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The Harry Potter Lexicon Club “The Wizengamot” Meeting #1W.

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1 The Harry Potter Lexicon Club “The Wizengamot” Meeting #1W

2 You Should Know This! I am your main meet leader Occasionally, past member may lead instead First discussion topic is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, or the first book At the end of the unit, you will be tested to see if you can lead an HPLC meet for future members If you score an A- or higher on your final grade, you can lead meets for future members! If you score C+ or lower on your final grade, to continue in the HPLC, you will be moved to a different HPLC group and you will have to go through the first book study again before going on to the second book

3 You Should Know This, Too! Our website is When watching a PowerPoint like today, all things you will need to know for the final test will be on the right side On the left side are random facts, and could be EC Questions Any assignment assigned is typically due the next meet If you happen to get to a meet early, I will let you do the assignment then Feel free to ask any questions out loud at beginning/end of a slide, or raise your hand in the middle of a slide If you’d like to jot down some notes during a meet, no problem! I have scrolls to the left and also notebook paper

4 Today’s Reading… From “Harry Potter: Film Wizardry” “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” “Rupert Grint Looks Back”

5 Today’s Video… “The Mysterious Ticking Noise” Made By: Potter Puppet Pals

6 Basic Statistics – Book Printing… 1 st British Printing on July 1 st, 1997 by Bloomsbury Books 1 st American Printing on Sept 1 st, 1999 by Arthur A. Levine Books (Schol) J.K. Rowling wrote the HP series Philosopher’s Stone in ENG, Sorcerer’s Stone in USA (REFER TO ENGLAND VERSION) Bloomsbury: 1997 Scholastic: 1999 Mary Grandpre was the USA illustrator

7 Basic Statistics: Dedication & More… For Jessica, who loves stories, For Anne, who loved them, too, and for Di, who heard this one first. 76,944 words in whole book! Dedication for 3 relatives Warner Bros. made film in 2001

8 Question and Answer with J.K. Rowling A: “A huge amount. Only once have I sat down, written something end to end, and let it stand. That was the chapter in [first book] when Harry learns to fly. I remember vividly – the old story we’ve heard a million times – my daughter fell asleep, it was a beautifully sunny day, I sat in a café, and wrote that chapter from beginning to end. And I think I changed two words. That’s very unusual for me.” Q: Do you rewrite a lot?

9 Question and Answer with J.K. Rowling A: “Hard to choose. I like chapter 12 [The Mirror of Erised]…” Q: Do you have a favorite passage from [first book]?

10 Question and Answer with J.K. Rowling A: “They changed the first title, but with my consent to be honest. I wish I hadn’t agreed now but it was my first book, and I was so grateful that anyone was publishing me that I wanted to keep them happy.” Q: Does it bother you that in America they changed the names of your books?

11 Time for a Tour! We will be visiting the following places… MainComp Lex HQ Collector’s Area Stage Green Screen MainTV

12 Computer Field Trip, or Resource Break… We will now visit a variety of websites. http://www.hp- 38

13 Your First Assignment… Your first assignment is very simple. All you have to do is comment on our website! I have a brochure for you all that has all of the resources that we looked at today in it, and your assignments for meets 1W- 6W. All links that we will need will be in here. Also, you will get a handout inside of it explaining how to complete your assignment and how to comment.

14 Today’s Assignment Pass Question… At the end of every meet, I give you a question, and if 1 person gets it correct, they get a Homework Pass! If more than one person gets it correct, then I pick out of a hat which person gets the Pass. If no one gets it correct, I pick out of a hat from all of the people at the meet who gets the Pass. DO NOT CALL OUT THE ANSWER! I will ask you it separately. Today’s Question: What does the J stand for in J.K. Rowling???

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