. feel / be proud of = take pride in 以 …… 为自豪 他以自己的成功自豪。 He feels/ is proud of his success. He takes pride in his success. 他以自己是一个科学家感到光荣。 He is proud to be a scientist.

28 请选用方框内所给短语的适当形式填空。 1.We _______________ the good news that our team won the first. 2. We set up a monument ____________ the heroes. 3. We are very excited to see so many products from China __________. in memory of; on show; be thrilled at on show were thrilled at in memory of

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