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Woden primary school By Jasminder K. Singh.

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1 Woden primary school By Jasminder K. Singh

2 CHILDREN’S BEHAVIOUR We think the children's behaviour has been amazing, sometimes we all have little arguments but they can be solved quickly. If we have problems that happen quite often with the same people, we have friendship groups which are there to help making the problem a smaller issue.

3 PROGRESS Children have been working very hard this year and tried to make as much progress as they can. To be honest I think that the whole school has made lots of progress, and when some children go home they might say that I have how to do this and this.

4 Activities In school there are lots of fun activities you can do , in P.E. the coaches try to keep you fit and healthy. There are so many clubs you can choose , some of them keep you healthy and some are just for fun however they all teach you stuff and they give you more knowledge.

5 Attendance Every Friday we have a competition and the class that wins the attendance get to go on the adventure playground . At the end of the term we see who won the attendance the most and the class that wins get 10 pounds to buy the class some things or have a party.

6 Teachers The teachers are very kind and helpful to the children in our education and making new friends. The teachers also give us homework so we can go and learn at home.

7 MEDICAL /FIRST AID Lots of people have medical problems in our school and they need medicines , some schools might not give children their medicines but we definitely do because we care.

8 Helpers in our school In our school we have helpers such as peer mentors and school council. They solve the problems and try to make the school better.

9 Come to our school If you know someone that needs another school ask them to come to ours. WODEN PRIMARY IS THE BEST WODEN PRIMARY RULE THE REST By Jasminder K. Singh

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