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BOOK2 Unit3 Marriage Across the Nations Section A.

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1 BOOK2 Unit3 Marriage Across the Nations Section A

2 BOOK2 Unit3 (AP) President Obama says the nation's decades-old food safety system is a "hazard to public health" and in need of an overhaul, starting with the selection of a new head of the federal Food and Drug Administration. The president also said he was creating a Food Safety Working Group to coordinate food safety laws throughout government and advise him on how to update them. Many of these laws, essential to safeguarding the public from disease, haven't been touched since they were written in the time of President Theodore Roosevelt, he said. Food Safety System A Health Hazard

3 BOOK2 Unit3  Revision  Related Information  Discussion  Detailed study  Summary  Assignments Teaching arrangements

4 BOOK2 Unit3 I. Related Information The American Way: Marriage all begins with engagement. Traditionally, a young man asks the father of his sweetheart for permission to marry her. If the father agrees, the man later proposes to her.

5 BOOK2 Unit3 Often he tries to surprise her by "popping the question" in a romantic way. Sometimes the couple just decides together that the time is right to get married. The man usually gives his fiancee a diamond ring as a symbol of their engagement. They may be engaged for weeks, months or even years.

6 BOOK2 Unit3 As the big day approaches, bridal showers and bachelor's parties provide many useful gifts. Today many couples also receive counseling during engagement. This prepares them for the challenges of married life.

7 BOOK2 Unit3 II. Discussion  Are you in favor of marriage across nations? Why?  What benefits and problems may a couple from different nations have in your opinion?

8 BOOK2 Unit3 Part I (Paras.1-4) Gail and Mark decided to marry after being together for two years to get to know each other better and learn to take a realistic view on a mixed marriage. Part II (Paras.5-9) Their planned marriage met with Gail’s mother’s resistance, who reminded her to be very certain that Mark was the right life-long partner, though she did not oppose their plan because of his color. III. Structure analysis

9 BOOK2 Unit3 III. Structure analysis Part III (Paras.10-21) Gail’s father’s reaction to their planned marriage.

10 BOOK2 Unit3 IV. Writing techniques of the passage In Section A, the writer uses one of the common ways to present one’s opinion. The structure can be described in the following way.

11 BOOK2 Unit3  Presentation of some ideas, opinions or arguments.  Correct or reject the ideas, opinions or arguments.  Presentation of some other, or different or even opposing ideas, opinions or arguments.  Facts, or reasons, or examples to support the ideas, opinions or arguments presented. IV. Writing techniques of the passage

12 BOOK2 Unit3 The writer presented two different ideas: one about her early idea and the other about others’ idea. Then she goes on to reject both of them. The two ideas and the rejects are parallel to each other, both of which are not correct and are followed by corrections. This is what we called the parallel structure. IV. Writing techniques of the passage

13 BOOK2 Unit3 The mother’s original opinion: To start with I must admit that at first I harbored reservations about a mixed marriage, prejudices you might even call them. The mother corrects her original opinion: But when I met Mark I found him a charming and intelligent young guy. Any mother would be proud to have him for a son-in-law. So, color has nothing to do with it. IV. Writing techniques of the passage

14 BOOK2 Unit3 The mother presents others’ opinion: Yes, my friends talk. Some even express shock at what you’re doing. Then the mother rejects that opinion, too: But they live in a different world. So you see, Mark’s color is not the problem. IV. Writing techniques of the passage

15 BOOK2 Unit3 V. Detailed study of the text Part I A general introduction of our relationship  What information can you get from the first paragraph?

16 BOOK2 Unit3 eg.  You can imagine how surprised I was.  Try to imagine that you’re all alone on a desert island.  It’s hard to imagine living in a place where there are no cars. imagine vt. 2) to form ( a picture or idea ) in the mind 1) plan to have, think about having… + wh- clause Imagine + that clause + v-ing

17 BOOK2 Unit3  All the characters in this book are.  Up to now, she has been the most suitable person.  An set designer can always enhance the play. imaginary / imaginable / imaginative imaginary imaginable imaginative

18 BOOK2 Unit3 a mix of good experiences and bad experiences Life is full of ups and downs. He has seen the ups and downs in the history of the relations between the two countries. ups and downs: 人生充满了欢乐与痛苦。 他经历了两国关系史上的阴晴圆缺。 Translation

19 BOOK2 Unit3  What are the benefits of our racial and cultural differences?  What does the couple think about their future?

20 BOOK2 Unit3  What do many couples find out ten, twenty, or thirty years later?

21 BOOK2 Unit3 work out (L17): develop in a certain way; turn out; find by reasoning Translation 如果你耐心点,事情会有个圆满的结果。 你已经得出答案了没有? Have you worked out the answer? Things will work out well if you will just be patient. How the situation will work out only time can tell. 情况将会如何,只有以后才能知道。

22 BOOK2 Unit3 Assignments  Read the text carefully for better understanding;  Preview the rest part of the text;  Finish Ex. I-VII  After-class discussion ----What does marriage mean?

23 BOOK2 Unit3 Teaching Arrangements  Class report  Revision  Detailed study of the text  Consolidation  Exercises

24 BOOK2 Unit3 China's premier expressed concern Friday about its massive holdings of Treasuries and other U.S. debt, appealing to Washington to safeguard their value. Premier Wen Jiabao noted that Beijing is the biggest foreign creditor to the U. S. and called on Washington to see that its response to the global slowdown does not damage the value of Chinese holdings. "We have made a huge amount of loans to the United States. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I'm a little bit worried," Wen said at a news conference following the closing of China's annual legislative session. "I would like to call on the United States to honor its words, stay a credible nation and ensure the safety of Chinese assets." China 'worried' about U.S. Treasury holdings

25 BOOK2 Unit3 新华网北京3月13日电 中国国务院总理温家宝1 3日再次重申要求美国保持信用,信守承诺,保证中国 资产的安全。 温家宝在十一届全国人大二次会议举行的记者会上 回答华尔街日报记者提问时,作上述表示。 “ 我们把巨额资金借给美国,当然关心资产的安全。 说句老实话,我确实有些担心。 ” 温家宝说。 温家宝表示,中国确实是美国最大的债权国,美国 又是世界上最大的经济体,我们十分关注美国经济的发 展。奥巴马总统的新政府采取了一系列的应对金融危机 的措施,我们对于这些措施的效果予以期待。

26 BOOK2 Unit3 V. Detailed study of the text Part II  What was Deborah’s attitude toward our relationship originally? And what was it now?

27 BOOK2 Unit3 counsel: n. advice; suggestion; v. give advice to; advise Listen to the counsel of your elders. 听从长辈们的劝告吧。 顾问建议他们放弃这个计划。 忠言有利无害。 The counselor counsel(l)ed them to give up the project. Good counsel does no harm. Saying

28 BOOK2 Unit3 Part II  What was Deborah’s attitude at the beginning? And what was the difference of her attitude after she met him?  What was the response of Deborah’s friends?  What was the reason for Deborah’s resistance?

29 BOOK2 Unit3 habor: n. place of shelter for ships; (fig) place of safety or shelter v. keep sth secretly in one’s mind; to give shelter to (a criminal, etc.) 船只都停泊在港湾里。 她对当局把他关入监狱耿耿于怀。 She harbored a grudge against the authorities for putting him in jail. The boats lay at anchor in the harbor.

30 BOOK2 Unit3 … at first I harbored reservations about a mixed marriage, prejudices you might even call them. Inversion, for emphasis Normal Structure: … at first I harbored reservations about a mixed marriage, and you might even call these reservations prejudices.

31 BOOK2 Unit3 confirm: v. prove that sth. is true; make a plan, meeting, etc. certain, esp. by telephone The announcement in the evening paper confirmed people suspicions of the rumor. The hotel confirmed our reservations by telegram. 晚报上的通告证实了人们对传闻的怀疑。 旅馆打来电报确认我们所预订没有变动。

32 BOOK2 Unit3 How did the father approach our decision? And what was he worried about? Part III

33 BOOK2 Unit3 Why the haste? This is an elliptical question. In Wh- questions we often have ellipsis. Another example in this reading passage is: Then why the rush? Why bother waiting any longer? Why not make one for yourself instead of buying one? 为什么我们还得费功夫等下去呢?

34 BOOK2 Unit3 …he made it very clear when we were discussing marriage that if I had any doubts about anything, I should not hesitate to cancel our plans. “it” is used as the formal object, while the real object is the “that-clause”.

35 BOOK2 Unit3 What did the father do then to dissuade Gail from getting married?

36 BOOK2 Unit3 …it never too late to change your mind. Meaning: …you can change your mind any time. 活到老,学到老。 亡羊补牢,未为晚也。 One is never too old to learn. It is never too late to mend.

37 BOOK2 Unit3 Gail and I had experienced _____and ______ in two years, now we come to ______, ____________ and ________ each other. We confronted ___________ and ________ of each other’s character. We have learnt to be __________, ______________ and ________. The source of our strength was our mutual _____ and _______. upsdowns knowunderstand respect weaknessesstrengths tolerantcompromisingopen trust respect Summary Why did we decide to get married?

38 BOOK2 Unit3 When Gail’s mother heard the news, instead of ______________she _________ Gail to reconsider our marriage. Though she regarded me as ________ and _________, she was afraid that Gail may be marrying me for ______ reasons. counseledcongratulations charmingintelligent wrong What did her mother think?

39 BOOK2 Unit3 When Gail’s father heard the news, he approached our decision with _________________ attitude. He doubted that I was marrying in order to ________ in the USA, for I had problems with the Citizenship department. So, they all _________ that Gail be sure that ___________________________ and she may ________________. remain suggested change her mind What was her father’s response? a father-knows-best she was doing the wrong thing

40 BOOK2 Unit3 Assignments  Read the passage aloud;  Preview Section B;  Paragraph wring—P67

41 BOOK2 Unit3 Leisure Writing Write about the traditional customs of marriage in your hometown. If necessary, you may consult the older generation of your family about the story.

42 BOOK2 Unit3 Would you like to marry a man or a girl from another culture? Why or why not? Give your ideas in your group.

43 BOOK2 Unit3 Summary of the Text Gail and I decided to get married out of ___________________ ___________, but our wedding plans met with some _________. and respect resistance love, mutual trust

44 BOOK2 Unit3 1. What did Gail and Mark experience during their two years together? Speaking Tasks for Pair Work ups and downs understand and respect each other confront weaknesses and strengths

45 BOOK2 Unit3 2. What effect did racial and cultural differences have on them? racial issues racial hatred enhance the relationship be open with each other tolerance compromise

46 BOOK2 Unit3 3.What happened when Gail spread the news of their wedding plans to her family? 4.Why did Gail’s mother, Deborah, counsel her to be sure she was doing the right thing? instead of congratulations resistance supportive joke about counsel with every indication that date reservations a mixed marriage prejudices last forever

47 BOOK2 Unit3 5. How did Gail’s father approach their decision to get married? with a father-knows-best attitude haste rush the citizenship status suspect be realistic change one’s mind

48 BOOK2 Unit3 Reference WIFE HUSBAND H —— housing 有房子 U —— understanding 有心灵相通 S —— sharing 有分享的喜悦 B —— buying 有钱买想要的东西 A —— and 还有 N —— never 绝对不 D —— demanding 要求太高的 W —— washing I —— ironing F —— food E —— entertaining

49 BOOK2 Unit3 For example w-washing i- … f- … e- … I. I. Guess the Real Meaning of Husband, Wife and Family

50 BOOK2 Unit3 II. Chinese to English 宽容 相互尊重 避免错误 不兼容 偏见 女婿 知女莫若父 怀疑 异族通婚  tolerance  mutual respect  avoid mistake  incompatible  prejudice  son-in-law  father-knows-best  suspect  mixed couple

51 BOOK2 Unit3 妥协 种族主义者 理想主义的 现实主义的 ( 状态 ) 最好时 ( 状态 ) 最差时  compromise  racist  idealistic  realistic  at one’s best  at one’s worst

52 BOOK2 Unit3 I. Old to New false impression suitable fail to see advise later; following words;sign cruel go on decide  illusion  compatible  overlook  counsel  subsequent  indication  harsh  proceed  resolve

53 BOOK2 Unit3 III. Word Collocation mutual trust support benefits understanding tolerance compromise

54 BOOK2 Unit3 meet with accident danger death approval disapproval opposition

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