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MOPS Employee Satisfaction Survey 2004 vs 2006 vs 2009.

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1 MOPS Employee Satisfaction Survey 2004 vs 2006 vs 2009

2 Proceedure Comments 53 respondents (45 complete) Surveyed from 4/16/09-5/27/09 Used a different means of gathering data (new survey software) Questions about benefits was changed from “How Desirable” to “How Important” Other questions were re-worded/ clarified and/or added (marked *)

3 Overall Observations Staff are generally very satisfied with the organization No clear trend are noted overall from 2004 to 2009—other than staff are less certain they will be working at MOPS in 5 years than in the past Although pay is consistently viewed as being inadequate, it does not appear to significantly negatively impact staff perception of the agency

4 How long have you worked for this organization?

5 How long have you been working in your present position?

6 Are you a part-time or full-time employee?

7 Are you primarily support or clinical staff?

8 Are you a supervisor or line staff?

9 Overall, how much do you like working at this organization?

10 How happy are you with the direction the organization is taking?

11 How motivated are you to see this organization succeed?

12 How well does this organization communicate its goals and strategies?

13 Do you feel that employees are recognized as individuals?

14 How important is this benefit: Flexible Scheduling*

15 How important is this benefit: Health insurance*

16 How important is this benefit: Dental insurance*

17 How important is this benefit: Flexible spending plans*

18 How important is this benefit: Life insurance (employer paid)*

19 How important is this benefit: Life insurance (employee paid)*

20 How important is this benefit: Disability insurance*

21 How important is this benefit: Investment program (Simple IRA)*

22 How important is this benefit: Paid Time Off*

23 How important is this benefit: Paid Holidays*

24 How important is this benefit: Continuing Education Provided by Agency*

25 How Satisfied are you with our: Flexible Scheduling*

26 How Satisfied are you with our: Health insurance

27 How Satisfied are you with our: Dental insurance

28 How Satisfied are you with our: Flexible spending plans

29 How Satisfied are you with our: Life insurance (employer paid)

30 How Satisfied are you with our: Life insurance (employee paid)*

31 How Satisfied are you with our: Disability insurance

32 How Satisfied are you with our: Investment program (Simple IRA)

33 How Satisfied are you with our: Paid Time Off* The old question was, “How satisfied are you with the number of vacation days”

34 How Satisfied are you with our: Paid Holidays* The old question was “How Satisfied are you with the number of paid holidays days”

35 How Satisfied are you with our: Continuing Education by Agency*

36 Is this organization flexible about family responsibilities?

37 Do you receive enough opportunity to interact with other employees on a formal level?

38 Do you receive enough opportunity to interact with other employees on an informal level?

39 Overall, how would you rate your supervisor?

40 If you have a clinical supervisor, overall how would you rate them? *

41 How would you rate your supervisor’s communication to you about your department’s performance? *

42 How would you rate your supervisor’s ability to discuss your job performance with you? *

43 My supervisor gives me feedback on my job performance often enough? *

44 Does your supervisor give you credit for your accomplishments?

45 How would you rate your supervisor's ability to give you credit for your achievements?

46 Do you feel that you have enough freedom in your position to take independent action when needed?

47 Do you feel that you have enough freedom in your position to do what is right for the organization?

48 How many tasks do you have at work?

49 How often do you get a sense of completion within your job?

50 How stressful is your job?

51 How satisfied are you with the pay that you receive?

52 How does our organization compare to similar organizations in terms of pay?

53 Do you still want to be working at this organization 5 years from now?

54 What would make you want to be working here 5 years from now? What would need to be different? The flexibility; the people I work with and for. Benefits and pay would need to be improved greatly. As a clincian, our time making calls, filling out paperwork, and completing notes is just as valuable to the clients and the agency as getting clients in and providing quality mental health services. Merit raises should also be considered. Better pay would be good. The simple fact is I love what I do and the clients that I work for. I would like an increase in pay and lower cost in benefits but also know that this isn't always feasible. I love the flexibility. The flexibility, fun work environment, and working in a friendly environment. If the staff doesn't have a sense of humor then it makes it hard to work with them. continued flexibility as this is a major positive and very important. Pay increase or more stable-predictable pay, improved benefit package with dental and vision; pay increase for required trainings; continued positive relationship with co-workers. Most things would need to remain the same, with some changes as noted as I enjoy working here as it is. Pay and benefits could improve. My retirement plans. Increased responsibilities/leadership opportunities, increase pay based on accomplishment/job performance, similar staff experience/personalities (staff here is excellent and assists in looking forward to coming to work) For the agency to continue going the direction it is going. Individual financial stability would help me stay at this agency five years from now.

55 What would make you want to be working here 5 years from now? What would need to be different? (Continued) A raise at some point. It's been over three years. Continuing education assistance I would first need a pay increase in order to continue working here. I currently make enough to pay for my bills, but I cannot afford a car nor can I afford to put any money into savings. Nearly all the money I make is going towards various bills with just a bit of spending money left over. This also affects my health insurance as I currently can only afford catastrophic insurance. Finally, I am interested in eventually finding a position related to my degree, which this agency does not offer. I like my job here. To ensure my future security, I should probably find a job with a county or state organization that would offer good insurance and a good retirement program; but I do really like it here. However, with the country's current economic status and the lay-off situations, it's probably not a good idea at this point. I would hope the financial situation with the agency will be good enough/stable enough to enable employees to get yearly raises and possible bonuses. Improved communication on job performance expectations, feedback, and general communication between departments and my supervisor. Being able to move up in positions, which would depend on my education. ongoing flexibility regarding schedule More variety in job tasks More organizational structure. I feel that things are not consistent; one day the policy is one thing, but then may change. this change may not be effectively communicated to those that need to know. I understand the agency needs to be 'nimble' however can be so within more rigorous confines. This would decrease a sense of anxiety in the employees. It mostly centers around a personal questioning of wanting to stay in this particular field. It would be nice to have more agency resources available for specific interventions with clients instead of each clinician building up their own.

56 What would make you want to be working here 5 years from now? What would need to be different? (Continued) Doing effective work. Well, I have almost 10 years invested, and that means a lot to me. Different...more pay would be nice. I would like to be in my same position with the agency more independence, increase in pay (mostly at the base level). It is very frustrating to do paperwork that is necessary for the job, knowing that the pay is only $8. It makes me less motivated to complete it on adequate timelines. It would also be nice if holiday pay were paid at the same level as vacation time. Hard to say at this juncture. My future is taking a major turn very soon. There is nothing I would change regarding the agency. I wish the agency was in a better financial position for yearly staff raises. My decision to leave would only be to pursue my own career goals. I am satisfied with my job here and overall happy with the agency. Better pay There are several things that make it nice to work here. One is that, at least in L'caster it's small and personal. We all seem to at least respect each other and there isn't a lot of petty bickering or cattiness, though there is a bit more gossip that I would like. Compared to other places I've been it's very nice. there is persistant effort to make the work as easy as possible. hough the needs o the clients will always be stressful the other administrative things need not be. More money and a better position Regular pay raises; good insurance benefits. More positive interaction with others.

57 What would make you want to be working here 5 years from now? What would need to be different? (Continued) Nothing. Life plans take me in a different direction. Opportunity to move up or expand my experience gained. regular pay raises No major concerns at this time. A better pay scale and flexibility to adjust schedule availability

58 What is your overall view of this organization? very positive I believe in the mission of MOPS and appreciate the effort that is made for the community and professional growth of MOPS employees. I'm proud to be a member of the MOPS team. I think MOPS provides a valuable service honorably and provides a good working environment. I feel this is a great place to work for, and a great place for people to come and get help. It is a great company to work for. I really like the flexibility because I have kids and things come up when you need to take off at the spur of the moment. My view is overall positive, as the community appears to have positive view of the agency especially in comparison to other community mental heath agencies in surrounding counties, which is very important to me as a clinician. Unique, sincere, dedicated. very positive Positive. MOPS is a respectable and professional environment in which I am proud to work for.

59 What is your overall view of this organization? (Continued) This agency is very well organized and ran well. I have felt the agency is supportive of their staff. I think the clinical staff at this office have very strong clinicians and a pleasure work with! The support staff are also very competent and a joy to work with. Positive for the most part. Continued increase in paperwork is taking away time from clinical care. Good org. w/good goals & motivation. Clinicians truly care for clients & employees are very kind. But this agency can be very cheap @ times, often @ the cost of employees in regards to pay, benefits, & supplies needed for job (i.e. pens, computers, etc.). Though at times the agency is willing to spend too much on products we have not tested - a recent ex. being Dragon. I'm not sure we spent enough time trying this product before purchasing it & making sure it works as clinicians would like. We provide great services to the community. Professional, competent, effective. The goals and overall vision is great, the communication and organization is poor. I believe that it has strong individuals supervising very talented individuals in an atmosphere that allows individuality while still promoting continuity in vision. it is a good place to work, staff are generally motivated to make the agency successful Very positive, the organization seems to have a very positive reputation in the community, which I think is important, and there seems to be a sense of pride among employees in working here.

60 What is your overall view of this organization? (Continued) I feel the agency needs to have a better process for strategic planning, rather than responding to environmental/internal stressors as they arise. From this a better implementation of the agency's vision, direction can be created. Then the policies, needed resources, and planned implementation can naturally flow. It's okay. The staff and quality of relationships are key. Committed Mid Ohio has been through a lot of struggles since I've been here. We have had many ups and downs, and I do worry a lot about the agency surviving right now due to the financial strain as well as the poor economy. I didn't realize that it was a non-profit organization until after I started here. I think that we provide great services to a wide variety of people who need help, and that is something that brings pride. I am very proud to work here! I think there are a lot of good intentions and a lot of good clinicians. However, there is not a lot of room for clinical judgment and discourse. Although I understand the need to be productive, it is difficult to manage the paperwork involved while still meeting timelines. Sometimes administrative roles seem somewhat inflexible which can be frustrating at times. I wish there were more opportunities for interaction among staff and more quality training opportunities. I'm constantly amazed by what has been achieved. The growth in the community is evidence of the good being done. It's awesome. Overall satisfied. Its good. I do like the way Administrative issues are addressed by the administration and the line staff is shielded from things they need not be involved in. Things they need to know about are shared with them. Having said that the place is small enough that at least in each area office we can get an idea of what directily effects us. My view changes from day to day. very positive

61 What is your overall view of this organization? (Continued) It is progressive and in-tune with community needs for the type of service provided. Positive. I think the office environment could be more welcoming to new employees. I'm still working with some clinicians whose name I'm not sure of. Very well structured non-profit that takes care of its employees and clients. I do not have any major concerns about the organization at this time. Not sure...

62 What first motivated you to come and work for a non-profit organization? Responded to the ad in the newspaper. Working with people who need quality mental health services in a safe environment. Additionally working in an environment that promotes personal and professional growth. I needed a job and was impressed by the people with whom I interviewed. To be honest, I didn't know it was non profit, but that really was not a concern. The job description fit me well. I have worked for a non profit organization in the past and really enjoyed working with them. I feel that you get better workers when you work for someone that cares about the employees. It is a very friendly place to work. The opportunity to work with clients who have few resources and substantial need was the greatest draw. Past experiences working in this type of setting. align with my career goals, pesonal values & ethics Location and opportunity to do something new. The mission of non-profit organizations.

63 What first motivated you to come and work for a non-profit organization? (Continued) I felt this job would be able to offer a great amount of experience in the field and help develop my clinical abilities. It was a job at the time that I ended up really liking. Opportunity I saw the posting and thought that this could be an interesting agency to work for and that I would be capable of completing the job requirements. I thought the goals and mission statement of the agency sounded like a good idea because those who are on Medicaid and may not have many options can still receive the mental health treatment they may need. I didn't even know it was non-profit, or what non-profit actually meant! Availability of supervision and previous nonprofit experiences. The vision of the organization. Internship. don't know No other opportunities available.

64 What first motivated you to come and work for a non-profit organization? (Continued) Wanted to work at cmhc as a career, as this was my focus in school. Wanted to work in field of study. Providing needed services. Honestly, I didn't know it was non-profit. I was looking for a job in an office close to home. job opening and availability. The wide range of experience I would gain from working with such a diverse population. The people I was working with at the time. A sense of adventure - the entrepreneurial spirit. the ad in the gazette, but mostly Alice. We miss her: You offered me the job. Other than that I can relate to this population better. For the most part I have worked at non-profit organizations. In general I enjoy working with the population served. Opportunity Employment. I like organizations that help people out. The ability to work within my field while also being a part of something that helps people who need it. the thought that it would be more meaningful than working for a large corporation I wonder that myself sometimes. Desire to serve individuals through therapy

65 What are the reasons that you have stayed at this organization? The positive support and relationships with coworkers and supervisors. The flexibility of my job; the recognition that our families are important. The clinicial supervision is the main reason I've stayed. I believe in the mission of MOPS and care a great deal for the agency and want MOPS to succeed. We do good work! This is a good place to work and is convenient to my home. Furthermore, I have not won the lottery (perhaps my odds improve if I bought an occasional ticket). The flexability, the actual job, the people I work with. The most important reason I have stayed is because the Flexibility and the work environment. I enjoy working with the public and helping people out. It is a very friendly environment. The great flexibility and understanding regarding family needs and priorities; positive relationship with co-workers; comfortable working environment Enjoy my work. it has been a continued learning experience. staff, excellent supervision, flexibility w/ hours, diversity of clients Location Flexibility The job flexibility, staff and encouragement to grow in the field. I have enjoyed the work I have been doing and the people I work with. My co-workers-that they make coming work everyday a positive experience. Also, the support I receive from peers and supervisors and that I can go to my supervisor and always get a helpful suggestion in how to deal with a difficult case.

66 What are the reasons that you have stayed at this organization? (Continued) Felxibility, Pay, Work Environment I still believe in the mission statement of the agency and I have made friends with several of the employees here. The employees often work well together and are close to one another, which makes work much more enjoyable. I like the work environment -- the people I work with, and the job itself. flexible schedule Professional growth and development; Professional and interpersonal relationships with staff. People and experience. enjoy the job, the people I work with and the flexibility No other opportunities available. Flexibility!!! I feel administration has been flexible to my needs and worked with me to meet them. Thank you for that. Source of income, flexibility with scheduling, location. Learning Flexibility of hours, respecting family needs, the employees here are great and fun, and opportunity for advancement. I think there are opportunities to work in a number of different roles since the population is so broad in terms of services that we offer (i.e. sex offenders, forensics, court, home-based services, evaluations, etc.) I have stayed because of the supervision and support I have received from other staff members. Enjoy the flexibility and the people I work with. Also, the laid back

67 What are the reasons that you have stayed at this organization? (Continued) atmosphere. I've felt included and accepted, that my contribution had some value and was appreciated. Flexibility in my schedule I have asked myself that question many times. pleasant coworkers; solid strong leadership with good communication; a great understanding supervisor who looks out for our best interests. Enjoy the type of work I do, as well as the flexibility afforded. Flexible scheduling. Fair pay and great atmosphere. Flexibility and the people that I work with I want to be able to contribute to my community. I would like to think that it benefits me and the community. Not sure...

68 What could be done to make this organization a better place for our employees? Not sure. SUPPORT! Financial support, hiring qualified employees, and challenging current employees to grow to be more efficient by offering trainings and reviews of their progress. Better pay, but I recognize the problem this poses. increase in pay and lower cost of benefits I feel that we get treated very well. It is a good place to work and it is very friendly and flexible. The one thing that could be different is when you ask your supervisor something they don't get upset with you. My supervisor gets upset sometimes and gets frustrated to where it is very noticable to employees and clients. Some days are worse than others. It is not all the time and it goes in spurts. Overall I think the agency is run very well. increase opportunity for informal interaction among staff-especially across jobs, so to include clinical and support staff together. Oftentimes i do not know who new support staff even are and feel somewhat disconnected. More privet work areas. More parking space. Instill more informal interaction to develop a sense of community. not sure Higher pay on holidays, some type of raise on a consistent basis Continuing education assistance

69 What could be done to make this organization a better place for our employees? (Continued) I would say the biggest issue is the pay. I know this is non-profit and that affects how much we can stretch salaries. However, I think this is the root of many employees' concerns with being employed here and I think once this is addressed, other issues can fall into place. I would say the second biggest concern is insurance. A greater pay could allow employees to pay for their own insurance, but to have it offered through the agency would really help with the costs. I'm not really sure... My personal experience has been that this agency is respectful of its employees and attempts to be sensitive and reponsive (within reasonable limits), to the needs of individuals that work here. More communication, 360 degree feedback, organize administrative policies and procedures accross all three locations, open communication about clinicians needs and support staff needs and expectations. More paid vacation. biggest concern is the cost of the health insurance and it's coverage If there was some way to help employees better balance work and production with developing co- worker relationships and support. I think a lot of this is up to the employees themselves. I would like to see more people invested in the agency - volunteering for the 5k, offering to come in on the weekend and cleaning up the trash in the parking lot to make the site nicer for themselves and clients. So, I guess fostering a more cohesive environment in the Columbus office. Central located break room where folks could get coffee or other drinks and interact when they have a break in their day. Like writing notes in CIS - hope to get Dragon soon. Reorganization of assessment tools, handouts, worksheets, etc. in front office Strengthening collective vision

70 What could be done to make this organization a better place for our employees? (Continued) Treat all employees as equals. I know that clinical staff bring in the money for the agency, but, without the support staff, they would have a lot less time to make that money. I think the support staff need to be noticed and given credit a lot more than they are now. Like to have dental and vision insurance. Treat all employees in any given department as equal, and not give special treatment to those who have been here longer. more interaction and opportunities to connect with each other. More quality training and emphasis on continuing education. Maybe offer to pay for trainings that are necessary or at least pay for the time that is spent going to a training (higher than the base pay). Whatever that can be done to take care of security needs, possibly raises or increase in benefits, or possibly more social related events. My only problem is the pay, but understand the financial situation. Insurance to include a more affordable dental plan. Lower insurance rates. I presume that most applicants or people who express an interest in this kind of work know what their getting into. We haven't had a lot of clinical turn over. Sometimes little things can go a long way. some of the furniture is tattered and missmatched. Some wall paper is damaged and torn up. the ramps in front are getting spintered and the porch could get some attentiion. It's all cosmetic stuff and wouldn't improve the clinical services but might improve the mood. Besides giving raises, I think making sure employees "connect." The agency has grown so much that it does not seem to allow for employees from other offices to interact with each other except through email and phone calls. Not sure More positive interaction, cooperation, and cohesiveness within the framework of employees across all domains.

71 What could be done to make this organization a better place for our employees? (Continued) The method for determining the efficiency of transcriptionists is not accurate. Different clinicians dictate notes of very different lengths, so counting notes is not accurate. A character count would be the only accurate way of doing this that I can think of. One would have to actually test the system of note counting against a character count to see if inaccuracies in the note counting system "even out" in the end. I think the CIS system allows shorter notes to be selectively transcribed... Better health insurance. Which I know this is not necessarily possible with the size of the agency. it could be cleaner No major concerns at this time. More employee interaction opportunities / Better Pay

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