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Global Communication Skills Teri Lynn Tosspon, MA. MA, TESL By Today’s burning question: What.

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1 Global Communication Skills Teri Lynn Tosspon, MA. MA, TESL By Today’s burning question: What skills do you want to learn in this class?

2 Agenda: Building our class 1. Names & Getting to know you 2. Get to know your instructor 3. Expectations & Communications 4. Applications March 11, 2015

3 Stand up, be prepared to catch! 1. Toss ball to 1 person, stating their name as you throw. 2. Faster! 3. Add your hobby Stand up if the answer is YES. Sit down if answer is no. Getting to know YOU Are you married? Do you have children? Do you have pets? Do you have allergies? Are you living with a host family? Do you have a car in Omaha? Have you visited the US before? Have you visited Omaha before? Do you speak a 3 rd language (Besides your own and English)? Have you ridden a horse? Have you ever bungee jumped, sky dived, or hang glided? Have you been to more than 6 countries? In your home country, do you live in the same town as your parents or siblings?

4 Getting to know … me! Quick overview of me Grew up on a farm in central Nebraska, outside town of 87 Raised / Rode horses Undergrad at UN Lincoln Study abroad BA in English, Int’l Affairs MA in English from UNL MA in History from UC Irvine TESL from UC Irvine Traveled all over USA and Europe Speaks some Dutch & Spanish Moved from San Francisco to Omaha in Aug 2014

5 Why I teach the way I teach Retention (remembering & being able to use the material)

6 1. What do you imagine/expect we will study in GCS? 2. Communicators. What do GOOD communicators do well? 3. Global. Are there any different skills necessary to be a global communicator? Business/ Professional: are there any different skills necessary in the professional world? The Class: GCS For each question, write 1 answer on the whiteboard

7 Tell the person next to you how you would finish these sentences: More than anything, I hope…. To be honest, I’m a little anxious about…. Reflect

8 Feel free to highlight and write on your syllabus. Class rule: RESPECT Schedule of Topics: flexibility Syllabus

9 This is a very competitive class. Convince our team to accept you. Take 5 minutes to makes some notes about why YOU will be a valuable addition to the team. Then you will have 5 minutes to convince us. Sorry, no time extensions! Hint: What can you offer? Experience in life/business? Personality? Why do your classmates need you? How can you help your classmates? Apply to the Class

10 1. On a scale of 0-5, how much did you understand? What helped you understand it? 2. What was one thing that really convinced you? Why? 3. What gave you a good impression of that person? 4. Should we accept him/her?? Evaluation of Teammates You will evaluate each teammate’s pitch The most successful people are those who are aware of OTHERS’ needs and look for ways to meet those needs. They are also CLEAR, SPECIFIC, and help others to visualize a positive outcome. Confident body language gives a good impression.

11 Check for understanding On a scale of 0-5 how much did you understand our discussion in class today? What is one thing from today that you’ll continue to think about after class?

12 Homework 1. Complete the Skill Self Assessment. 2. Write an email to me answering this question, “What do you think are the qualities, attitudes, and personal characteristics that make someone a good Professional Global Communicator? What is the internal attitude they need? Why?” 3. Continue Individual Learning Plan 4. Begin to pay attention and note situations in your daily life in Omaha where you feel uncertain, anxious, frustrated, surprised, or puzzled. We will discuss throughout the session. Due next class meeting

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