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Student PREP Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Student Preparation Team Dr. Cindy Brown – Director Matt Higdon – Field Coordinator Lisa Nelson.

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1 Student PREP Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Student Preparation Team Dr. Cindy Brown – Director Matt Higdon – Field Coordinator Lisa Nelson – Field Coordinator Valarie Autry - Staff Assistant Chelsea Hunt – Staff Assistant


3 Okay, Ralph……let me ‘splain it you again. You’re big, I’m little; BUT!!! You’re dog, I’m cat……that makes me the boss. Got it???

4 8 th Grade - EXPLORE Preparing for high school studies 10 th Grade - PLAN Planning and preparing for college and the workplace 11 th & 12 th Grade – ACT Being ready for life after high school English, Mathematics, Reading, Science Reasoning UNIACT Interest Inventory Needs Assessment

5 EXPLORE - PLAN – ACT One Common Score Scale EXPLORE 8th PLAN 10th ACT 11 th /12th  English, Mathematics, Reading, Science Reasoning  UNIACT Interest Inventory  Needs Assessment 25 32 36

6 ALTERNATE TESTS AND MINIMUM SUBSCORES ACE IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE ON SDE WEBSITE: HTTP://OK.GOV/SDE/SITES/OK.GOV.SDE/FILES/DOCUMENTS/FILES/ ACE-EOIALTCUTSCORES.PDF HTTP://OK.GOV/SDE/SITES/OK.GOV.SDE/FILES/DOCUMENTS/FILES/ ACE-EOIALTCUTSCORES.PDF EOI ExamAlternateProficientAdvanced ACE Algebra 1PLAN: Math Subtest1521 ACT: Math Subtest1823 ACE Algebra IIACT: Math2025 ACE GeometryACT: Math Subtest1823 ACE Biology 1PLAN: Science Subtest1623 ACT: Science Subtest1925 ACE English IIACT: Reading & English Subtests AND Combined 30 (neither < 14) Combined 46 (neither < 22) ACT: Writing810 ACE English IIIACT: Reading & English Subtests AND Combined 32 (neither < 15) Combined 48 (neither < 23) ACT: Writing810 * *ACT/PLAN scores listed, complete list includes IB, AP, SAT, CLEP, and WorkKeys scores.




10 COLLEGE READINESS BENCHMARKS EXPLORE PLAN ACT  English 13 15 18  Math 17 19 22  Reading 15 17 21  Science 20 21 24 These reflect students’ expected growth from EXPLORE to PLAN to the ACT Assessment and assume sustained academic effort throughout high school.

11 COLLEGE READINESS Student’s Score


13 Student Score Report Side 2




17 EPAS Teacher Data Workshop I attended the workshop yesterday, 2-18-13, in El Reno and I wanted to take a minute to say that you all did a wonderful job. It has been a while since I went to a workshop and left with that much information in a short period of time! The workshop was perfect in time management, applicable information, and very goal oriented. The speakers did a fantastic job delivering information. Thanks again and I truly look forward to attending another workshop hosted by the OSRHE! Thanks




21 Conclusions Results from this study indicate that early monitoring activities with ACT Explore and ACT Plan benefit the early and long- term college success of students in a state. Oklahoma students who are monitored early are consistently outperforming in college those who are not monitored early. These findings hold true for all students, regardless of their race/ ethnicity or family income

22 Counselor Retreat Roman Nose Lodge February 11, 2013

23 Having fun!

24 Tatanka Ranch, February 28, 2013

25 Thank you so much! You had such a wonderful Counselor Retreat! You do such a great job encouraging and supporting us. Thank you and the OSRHE for the retreat. These gatherings are so helpful and encouraging. I really appreciate what you all do for the counselors. I went back a little more refreshed and with lots of good information! I wanted to thank you once again for all the great information and relaxing time at the counselors retreat. I want to thank you also for the encouragement. To be honest I was really getting depressed over my situation here and felt like I am just not being effective in any area. I came away from it once again with the realization that I just need to keep doing the best and most I can do and not be overly concerned with all that I can't do. I am so looking forward already to the summer institute and all that it will have to offer. I really do love and feel a calling to and for this job and opportunities like the retreat yesterday remind me of that!

26 Summer Institute 2012 Tulsa

27 ACT Symposium 2013 Dallas, TX



30 ACADEMY TOPICS Aviation Robotics Meteorology Engineering Landscape/Horticulture Encryption Forensics Animal Behavior Architecture Ecology Biomedical Sciences

31 Cameron - Science Detectives


33 Notes from former participant: “ I ran into a couple of fellow alumni of the SWOSU SSMA … I participated two summers, back in … 94/95 & 95/96. … The academy was one of the greatest college prep experiences for me - and hopefully for generations to come!” Robert Stokes, President, Topographic Mapping Company, OKC

34 Prof. Campbell, I had attended the SWOSU Summer Science and Mathematics Academy when it was in its infancy and thought you all may enjoy a “success story” if you will. I believe it was the Summer 2000 Academy I attended.. …. you would likely remember the quiet, red-headed Okie who won almost every award at the banquet. Lately I’ve looked back and now see just how impactful that academy was on my life. I was always interested in science but the faculty of that academy were the first to show me the importance of cross-disciplinary science in our future and help set me on my path as research scientist. Where else do poor, 16 year-old Okies get a chance to work a Mass Spec, make webpages, etc. under the guidance of university faculty? Over a decade later, I’m now an experimental condensed matter physicist (via Texas Tech University) and tenure-track assistant professor at Arkansas State University. I certainly have the SWOSU academy to thank for cementing my scientific passions and getting me to where I am today. The emphasis of many faculty on looking beyond disciplinary borders has been especially impactful on my life….. In a nutshell, all branches of physics except for Classical Mechanics & Biophysics jumbled into one beautiful, complicated mess. Perhaps because I’m approaching 30 I’m looking back at my life thus far, but whatever the case, lately I’ve felt this incessant need to let the SWOSU folk know how much I appreciate their efforts. Best regards, -Ross Carroll


36  Website is up and academies may begin accepting applications March 15th.  Encourage students to apply early!  Academies are for all types of students! You don’t have to be the “straight A” student to be accepted! Just be willing to participate and to challenge yourself in a fun and exciting learning environment!

37 Watch for Oklahoma State Regents’ SUMMER ACADEMIES posters in your school this week. Check our website:

38  College Planning  Do you have a question about preparing, planning or paying for college and no idea who to call or where to begin?  Send your inquiry to this new email address for Oklahoma counselors, and it’ll be routed to State Regents’ subject matter experts who can respond promptly with the information you need. From required courses to aid programs to student resources, we can help!

39 Strategic Planning Using EPAS Data Color-Coding EXPLORE/PLAN Results Vertical Alignment with your school Using EXPLORE/PLAN to prepare for OCCT/EOI Parental Involvement EXPLORE/PLAN Parent Nights OKPromise Informational Meetings Counselor Retreats Summer Institute

40 Student Preparation Team is here to help you!

41 As educators, we are lucky—we get to wake up each day with the opportunity to make a lasting difference in the lives of students. Thank you, for the differences you have already made, and for the ways you will impact the students you work with today. ~ Dr. Russell Quaglia


43 Lisa Nelson/Field Coordinator e-mail: Phone: (580) 614-1328 Matt Higdon/Field Coordinator e-mail: Phone: (405) 517-0301 Cindy Brown/Director e-mail: Phone: (40) 225-9156 OKLAHOMA STATE REGENTS FOR HIGHER EDUCATION OFFICE OF STUDENT PREPARATION WEBSITE: WWW.OKHIGHERED.ORG/EPASWWW.OKHIGHERED.ORG/EPAS

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