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1 Post-Secondary/Collegiate

2 Post-Secondary/Collegiate
What is Health Occupations Students of America-HOSA?

3 HOSA is a national career and technical student organization
Endorsed by the US Dept of Education Mission Promote health career opportunities Enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people

4 How will a Post-Secondary/Collegiate institution benefit from a HOSA Chapter?

5 Recruitment! HOSA can be a bridge between the secondary and post-secondary/collegiate classrooms! HOSA is offered through the Health Science Technology (HST) secondary classroom! Visit your local HST classrooms! Let the high school students know there is a HOSA chapter at their local college/university!

6 Points to consider when starting a Chapter
Follow the institutions organization requirements Start small, seek out former HOSA members At least five members to form a chapter Draft chapter constitution/bylaws Use another chapter’s bylaws as a guide Use non-discrimination clause in the constitution/bylaws Contact National HOSA for enrollment information! HOSA is tax-exempt Check the institutions policies-may not be able to use “University of Louisville HOSA” due to copyright laws. May use “Health Occupations Students of America at the University of Louisville”.

7 CHAPTER ACTIVITIES Community Service Leadership Development
Social Activities

8 EXAMPLES Medical professionals as guest speakers
Hospital/medical facility tours Medical career fairs Campus blood pressure checks Blood drives Adopt-a-Highway Nursing Home Visits Tutoring high school students Mentoring new HOSA freshman HOSA representative in student government Run for state office of HOSA vice-president Attend State and National Leadership Conference

9 National Leadership Project
St. Jude Hospital

10 Benefits for students include:
Leadership skills Networking with medical professionals Self-satisfaction from community service Reach for the stars through HOSA!

11 Benefits for students include:

12 Affiliation Process Visit the National HOSA website
National HOSA - Flower Mound, Texas HOSA

13 Texas website Explore this website for important dates and other HOSA information

14 For further information
Kathleen Park PS/C State Advisor Lamar State College-Orange 410 Front Street Orange, Texas (409)

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