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Exodus greets users to a real time intra-day chart of the S&P 500, internal breadth statistics, and overbought and oversold data, exclusive to the software,

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1 Exodus greets users to a real time intra-day chart of the S&P 500, internal breadth statistics, and overbought and oversold data, exclusive to the software, derived from a sophisticated ranking system that marries both technical and fundamental analysis. It is the Eagle’s nest view that every investor needs when viewing the market.

2 Real time market weightings for over 4,000 stocks in the system. Exodus cuts through the chaff and displays real time industry rankings, making it easy for traders to see what’s working intra-day.

3 Beautifully designed charts, easy on the eyes, that do not try to do too much. Sometimes less is more.

4 At the heart of Exodus is the mean-reversion tool that flags inflection points in the overall market. The overbought and oversold signal has been praised and followed by thousands of members since 2009 and has demonstrated a commanding 84% accuracy rate as of April, 2015.

5 Visually compare the performance of world markets across multiple time frames. Useful for conceptualizing global macroeconomic themes.

6 The Grid: the hub of Exodus’ data and customized screens, offering members a wide array of information and idea flow, utilizing proprietary momentum, overbought/oversold algorithms to give investors a discernible edge in the markets. Pre-customized screens encapsulate both fundamental and technical factors, catering to both schools of thought.

7 Each stock and ETF in the system is ranked, in real time, on both technical and fundamentals, producing a combined hybrid score. Each stock has its own overbought and oversold range, produced by the Exodus AI, which adjusts over time, determinant upon market conditions and the behavior that is unique to each stock.

8 Interested in seasonality statistics? Exodus provides both industry and individual seasonality statistics dating back decades. All data is displayed with easy to read graphics.

9 Revenue charts, accompanied with data, with year over year and quarter-to-quarter comparisons, gives members a clear view of both growth and revenue trends.

10 Historical earnings charts illuminate both the quality and the consistency of a company’s earnings. A vital consideration in any investor’s due diligence regimen.

11 Valuation data, accompanied by eye-catching visuals, will inform members of where a stock is trading today, on a price-earnings, price to sales, and price to book basis, compared to previous years, spanning more than a decade. The effective use of this tool is to be informed of valuation compression or expansion, truly an invaluable data set.

12 Industry data offers a high level view for over 200 industries, automatically producing fundamental, technical rankings, alongside traditional PE, PS, yield, intra-day breadth and short interest data. With the click of a button, a member can see what the median return for any industry was for 1 day to 5 years, seamlessly produced and built by world class programmers.

13 Industry data produces overall technical and fundamental data, which then gives birth to a proprietary oscillator graph, displaying the composite hybrid (fundamentals and technicals married) score that can literally foretell an inflection point on both the upside and downside of a specific industry.

14 Compare industry returns over varied time frames to the S&P 500, a useful tool to understand performance.

15 Exodus’ next-generation screener was built for both experienced traders and beginners, offering an incredible amount of data to parse through. It’s truly a sight to behold, one that will change the way you do research on membership day one.

16 Exodus has a large community of industry professionals and self-directed investors in its ranks. View user ‘baskets’, in an easy and extremely transparent way.

17 The Community Notes, Main Street for Exodus. This is where all of the action takes place on a real time basis. Voice your opinions on any stock/ETF here and share market strategies with a community of seasoned and welcoming pros.

18 Access Exodus’ profile keyword search function and community notes to find pretty much anything. You can then bring the results into the screener for further analysis.

19 View “The Fly’s” custom built indices, an industry professional who has been managing money for over 18 years. His GARP (Growth at a Reasonable Price) index is managed, semi-annually, and all of his positions are listed and updated in real time.

20 - Marc David “As a money manager, I am very skeptical about products. Many products say they work wonders, however they constantly fail. To be honest, I was a little skeptical of the PPT, only to be proved dead wrong.” “When I joined the PPT in the beginning, the most standout feature was the ability to almost predict when the market would correct and when it would bounce. I never had any fear anymore simply because this black box nailed the timing near perfection. The signals are in-your-face clear with Exodus like never before. Part of the excitement for me was knowing that the bottom was in. Short of a black swan event, the PPT is never wrong in my experience.” - vcutrader The only way to assess a product like the PPT is to ask if the system makes me money. It does...very well. - Joe C. Don’t take our word for it. View the endless testimonials by active users over the years to help you determine if Exodus is the right fit for you.

21 I have been using the PPT for years now. In these past years the PPT has proven to be the unbeatable benchmark. The PPT's sacred hybrid and technical scores can not be beaten and represent the works of a genius madman, I can not trade without it. - dvk1970 I can now say I have experienced freakish success in using the PPT Oversold indicator to confirm Russell entries, and the stock screener is a thing of wonder. The tools in the PPT have saved me a tremendous amount of time in drilling down exactly what I'm shopping for. I have come to rely so heavily on this service that I sometimes pause and worry what I would do without it. The PPT truly is that damned good. I highly recommend it. - Uncle Buccs

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