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Leading With The Business

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1 Leading With The Business
The Process of Building USANA With Paid Leads by Steve & Beth Hill

2 Outline I. Steve Hill A. Points To Consider When Purchasing Leads
B. Challenges C. Advantages II. Beth Hill A. Working With Leads People: Basic Truths % Have A Biased View of Network Marketing 2. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. 3. When the DREAM is big enough, the “FACTS” don’t count!! B. Working With Leads People: Technique 1. The Approach 2. Making The Appointment 3. Silver Bullets On The Phone C. Working With Leads People: The Meeting 1. The Toolbox: Printed, DVD’s. Audio CD’s, Books 2. CRITICAL IMPORTANCE: of FOLLOW-UP With Leads Candidates 3. Perspectives About “The Close” With A Leads Person III. Summary: Is It Worth It To Work With Paid Leads? Conversion Rates

3 Points to consider when purchasing leads
Can you get /text message when a lead comes in? What popup/website is used to generate the leads? Is it credible? Tim Sales leads How many times is each lead sold? Are the leads local, national, specialized, or all 3? For Example: Diet leads, stay-at-home-moms, etc. Does the lead seller allow you to report/get credit for “bad leads”? Can the leads be “real-time” local where you get notified the moment the form is submitted? Cost per lead average: Can be as low as $1.00 and as high as $25.00 to $50.00 per lead. Tim Sales leads run $5.00/lead.

4 Challenges Bad leads – wrong #, disconnected, …
Can you report bad leads? People frustrated by a flood of calls (people who fill out multiple forms while surfing) Be ready to let them know you don’t know about other companies, and understand they may be getting a lot of people calling them. People just got started in someone else's business. I think this is a good thing because it means the lead source finds people who are looking. Pushes us to call more consistently. People wanting to get an actual “job” don’t understand what advantages of a “home business” are. “I am not an employer”. “I am building a team of key people to be making a $1000/week in the next 6 – 8 weeks.” People tend to be low to middle class and think they have zero money to spend. - Start-up (if they insist on knowing “cost”) is $29.95. - DON’T GO INTO COST ON THE PHONE IF YOU CAN AVOID IT. Get them to MEET WITH YOU! Tell them you need to get together so you can fully lay out all of their options for getting started. Product and business support are truly “optional” and can be handled any number of different ways. If they believe this will change their future they will be able to find the money, and the motivation! Share it BIG. “I offer a starter income that’s setup to generate $50,000/year” If the lead says a specific amount of income they would like to be making, tell them they CAN make that kind of money.

5 Advantages Advantage #1: Your names list becomes never-ending!!
Advantage #2: You have permission up front to call these people. Advantage #3: Every one you talk to is looking for some form of income. Advantage #4: A great way to practice talking to strangers!!! Advantage #5: Interview Format Can Be Used: most people are comfortable with this because of job interviews. Gets them sharing openly about what they are looking for as well as their personal goals. (Professional Inviter “Inviting Formula” Important!!) What were you looking for when you filled out the form? What types of things have you done in the past? What does the “ideal” work-from-home opportunity look like for you? Advantage #6: Buy leads and setup a few meetings in the area of your next vacation spot. It’s a tax write-off and if you sponsor someone in that paradise location you can make more trips there!

6 Working With Leads People: A Few Basic Truths
% of all the people out there have some form of Network Marketing Bias. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. When the DREAM is big enough, the “FACTS” don’t count!! BELIEF is the CATALYST that Brings Success!!!

7 99.9% Have A Biased View of Network Marketing
A % of all the people out there have some form of Network Marketing Bias. How Do We Know This? ANSWER: At convention 2 years ago, Robert Allen took a survey of the entire audience at his breakout session which included about 200 or so people. The questions he asked were as follows: 1. How many of you had heard of or had some form of exposure to network marketing before you were introduced to USANA? THE ANSWER: 100% of the people in the room raised their hands. 2. How many of you had had a POSITIVE View of network marketing prior to USANA? THE ANSWER: 0% of the people in the room raised their hands. 3. How many of you had a NEGATIVE VIEW of network marketing prior to USANA? 4. The FINAL QUESTION Robert Allen asked the attendees at his breakout session was: What Does That Tell You??? B. THE SOLUTION: Brilliant Compensation: Use It Up Front As A Filtering Tool and To Handle the MLM Objection For You 1. Go To and get your own Movie Website

8 People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
1. If you, as a leader, are “on fire” with PASSION for a VISION of your own—people will come from miles around to watch you BURN!!! a. Formulate your own powerful vision and your team will follow you to the ends of the earth and beyond. b. Keep Your Own Focus Going: Don’t Stop, Look Back, or Slow Down!!! 2. Everyone wants to be part of a WINNING TEAM!!! a. Discuss “teamwork” and “people pulling together for common goals” which will CREATE SYNERGY. b. Promote team events and set team goals. Encourage everyone to participate!!! 3. If You Build It, They Will Come!!! (Field of Dreams) a. Create MOMENTUM and your team will run harder WITH YOU to keep up with you. b. The more MOMENTUM YOU create, as the leader, the more NEW people will be drawn to you. 4. Maintain an “attitude of gratitude” DAILY and your FOCUS will remain on your people and service to them. BECOME A “SERVANT LEADER”. a. Fear or worry about what others are thinking will fade away. (Patti Roney—”Project Purpose”) b. Your team members will sense your dedication, commitment, and sincerity of purpose and WILL reciprocate. Know What Your Team Members’ Individual “Why’s” ARE and Make A Point of Re-Visiting Their Dreams With Them At Every Opportunity!!! a. Day-to-day life is distracting: you need to remind people of their goals for the future or they forget. b. Sometimes the simple act of reminding someone about their original goals is all that is required to get them “back on track”. c. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results IS the “height of insanity”.

9 When the DREAM is big enough, the “FACTS” don’t count!!
A. Without a “WHY” or a personal vision or reason, there is no gas in the gas tank to drive the vehicle forward. B. This isn’t a business of LOGIC. It is a business of RELATIONSHIP. It is a business of the HEART. C. The “Law of Attraction” Works ALL The TIME, EVERY TIME, for 100% of ALL of the PEOPLE who USE IT!!! D. “As A Man Thinketh In His Heart, SO IS HE!!!” --Proverbs 23:7 Your purpose in talking with this person about USANA has to be 100% about HELPING THEM! If your focus is on yourself, they will sense that. E. “Where there is no VISION, the people PERISH!!”--Proverbs 29:18 Note: Lynn Allen Johnson told me in person, without a vision for their future, people won’t make it!! No one gets into USANA just to “build USANA”—they get into USANA because of their “why”!!

10 The Approach Part I Beth: “Hello….Sandy? Hi, my name is Beth Hill and I live in Apple Valley, Minnesota with my husband Steve. I am calling you because you left me your contact information on our website online regarding interest in making money from home. Do you remember doing that?” Sandy: “Yes. I think I do….” Beth: “OK…kinda sounds like maybe you do and maybe you don’t remember? <chuckle> But that is perfectly alright. I am curious, though Sandy, as to what exactly you are looking for in terms of making money from home. Do you have anything in specific in mind? Or were you just poking around out of curiosity?”<pause><listen……listen……listen> Sandy: “To be honest, I was just curious to find out what kinds of things are out there.” Beth: “That’s completely understandable, Sandy, and I appreciate your openness with me! Can I ask have you ever had a business of your own before?” Sandy: “No…not at all.” Beth: “All right…no problem! I am just trying to get a feel for who you are, Sandy, and what you are looking for to see if what I am looking for is a match at all to what you are hoping to find. Can I ask what sorts of things you have done in the past that you have particularly enjoyed?” <pause><listen….listen….listen> Sandy: “Can you tell me something about what you are doing?” OR “What is it you are doing from home?” Beth: “Sure Sandy! We are putting together a team of key people who we will work personally with to develop an income of $800 to $1000 a week within the next 6 to 8 weeks. Would that be of interest to you?”<pause….breathe> Beth: “Tell you what I normally do Sandy is I arrange to get with people for 30 to 40 minutes if there is any level of interest at all and I would then give you a global overview of my project at that time and find out what areas interest you the most. Then, I will get you whatever specific detailed information you would need to make in informed decision. There is so much here I could share with you about this but trying to summarize on the phone in 2 to 3 minutes just would not do it any justice whatsoever. I want to get you the absolute BEST information I can. Does that make sense to you?” <pause>

11 Making The Appointment Part II
Sandy: “Yes it does.” Beth: “Great! Can I ask you what your schedule looks like this coming week? Looks like I have..hmm...let me see here…how would either Tuesday afternoon at oh say 4 Pm or Wednesday evening work for you for us to get together for about a half an hour?” <pause…wait…wait….pause> Sandy: “Well.. Wednesday evening sounds the best to me.” Beth: “OK wonderful! What I would like to do for you Sandy, just to streamline things a bit and make things smoother when we do meet, is I have a 20 minute video link I would like to send you via to go through before we get together. It is just background information on the industry but it will save us BOTH a lot of time then when we meet Wednesday evening. Would that be alright? Would you have some time to watch a 20 minute video beforehand do you think?” Sandy” “Sure…I think I could do that…” Beth: “OK…let me double check your address with you… Is that “ Sandy: ” Yes...that is correct.” Beth: “OK and what time Wednesday evening would work best for you, Sandy?” Sandy” “How about 7:30 PM? That would allow me enough time to get the kids fed and put to bed first before you get here.” Beth: “Ok great! 7:30 PM Wednesday it is then! Can I also quickly verify your home address? I will be using Mapquest to find you. I also need your zip code since Mapquest asks for that.” Sandy: “Sure. I live at 1212 Mockingbird Lane, St. Paul ” Beth: “Ok I have it all written down here. Thanks so much Sandy!!! I will send that video link to you in a few minutes here then as soon as I get off the phone and then I will see you Wednesday evening!! Alright? I look forward to it!! I know we will have a great visit together!! I always enjoy meeting new people! Thanks so much for your time!”

12 Silver Bullets On The Phone
#1 “We are putting together a team of key people who we will work personally with to develop an income of $800 to $1000 a week within the next 6 to 8 weeks. Would that be of interest to you?” #2 “What I like to do is set-up a time to get together for about 30 minutes to give you a global overview of the program and find out what your specific questions are. It is difficult to describe this in a few minutes on the phone and do it any justice and I want you to have the BEST information to make an informed decision.” #3 “Also, since you and I would be working together on this as partners, I think it is important for the two of us to meet so you can get a better sense of who I am and vice versa so we know if we would even WANT to work together in the first place. Does that make sense?” #4 “Once you have seen the overview, you will know better what questions you need to have answered and then I can provide that specific information to you and not waste a lot of time on things you wouldn’t even want to know.”

13 The Meeting: Our Tool Box (I)
Printed: Network Marketing Today Average Earnings Chart Ways Of Making Money Matching Bonus USANA Newspapers Business Packs Comparison Pro Pack, Entrepreneur Pack, Basic Pack Flyers Catalogs w/Price Lists Associate Applications USANA BDS Binder w. Flip Chart Inside Preferred Customer Catalogs & Applications DVD’s: 1. True Wealth-Money Tree 2. Nutritionals You Can Trust 3. What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine—Dr. Ray Strand 4. Food Matters 5. Key Note Address: Reverend Dr. Bernice King from USANA Convention 2007 6. Brilliant Compensation (for those who did not get time to watch it previously) 7. Matching Bonus Countdown

14 The Meeting: Our Tool Box (II)
Audio CD’s: 1. Collette Larson Story: “When The Impossible Becomes The Inevitable” (Single Moms) 2. Dr. Christine Wood: “Marketing Nutritional Supplements To Families” (Parents with young children) 3. RESET & “Releasing Fat” (People Interested In Losing Weight & Diabetics) 4. USANA & The Athlete (Athletes) 5. Sense Beautiful Science—Marie Bertrand (Skin Care) 6. Power of Cellular Nutrition—Dr. Ladd McNamara (Cellular Nutrition) 7. Lynn Allen Johnson Story: Gold to 5 Star Diamond in 6 Months ( Bus. Builders) 8. Professional Inviter Series (2-3 Sets) Books: Comparative Guide-4th Edition Comparative Guide-Consumer Edition --Dr. Lyle McWilliams Invisible Miracles—Dr. Myron Wentz Formula For Life—Dr. Troy Spurrill Fast Cash In Slow Times—Robert Allen What Doctors Don’t Know About Nutritional Medicine—Dr. Ray Strand Bionutrition—Dr. Ray Strand Healthy For Life—Dr. Ray Strand SANOVIV Institute Booklet Science Behind SENSE Children’s Hunger Fund Booklet Lynn Allen Johnson “Vision” Booklet Celebrating Success 25 (CURRENT) Lynn Allen Johnson: “Getting Out of Your Own Way”

15 The CRITICAL IMPORTANCE of Follow-Up!!!
KEY!! NEVER EVER Leave A Presentation w/o having a DATE and TIME SET to meet up again!! Best to set-up ALL F/U meetings within 24 to 48 hours (if possible). The longer you go btw F/U meetings, the LESS LIKELY they will stay enrolled. NOTE: 1 week btw meetings is usually too long… If you must wait a week or more, then set-up a specific TIME to CALL THEM and “touch base” on the phone. Your reason to call is: “to answer any questions they may have”. If the person seems to be shutting you out from a F/U meeting, them or call and leave a message that you need to collect some of the materials that you left with them to circulate to the flood of new people you are working with. You don’t want to have to re-purchase everything. REMEMBER…when your prospect is refusing (usually passively) to meet with you a second time, what has usually happened is that someone else or they themselves have talked themselves out of doing this—usually because of FEAR that this business won’t work for THEM. If you let them go, their whole FUTURE is on the line and YOU are the ONLY ONE offering them HOPE for a way out of the trapped situation they are in. (Tim Sales says this: “if not USANA, Then WHAT? What is the back-up plan?” TRUE COMPASSION dictates that you will “stay the course”. As Tim Sales so aptly puts it, when you really truly CARE more about your prospect than you do for yourself and your own agenda, you will “stay the course” and pursue that prospect with kindness and gentleness—but also persistence—because if they walk away from this opportunity, what HOPE will they EVER have of breaking free from the prison they are in with their job or their finances or their own immobilizing FEAR? If not USANA, Then WHAT?? It is important that we push our own selfish concern and FEAR aside RE: what that other person is thinking about us and stay focused on what THEIR NEEDS ARE. It is CRITICAL to remember it is NEVER PERSONAL towards YOU!! They are turning down the opportunity—NOT YOU!!! They are rejecting the business—and the change it will bring—with all the FEAR of the unknown and perceived “costs” real or imaginary. We, as Associate “messengers” are “just the messenger” and nothing more. As the saying goes, “Don’t shoot the messenger!” Keep the prospect’s decision IN PERSPECTIVE. More people quit network marketing businesses because they perceive the rejection in a “personal” way and decide their self-esteem cannot handle the pain of a “personal” form of rejection day after day. It isn’t “personal”—it never was!!! They are turning down the opportunity for THEIR OWN REASONS that, in most ALL cases, have absolutely NOTHING to do with the Associate. Who presented the opportunity to them.

16 Perspectives About The Close
You must ALWAYS ASK the prospect to make the decision. If you NEVER ask, I guarantee you, they will NEVER decide. A “decision” = “change” and it is human nature to RESIST change. There are a couple of really cool ways to do this smoothly. Our favorite is to say: “On a 1 to 10 scale, Judy, where are you right now with your decision to join the team and give this a try?” Whatever number they DO give you, THANK THEM for their honesty…because it is as difficult for them to answer as it is for you to ask. Then ask them another question: “What would it take to move you from a (whatever number they gave you) to a 10?” THEN SHUT UP and Really TRULY LISTEN!!! This is where “the rubber meets the road” on follow-up and closure. If the prospect feels “heard” and their feelings are acknowledged BY YOU, then chances are they will get everything OUT and tell you they are ready to get started—NOW they “trust you” because you took the time to care enough to listen to them. One very quick and effective confidence builder for someone “on the fence” is to ask them about the people who they have been thinking about calling. Offer to talk with their friend/family/coworker while you are there and encourage them to dial the number and hand-off the call to you. We listen and ask questions to do our best to draw out any and all objections/questions the prospect may have about getting started. We also do our level best to set-up another "get together" within 2 days to actually get the application (NOTE: the application can be filled out on the phone, if necessary for busy people who just can’t seem to fit you into their busy schedule over the following 2 days). You also listen carefully during the initial presentation and if the question comes out “How Do I Get Started?” or “How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?” Once either of these questions comes out, REALIZE THEY are telling you they are “READY” to GET STARTED (in other words, you have met their “burden of proof” and you NEED to STOP going over information IMMEDIATELY and take out an application and sign them up!!! Many people seem to miss this moment—and it is usually due to lack of LISTENING to what the PROSPECT IS SAYING. The instant the prospect says anything about wanting to get started or know HOW to get started, they are “IN”. SEIZE THE MOMENT!! True story: those of us who are analytical personalities tend to be stubborn sometimes about wanting to complete the ENTIRE PRESENTATION and get 100% of the information and DETAILS out before we ever take a breath. Steve and I, when we were getting started in USANA 4 years ago, would literally have the prospect asking us how to get started and totally lose them again afterwards by continuing to talk for an hour after they had already stated that they wanted to sign-up. People would get bored to tears with the details that we believed were SO COOL and their initial excitement would fade away and then, by the time WE were “done” with our details and 3 hour long presentation, they no longer wanted to sign-up. We would quite literally talk people “in” and then right “OUT” again. DON’T DO THIS!!! Be a GOOD LISTENER!!!

17 Summary: Is it worth it? Conversion Rates
Leads focus is BEST suited to “sparking” NEW activity for those with NO NAMES LIST. Best to start with warm market with a brand new person. Out of 55 leads ($ expenditure) we typically average 10 to 15 that will end up being sponsored for product or to be a new Associate. Note: When you consider the long-term value of one Associate sign-up ($52,000/year), the “return on the investment” is well worthwhile!! We have had a LOW of 8 out of 55 and a HIGH of 35 out of 55 in the past. Typically we get 2 people out of 3 interested to meet with us or at least watch a video (Brilliant Compensation) and agree to a return phone call time. People readily accept USANA video links also by . Note: It is encouraging to the new person to see a friend accepting information. Good way to “encourage” a leads person to get involved when they are ‘on the fence”. ½ (50%) of those end up meeting with us to discuss income from home. You can do this effectively with two 30 minute calling times per day. By the 3rd week we are mostly doing follow up, but KEEP CALLING NEW PEOPLE!! It is important to keep 2 to 3 new people in the funnel each week!! Once you get 2 or 3 who express a desire to pursue “Platinum Pacesetter”, you need to run with those 2 or 3 people!! Leads keep a flow of “NEW People” coming!!

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