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雅思口语 2012 年第一学期. Part 1 Summary Categories – Getting to know you – Talking about your education – Talking about your career – Talking about your (leisure)

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1 雅思口语 2012 年第一学期

2 Part 1 Summary Categories – Getting to know you – Talking about your education – Talking about your career – Talking about your (leisure) activities – Talking about your hometown

3 Work or study What is your major? Why did you choose it ? – I’m majoring in arts/science/English/ computer science… – Interests (internal factors) – I’m very much into/ I’m crazy about – I’m fascinated by/about/ I really dig into/

4 – I’m passionate about/ … is the greatest passion in my life – Money (external factors) – It is profitable/ promising – It is big money in.

5 I like my (major/work) primarily/mainly/chiefly/principally because I’m very much into the stuff (taught in class). Besides/Plus my parents always encourage me to study it/work hard. In addition/Also, this is a very promising major/job that is bound to bring me much income (in the future). So/therefore that is exactly/precisely why I like my major/work.

6 Do you think that's a difficult subject to study Frankly speaking, it’s not that hard for me. Cos I am a people person. When I was young, I was the center of my peers. In school, I’m also the chairman of student union; therefore I don’t feel hard to understand the theory in the classroom/ communicate with my clients.

7 As I told you, I love art when I was young, it’s one of my interests. Plus, there is a saying that “one picture can tell a thousand words”. and Art design is all about how to create that picture. Besides, the company/this major offers me a promising prospect.

8 Food and Cooking General questions asked about food: –What kind of food do you like? –Do you like cooking? –Describe the food in your region. –Who does the cooking in your family? –Do you prefer to eat out or eat at home?

9 What kind of food do you like? As for food, anything fresh and tasty is a good one. Yet to pick the favorite is quite a matter of personal choice and mine is placed on home-made soup with Cantonese/fried rice with Southern Chinese flavor.

10 My mother used to make this kind of soup/dish for the whole family twice a week. So I Managed to learn how to cook several types of soup/dish, like lotus roots and pork soup/ stir fry chicken with honey.

11 House or flat General questions asked about house or flat: Do you currently live in a house or a flat? – Yes,I live in dormitory of our university. That's a very narrow and small space. What are the differences between house and flat? – A house is expensive, spacious, far from town. And a flat is affordable, cramped, near town.

12 Bike Do you often ride bikes? Why do many Chinese often ride bikes? Reasons: – Affordable – Eco-friendly – Physical exercise – More convenient than bus and less likely to be jammed in traffic In china, biking is more like a mode of transport.

13 Weekends and how to spend time Well, there are many different things I do on weekends, from watching TV to hiking to the nearest mountain (or lake), from hanging out with friends to going out shopping. You see, I like to do different things in different times. But here is the rule: if I’m in a mood of going out, I’d either play some sports or just hang out with friends; if not, I’d rather stay at home, watch some TV or just take a rest.

14 Shopping Who does most of the shopping in your family? In my home, it’s my mother who does most of the shopping. She likes to go to the market around 10 o’clock when it is not rush hour. When she goes to the market, she doesn’t like to bargain with vendors, because she think it’s a waste of time. In her opinion, the money saved here is not worth the effort. Time is money.

15 Do you often look for bargains and special? Yes. I enjoy looking for real bargains or special sales because they are cheaper but the quality is quite good. It undoubtedly takes a lot of time, and you have to hunt for bargains. Once I bought a pair of leather shoes at half price. I felt very happy. But there are also cheating things in bargains. You have to be careful in buying bargains. It’s also wise never to buy anything you don't really need just because it’s Cheap.

16 Clothing General questions asked about clothing Do you wear different clothes for work and for leisure? Do you have a special set of clothes for special occasions? Which kind of clothes do you prefer to wear?

17 How important do you think it is to be fashionable? – I think it can be very important. Studies Show that fashionable and well-dressed People can get better jobs and more respect. If you look at people who are well- dressed, such as business people, they often seem to have plenty of confidence Are they confident because they are wearing nice clothes? – The situation with women is even clearer. A woman who wears beautiful, stylish clothes will get a lot of attention even from other women! Perhaps they are jealous!

18 Is there anything special about the history of your hometown? Yes, it is a city of a very long history. It was the capital city of Shang Dynasty 3500 years ago, and together with ancient India, Egypt, was considered as one of the oldest civilizations of the world.

19 Formula 1 Do you prefer X to Y? Do you prefer writing letters or sending emails? Do you prefer talking on the phone or chatting online? Do you prefer to travel by bike or on foot?

20 Answer Order – State which one you prefer. – Compare the two things the examiner mentions. – Give reasons and examples to explain why. Language Steps – Master prefer +doing ( I prefer walking.) and prefer + to do (I prefer to walk.). – Use comparatives of convenience or greater benefit like a native speaker. (Traveling by bus is faster than going by car.)

21 Do you prefer to travel by bus or by bike? I prefer cycling to traveling by bus. Cycling is so much more convenient than taking the bus if you are not traveling too far. Actually, it’s often faster to go by bike because you don’t get stuck in traffic jams! Cycling is also better for my health than all other means of transport, including buses.

22 Do you prefer chatting online or talking on the phone? Generally I prefer chatting online. I nearly always find that chatting online can be more sociable as you can speak to more than one person at the same time. Also, chatting online is often much more fun because you can send smileys, photos and even videos.

23 Formula 2 What do you usually/normally do? What do you do on an average day? What is your normal daily routine? Can you describe your typical day? What do you usually do on weekends?

24 Answer Order – Say what you do at the time the examiner asks you about. – Say how often you do these things. Language Steps – Use adverbs of frequency like a native speaker to show how frequently or infrequently you do things. (I often meet up with my friends./ I sometimes go shopping.) – Use the present tense & times of day correctly for general habits. (We have dinner together in the evening./ I ride my bike everyday at 2 o’clock.) – Show that you can use one or two common sequence markers. (Before class starts we talk./ We then go to bed.)

25 Tell me about your usual daily routine. Well, usually I wake up around 8 a.m.. I always have a cup of coffee while I review my study notes over breakfast. Then I normally ride my bike to school, apart from in winter, when it’s way too cold. Before class starts I often meet up with my classmates in the corridor and we gossip a bit about life and school, I always go straight home and then start on my homework while my mom cooks me dinner. I usually go to bed at about 10 p.m..

26 Do you do the same thing at the same time every day? During the week, I have a regular schedule because of my job. I always wake up just after 7 in the morning, then eat my breakfast on the way to the subway station. I get to work at 8 o’clock sharp, and usually work until 5, sometimes I work overtime until 7 or 8. After I get home I normally eat dinner with my wife and after that either hang out with friends or watch TV before going to bed at about 11.

27 Formula 3 What do you like to do (in your spare time)? What do you like to do in your spare time? What do you like to do when you are on holidays? What do you like to do when you are not working?

28 Answer Order – Identify a couple of things you like doing. – Describe why you like them. Language Steps – Use either enjoy/like doing or like to do. (I like studying English. / I like to study English.) – Use one or two native speaker phrasal verbs to say ‘I LIKE’. (I’m quite into playing guitar. / I’m really keen on studying English.) – Use some adjectives of positive feeling to show the degree of your interest. (I like playing football. It’s exciting. / I’m quite into learning new languages. I find it fascinating.)

29 What do you like to do in your spare time? Well, I have lots of hobbies I like to do in my spare time. I’m very interested in studying English and I’m also quite into movies– sometimes I combine these two interests by watching British or American films. What I particularly enjoy doing, though, is playing football– it’s so exciting!

30 What do you like to do in the evening? I work really hard during the day so in the evening I like to relax and unwind. I’m a big fan of hip-hop and rock music, and I like hanging out with friends and watching gigs. I’m also keen on reading novels and short stories. I’m involved in a reading group at my university and every so often we get together and discuss the latest books we’ve read over dinner– it’s so stimulating to talk and hear different views about the books we’ve all read.

31 Formula 4 What do you dislike about X? What do you dislike about parties? What don’t you like about your jobs? What do you dislike about eating in restaurants?

32 Answer Order – Identify which aspects of the topic you don’t like– name just one or two things. – Describe the degree of dislike you have for them. – Give examples why you don’t like them. Language Steps – Use native speaker expressions of dislike. (I’m not keen on sports.) – Use native speaker degrees of dislike words and phrases. (I absolutely hate going to the cinema.) – Use very much correctly to express dislike. (I don’t like basketball very much.)

33 What do you dislike about parties? Well, I generally enjoy the parties I go to, but there are a few things I don’t like. I don’t like all the drinking that usually happens and I’m not keen on meeting lots of new people at parties. If there are too many strangers at a party I find myself having the same conversation again and again: Where are you from? What’s your major? What’s your job? I can’t stand repeating myself and this kind of conversation is very superficial; you don’t really get to know the person at all.

34 What don’t you like about your job? I don’t particularly like my job. I’m not interested in the field I work in, and I don’t like my line manager or many of my colleagues very much– they are all so boring. But what I absolutely hate about my job is the commute. It takes me about two hours to get to work; I have to travel during the rush hour on the subway and public buses which are always jam-packed with people– it’s terrible !

35 Formula 5 : How often do you do X? How often do you read books? How often do visitors come to your home? How often do you go out to dinner with friends?

36 Answer Order – Say how frequently you do the activity the examiner asks you about. – Explain why you do it that frequently. Language Steps – Use a range of different adverbs of frequency correctly. (I never go to the cinema. / I regularly watch DVDs.) – Use a variety of adverbs of infrequency to describe something you don’t do often. (I don’t always eat at home./ Every once in a while I play sports.)

37 How often do you socialize with friends? I used to go out to dinner with my friends all the time, but I’m in my last year of university now and I’m really busy– I don’t often have the chance to take a break and spend time with my friends. Once in a blue moon, I’ll have someone over for coffee, or I’ll go to a friend’s house and hang out. I hope I’ll have more time to socialize after I graduate!

38 How often do you read books? To be honest, I’m always reading books; I’m a complete bookworm! I usually read novels, but sometimes I mix it up slightly and read books about history or nature. I prefer reading novels because they are a great way to relax and escape from daily life, but I also enjoy history and nature books because they help me learn more about the world we live in. From time to time I might read some poetry, but I have to be in the right mood.

39 Formula 6 : What do you like most about X? What do you like most about student life? What do you like most about your job? What is the best thing about your city? What is your favorite type of weather?

40 Answer Order – Say which aspect of X you like the most. – Explain why. Language Steps – Use adverbs modifying verbs to express degrees of like. (I especially like playing the piano. / Students particularly enjoy going to bars and restaurants. ) – Use parallel structure correctly. (I like going to the cinema, watching TV and playing video games.) – Use simple linking words accurately. (Although Beijing has developed very fast, it’s still not very expensive. / I don’t like traveling to work, but I enjoy my job.)

41 What do you like most about student life? What I particularly like about student life is the golden opportunity it gives me to expand my horizons. At university I can not only increase my knowledge about my major and learn new things like Salsa and yoga, but I can also meet lots of new people.

42 What is the best thing about your hometown? My hometown is Xiamen, in Fujian Province. The best thing about my hometown is its location. It’s right on the coast, and from most places in the city there are beautiful views of the sea. Although we get the odd typhoon every year because we are by the seaside, we also enjoy light sea breezes during the summer. But what I especially value about Xiamen’s location is the fresh seafood we can eat all year round.

43 Formula 7 Is X popular in your country? Are bikes popular in your country? Is watching team sports popular where you live? Is playing sports popular in your university? Is music popular in China?

44 Answer Order – Show you understand the question which is asking about PEOPLE IN GENERAL and not YOU. – Talk about TYPES of people in society like a native. – Talk about how MANY people like to do X. Language Steps – Talk about types of people. (People of all ages like to ride bikes. / Most businessmen own cars.) – Use quantity words to talk about how many people like X. (I think most people ride the subway. / The majority of British people drink milk with their tea. ) – Use one or two expressions of habit like a native. (In general, Sichuan people enjoy spicy food. / As a rule, older generations are more traditional. )

45 Is basketball popular in your country? Yes, basketball is extremely popular in China. Generally speaking, I would say that the majority of high school and university male students regularly play basketball, I think most Chinese men under the age of, say 30, frequently watch NBA matches. Although it sounds a bit sexiest, I don’t believe basketball is very popular with many Chinese women.

46 Is music popular in China? I think it depends on what kind of music you are talking about. Most people in China listen to music every day. As a rule, the younger generation usually listens to pop, rock or hip- hop music, whereas older people tend to listen to older Chinese songs or folk music. I think many wealthy people listen to music, sometimes going to live concerts.

47 Formula 8 What is the best time (of year) to do X? What time of year is best for outdoor activities where you live? What is the best time of day for studying? What time of year is best for traveling in your country?

48 Answer Order – Tell the examiner which time is best for X. – Describe what the conditions at that time are. (i.e. weather, social conditions) – Explain WHY that’s the best time. Language Steps – Use superlatives correctly. (Gulin is the most beautiful place in China./ This is the best time to travel.) – Use prepositions of time correctly for times of day, month and year.( Beijing is beautiful in the late fall. / Beijing is beautiful at any time of year.) – Use a few colloquial expressions for conditions. (The winter months are ideal for skiing. / The summer is perfect for cycling in the mountains.)

49 What time of year is best for outdoor activities where you live? I think the best time to do outdoor activities is either in the summer or in the winter, because it depends on what activities you would like to do. The weather between June and early September provides the best conditions for rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking or playing sports like tennis and football because it is warm, sunny and bright. However, if you are into winter activities like ice-skating, sledging, and snowboarding then the depth of winter is the best time to do them.

50 What is the best time of day to study? I think the best time of day to study is in the very early morning, just after dawn. This is the quietest time of the day, when there is no one else around and everywhere is completely silent. This means I am able to really get into what I’m studying and not be distracted by friends or family. It’s definitely the most productive time of the day for me, I just find it difficult to get up so early!

51 Formula 9: Why do some people like X? Why do some people like cooking? Why do some people enjoying reading? Why do some people like gardening?

52 Answer Order – Describe why some people enjoy X or doing X. – Say which type of people or personality enjoy it. – Explain why it’s good for them and why they might like it. Language Steps – Use native words to talk about types of people. ( Most teenagers enjoy listening to pop music.) – Use native personality adjectives. ( Creative people tend to enjoy going to the theatre and art museums.) – Use native activity adjectives. ( Volunteering at the hospital is very rewarding.)

53 Why do some people like cooking? I think people of all ages like cooking, especially creative people. For those who love to create new things, cooking provides a great way to express themselves as they can experiment with different dishes and ingredients. Even quite conservative people like cooking; as everything needs to be created from scratch. It can be very satisfying to successfully cook a whole meal from start to finish.

54 Why do some people like gardening? Gardening is most popular with middle-aged and elderly people, probably because gardening is a very therapeutic and relaxing activity. Members of the older generation are generally more patient and often prefer less energetic activities– gardening is a good way to unwind whilst making their home more beautiful.

55 Formula 10 When was the first/last time you did X? When was the first time you used a computer? When was the last time you went on holiday? When was the last time visitors came to your house?

56 Answer Order – Say when you first/last did it. – Say why you did it. – Describe what the experience was like. Language Steps – Use prepositions and adverbs of time correctly. ( The last time I went fishing was about three years ago./ The first time I used a computer was in high school in 1984.) – Have great control of the past simple to talk about completed events. ( I went on holiday last May./ My father bought me a computer when I was 10.) – Use varied adjectives of experience to sound more like a native. ( Camping in the USA was so boring./ I thought acting was so intriguing.)

57 Part 2 雅思卡片题 POPE – People – Object – Place – Event

58 PEOPLE 以 1 顶 10 Describe a famous person you admire. Describe a family member/neighbor. Describe a teacher who helped you before. Describe a successful leader who you know. Describe an artist / a singer / a movie star. Describe your best friend.

59 形容人的几大加分词语 两词连用表示强调 driven ambitious intelligent talented approachable easy-going diligent conscientious peaceful optimistic refined introspective role-model perfectionist

60 Exercise Describe a person who is controversial You should say – Who the person is What does he/she do Why is he/she controversial What do you think of him/her

61 Well, I would like to pick Michael Jackson as my topic. I presume that you have read the news about Michael Jackson’s death. He was a very controversial person. On the one hand, he was a successful singer as many mainstream media dubbed him the king of pop, and he was known for his charity activities all around the world.

62 On the other hand, he is notorious for the scandal of his sexual abuses of children and other abnormal behaviors. In my opinion, the reasons behind his controversial behaviors are mainly the following two: For one thing, his early success leads to his immaturity in personality which inevitably resulted in his loss of balance in life.

63 For another, as a human being, he also needs love and care like everybody also does, but he doesn’t have the chance because he is a superstar. No matter what others may think, he is a legend and should be respected for his good deeds as no one is perfect in this world.

64 技巧 1 :模板灵活 Be yourself !!! OPENER If …, I would … 比如: If I get a chance to meet someone famous, I would prefer to choose J. K. Rowling, who is the famous British writer.

65 女生: There is a large poster stuck on the wall of my pop idol J. K. Rowling. 男士: If I want to have coffee/dinner with someone, I will choose J. K. Rowling. 女士: If I host a party at my house, I will first invite my idol J. K. Rowling.

66 POSSIBLE VERSION First of all, I believe J.K. Rowling is a very successful writer. Harry Potter is a fantastic novel series, which enjoys a tremendous popularity. She teaches us that love is powerful. She earns a large fortune out of it.

67 技巧 2 :连接词 First of all, I believe J.K. Rowling is a very successful writer. Because Harry Potter is a fantastic novel series, which enjoys a tremendous popularity. In the books, she teaches us that love is powerful. As a result, she earns a large fortune out of it.

68 技巧 3 :词语的使用 Harry Potter is an educational novel series. great fantastic interesting magical Harry Potter is awesome. awesome 敬畏的,令人可怕的 Standing in awe before the lightening, he tremble terribly.

69 Harry Potter is an eminent novel series. Harry Potter is an renowned novel series. Harry Potter is a notorious novel series. 1. Eminent is used especially of people who are famous for serious work in science, the art etc. 例如: an eminent surgeon

70 Places and people are renowned for a particular quality, characteristic, or skills. 例如: Florence is renowned for its beautiful building. If someone is notorious they are famous for something bad. 例如: Many politicians are notorious hypocrites.

71 POSSIBLE VERSION Secondly, she is a great mother, who has a great sense of responsibility. She was even a single mother when she wrote the books and she brought up her kids alone. Fortunately, she was remarried and now lives a happy life.

72 雅思卡片题 PEOPLE POPULARITY template As a (an) ______, he / she is liked and respected by all _____, and few would deny that not only has he influenced the lives of many people who have _____, but also those of their friends, family members and even children. manager, his subordinates, worked in his/her team

73 CHARACTER template Once you hear his/her ____ remarks you can’t help being attracted by his/her personality/character that seems contagious to people around him/her. Humorous (has a sense of humor) witty thought-provoking innocent

74 雅思卡片题 PLACE I love Hangzhou Because 1. It is an ancient city with a long history. 2. It is a tourist city with beautiful scenery. 3. People in Hangzhou are really kind and polite.

75 历届考题 NO.2 A Historic Site Describe an interesting historic site (in your country) that you visited. – where it was – what you saw at this site (or, what it looked like) – what role it played in history – and explain what interested you about that place

76 话题类别 :Place 难点解析 : 对于历史建筑的描述, 在强调它的历史作用时多少 会涉及到历史知识以及一些专有名词的表达. 而不管是选择中国 的还是国外的历史建筑, 鉴于平日里谈论得极少, 考试前没有足够 的准备就很难开口. 备考策略 : 考前可以结合其它描述地点或建筑的话题一起准 备 :Describe a museum/an old building/your favorite building/an important traditional building 等, 例如北京故宫里的建筑, 即是古老 而传统的建筑, 又是很重要的博物馆, 也可以是自己最喜欢的建筑. 甚至还可以把它放到 Describe the best tourist attraction in China, 或者可以描述里面的 an interesting exhibition, 所以只要提前做好 充足的功课, 遇到其它问题也都可以迎刃而解.

77 The Summer Palace This is a beautiful spot with exuberant wood and grass at the foot of the West Hill in the western outskirts of Beijing. From the Ming Dynasty on, many high - taste nobles built their private gardens in this place. In the Qing Dynasty perhaps because the Manchu aristocrats who had just left their forests and grassland had not accommodated themselves to the environment of the palaces, they built great imperial gardens there.

78 The Summer Palace that has survived calamities in history is one of those architectural masterpieces. This is a marvellous conception of a paradise on the earth.The Long Corridor and the Seventeen Arch Bridge are like ribbons. They frame the Kunming Lake and turn it into a beautiful picture. With the Buddha Fragrance Chamber on the Longevity Hill as the highlight, the lake and mountains become a lively whole.

79 The West Hill and the pagoda on top of the Jade Spring Hill blot out the limit of the garden and fuse it into an open expense. Spring in the Summer Palace is merrily colourful, the summer is leisurely exuberant, the autumn sentimentally bright and winter sober, tranquil and clean. I think the Summer Palace is a great historic site in our country.

80 地点类套句: 1. It looked X when I first visited it in Y. It looked peaceful when I first visited it in the summer of 2001. 2. It is the place where I X. It is the place where I first met my boyfriend.

81 3. The reason why I am attracted to it so much is X. The reason why I am attracted to it so much is the traditional houses along the river. 4. I am highly impressed by X. I am highly impressed by the natural beauty of the beaches

82 5. The Park is located in the downtown of Hangzhou, covering an area of xxx. It is originally built for the commemoration ( 不是用 memory) of ______ who _________. 6. When you visit the park, the most eye-catching landmark ( 适用于建筑物 )is the monument which is situated at the centre of the park.

83 7. It is made of marble ( 纪念碑大多都是这个 材料 ) with fences around the monument and a museum at the base. Its structure resembles that of an obelisk in Paris. ( 描述纪 念碑的套话 ) Obelisk 亮点词汇, 埃及方尖碑

84 8. In the morning, the senior citizens gather at the square in the front gate of the park to do morning exercise and socialize with each other. Some exercise Qigong, some old couple will dance a little dance, some walk their pets in the lawn. The air is fresh, and people are all enjoying a wonderful time in the park.

85 历届考题 NO.4 A Place Not Polluted Describe a place which is not polluted. – where this place is – what it looks like – what kind of place is not polluted – and explain what you think about pollution

86 话题类别 :Place 难点解析 : 如今, 在我们工作和生活的环境当中, 要描述一个被 污染的地方容易, 但要描述一个没有被污染的地方就比较难了. 众 所周知, 现在的环境污染问题之严重, 乃至于大家都已经习惯了, 平 日里很难接触亦或是有机会去到更像是世外桃源般的没有被污染 过的地方. 备考策略 : 从题目的细节可以看出, 这样的地方也并不是一定 要自己亲自去过才能描述的, 杂志上, 电视节目上曾经介绍过像原 始氏族部落聚居的周边地区或无人居住的自然区域都可以描述. 考生还可以探讨这些地方没有被污染到的原因, 如何保护它们继 续不受污染等相对宽泛些的方面.

87 关于水的话题很多 9. Another feature of the lake is the artificial lake. It is no match with the west lake in Hangzhou though the locals do like it as it serves as a cooling place during the summer heat in a crowded city.

88 10. Visitors often choose to go boating on the lake and enjoy the fun and privacy. Along the lake, rows of willows are planted which becomes a paradise for the birds.

89 Tongli is a small town with hundreds of years, characterizing the typical river town scenery of South China, featured by small bridges, murmuring streams and elegant dwellings. It is well-preserved up till now, really a good place for recreation, spending holidays and traveling.

90 雅思卡片题 EVENT On the night of the festival, people eat a kind of sweet dumpling as the traditional food for the day, made with sticky rice flour filled with sweet stuffing. After dinner, they go on streets with a variety of lanterns under the full moon. In some places, people can watch a parade of lion dancing.

91 In some towns, some lantern riddle gathering is held for people to watch. There are all kinds of lanterns with a riddle on each of them. People who guess them right can get a small gift. I always eat many sweet dumplings on the day as I like the food a lot. I also enjoy the lantern scene on the streets, which adds to the beauty of the town and symbolizes good luck of a new year.

92 历届考题 NO.1 A Good Law Describe a (piece of) (good) law in your country. – what the law is – how you first learned about this law – who benefits from this law (or, who is affected by this law) – and explain why you think this is a good law

93 话题类别 :Object 难点解析 : 众多考生公认的难题. 平时即使比较关注法律, 但真 的要具体去谈, 即使用中文有条有理地说出来也会有难度. 相对 Part 3 可能由此展开的法律的重要性、公平性、适用性等较概括 的讨论,Part 2 的具体化让考生们尤为头疼. 备考策略 : 首先可以避免谈到那些广而深的法律如刑法, 因为 这样的法律既不容易说清楚, 也不容易说具体. 其次, 一些全世界都 较为普遍的法律法规如交通法可供考生选择, 因为它们相对比较 融入自己的生活, 也就比较好发挥. 当然, 选择比较有中国特色的法 律来展开就更好, 比如计划生育政策 "one-child policy", 在中国人口 众多的基本国情下, 它所带来的好处以及受益人也会相对好描述, 考官也可以从中获取一些新的信息.

94 NO.3 A Success Describe a particular success you would like to achieve (in the near future). – what it is – how difficult you think it will be – what you should do to prepare for this – and explain why you want to succeed in doing this

95 话题类别 :Object 难点解析 : 看似抽象的题目, 其实问题是非常具体的. 考生往往 容易从抽象的地方入手, 譬如先谈自己对成功的定义和理解, 导致 在有限的时间内却不能将自己短期的目标阐述得详细和具体. 备考策略 : 人们怎样定义成功其实通常都是在 Part 3 里对于该 话题的延续性讨论, 在 Part 2 里一定要根据题目所给的线索开门见 山地提出自己的成功目标, 譬如想要获得学校的某个奖项, 或者想 要完成工作中的某个项目, 然后描述目标的困难性何在, 如何去准 备, 以及实现这个成功后的意义等. 这样话题的描述才会有完整性 可言.

96 NO.5 A Stage of Your Life Describe an important stage of your life/an enjoyable stage of your life. – how old you were – where you were living at the time – what you were doing during this stage – and explain why you think this was an important/enjoyable stage of your life.

97 话题类别 :Event 难点解析 : 谈人生的某个阶段其实是相对笼统的话题, 但考官 需要的却是具体的回答, 能够分享不同考生的不同人生. 但若考生 只是千篇一律地描述说自己的童年时光是快乐的, 无忧无虑的, 因 此非常重要, 而没有精彩的故事跟考官分享, 那就没有达到要求. 备考策略 : 以前也曾考过诸如某段时光的话题, 而且相对来说 还比较具体, 如 :Describe the most enjoyable moment in your childhood/Describe a busy time in your life 等等, 里面考生基本都 会谈到某件或某些具体的事, 而这些其实都可以作为人生某个阶 段的影射, 描述完某些具体时刻发生的具体事情, 再来总结在人生 的童年阶段是无忧无虑的快乐, 因此对以后开朗乐观性格的形成 产生重要影响, 又或是在刚毕业时是充实的忙碌, 因此为事业的发 展打下良好的基础等就更有说服力了.

98 NO.6 A Sculpture/A Work of Art Describe a sculpture or other work of art that you have seen. – when you saw this work of art – where you saw it – what it looked like – and explain your impression of it

99 话题类别 :Object 难点解析 : 关于艺术的话题, 让人感觉抽象而深奥, 如果不是艺 术类专业的学生, 又不是雕塑爱好者, 恐怕平时会少有研究. 谈到此 话题总是会有些畏畏缩缩. 备考策略 : 艺术作品包含的范围其实是比较广的, 要描述一件 艺术作品, 可以是雕塑, 可以是画作, 甚至可以是戏剧或者诗歌. 以前 常考 work of art, 但现在却常具体到 sculpture or drama, performance and show 又或者是 a traditional art, 由此可见, 平时 一定要对艺术的常见领域有所涉猎, 每个领域都能说出一两件自 己熟悉的作品才能在考试时更有自信地作答. 说不定以后的考题 中就会考 Describe a poem 了.

100 NO.7 A Musical Instrument Describe a musical instrument. – what the instrument is – when and where you first play it – how you can play it – and explain why you enjoy it

101 话题类别 :Object 难点解析 : 考生中, 音乐爱好者应该不少, 关于一首歌, 一位自己 喜欢的歌手或是一个 favorite band or musical group, 不少考生都 能信手拈来, 滔滔不绝, 但到考试为止从没接触过任何乐器的考生 却也大有人在. 没有弹奏过任何乐器, 甚至也没有什么音乐细胞, 回 答起问题来自然底气不足. 备考策略 : 没有弹奏过并不等于没有见过或了解过, 哪怕是大 家最常见的钢琴, 相信大多数考生也能说上一些. 不用去分析乐器 的结构组成, 也不用假装自己是懂五线谱的音乐系高材生, 但可以 幻想自己与某种乐器的美丽邂逅, 因为某个特别的机会与乐器结 下的不解之缘, 描述乐器弹奏出的音乐给人带来的安抚或激励, 这 些都不需要专业的知识, 只需要大胆的想象和作答时自信的神态.

102 NO.8 An Educational Trip Describe an educational trip you take in your school or university. – where you go – what you do – what you have learned – and explain your impression of it

103 话题类别 :Event 难点解析 : 对 educational trip 的概念把握不准, 是学校组织的 ? 还是在学校的旅行 ? 模糊不清的概念让考生找不着出发点. 备考策略 :educational trip 还可以叫做 educational excursion, educational tour or study trip, 意为教育旅行或参观教学, 是在校 时学校组织的与其他学校或国外学校通过交流互访或姊妹校结盟 等方式在休闲活动中拓展学生视野, 推进学生在多元文化中与不 同成长背景但年龄相仿的朋友交流互动, 拓展视野与文化关怀的 一种学习途径和方法. 所以教育旅行的重点并不在于去了什么地 方玩, 而是在于接受教育和学习, 促进学生自我认识和成长的过程. 对题目的准确理解是备考的关键.

104 NO.9 A Change Describe a recent change in your life. – what the change was – when and where this change happened – what the result of this change was – and explain how you felt about this change when it happened

105 话题类别 :Event 难点解析 : 讲近期人生中的某个变化. 变化可抽象, 可具体, 可大, 可小, 可好, 可坏 …… 所以怎样把握这个度, 让考生比较为难. 备考策略 :" 变化 " 这个词本身就有它的多面性和可塑性, 只要 能把 "recent" 这个词抓住, 考生大可以自由发挥. 但即使是比较抽象 的变化, 也是由某件或某些具体的事引发的, 所以最后同样要把抽 象的事物具体化. 就比如说最近变得比以前开朗和乐观, 或者烦躁 和不安, 那么在这样的变化后面一定承载了一些故事, 讲出来, 也就 很好地完成了任务. 所以化抽象为具体是考生要时刻牢牢把握的 原则.

106 NO.10 An Electrical/Electronic Product Describe an electrical machine or device you would like to buy. – what special features you would like it to have – where you got to know about it – how you would use this thing – and explain why you would like to buy it

107 话题类别 :Object 难点解析 : 都说电脑, 思维单一, 缺乏个性. 备考策略 : 想到电子产品或电器, 大多数考生会不 约而同想到当下使用最广泛的电脑, 但其实现在也有题 目明确规定所描述的要 except computer, 所以如何摆 脱思维的单一性是考生需要突破的. 除了平时好玩的各 种游戏机, 辅助工作的各种电子设备, 生活中层出不穷 的家用电子产品也是考生可以观察的一个方向. 除了描 述该产品在生活中的重要作用外, 还可以说想要买它并 不是自己需要, 而是为了减轻妈妈的家务负担, 由此表 现出自己孝顺的一面.

108 还有很多考生们所谓的难题比如跟描述人物相关的在 这里不能一一列出, 但从以上十题可以看出, 绝大多数 题目还是难在考生平时日常生活中很少接触到, 所以对 该话题较少深入了解和探讨过, 一下子要针对它们侃侃 而谈两分钟, 确实有些为难. 朗阁海外考试研究中心提 醒考生, 由于雅思口语考试形式的特殊, 内容的特别, 考 生们一定要在平时做有针对性的描述训练, 多涉猎一些 领域并对周遭的任何问题都能有探索研究的精神, 结合 做笔记的技巧做有规律的练习, 才不会在拿到话题任务 时感到无所适从, 而是充分利用已有信息扩充答案, 真 正做到有备无患.

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