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- Connecting Your World - Company Presentation - October, 2010 This is the first Company Presentation of our Social Network, iOrbix (

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1 - Connecting Your World - Company Presentation - October, 2010 This is the first Company Presentation of our Social Network, iOrbix ( The presentation is based on the Performance of iOrbix over the past 10 months, as it was released in April 2010. It was created for the use of possible investors for our company, so that they can learn what iOrbix is about, and decide whether it is a good idea to establish a partnership with iOrbix or not.

2 Introduction… Page 3 What is iOrbix?... Page 6 Why is iOrbix needed?... Page 7 What makes iOrbix different or better than the other Social Networks... Page 14 What do our users actually think about iOrbix?... Page 17 How well is iOrbix actually doing?... Page 19 Why would you be interested in watching this presentation anyway?... Page 23 What are the possible Pitfalls or Challenges for iOrbix?... Page 24 What external credibility or proof does iOrbix have to back up what we are saying?... Page 26 Conclusion… Page 29 Table of Contents

3 Hi! My Name is Andrew Davis. I live in Trinidad, located in the Caribbean and I study at The University of the West Indies. Over the past 4 years I’ve had a Professional Career in Web Development, Graphic Design and Internet Marketing. I’m also the CEO and Co-Founder of iOrbix, an Online Social Network. Thanks very much for taking the time to view our company’s presentation. iOrbix was founded together by myself (Andrew) and Nuno Peralta, an Expert Programmer from Portugal. We’d like to introduce to you today, to our new and exciting company. === So, what is iOrbix about? It is a website where people come together to Socialize, keep in touch with each-other and have a great time, experiencing a virtual interaction that makes use of the Power of the Internet and today’s Technology advances. It provides a speedy and fun environment for its users, and allows a much wider range of customization, security and control, compared to other similar online services. === Now, I suppose that you are already familiar with, or have heard of other Social Networking services, such as Facebook, MySpace, hi5, and so on. One might ask, “Why did we think it was a good idea to make a new Social Network, when there are already other similar services available online and widely used by millions around the world every day.” Introduction

4 Well, from our point of view, all of those services haven’t done the best job that they potentially could. They ALL lack terribly in one feature or another. Both Nuno and I have always been eager online users of all the Top Social Networks over the years and, just like everyone else, we’ve had to struggle with all the inconveniences each Network brings with them. === We decided that we had the potential and enthusiasm to do a better job, and we really have done excellent so far in making our dream a reality. Basically, iOrbix is “That Problem Solver”. A Network built via the extreme analysis of all the Flaws and downfalls of the Top Social Networks, being sure to avoid or correct those existing errors. This combined with new innovative features and ideas not found anywhere else, makes iOrbix the ideal gateway for online communication in today’s world. iOrbix was built to provide a New Generation of enhanced Social Networking. === We’d like to continue explaining iOrbix to you, and go into more detail about what makes iOrbix so unique amongst other similar services, but please let me first formally introduce to you my partner, Nuno Peralta, who is truly the best programmer and hardest worker I have ever met. === Introduction Video

5 Hi! I’m Nuno Peralta. Both myself and Andrew are the Founders of iOrbix, a project that means so much to me, and to many others that have already enjoyed using our site daily. I am a University student of (FCUP) and I love programming more than anything else. From a programmer’s point of view, iOrbix is the Fastest and most Efficient Social Network available today. iOrbix combines Ajax technology together with the fastest processing methods, to provide quick and simple solutions to all your Networking tasks. It has a very easy to use navigational system which allows users to access almost any page instantly, everything is just 1-click away. In short, iOrbix saves you time, makes all your tasks easier, and at the same time, provides the widest range of options and features, giving its members superior control of how they want to use our site, and what information they want to allow others to see. We truly do our best to make iOrbix the best service online. To do so, we listen attentively to the concerns and needs of all our users. It has really been a great experience building iOrbix together with Andrew, he has truly been the most positive influence in my life and my goals. Andrew is the most intellectual person I have ever worked with, and he always has unique and new ideas to continue pushing iOrbix forward. We thank you again for taking the time to learn more about our company. Introduction Video

6 iOrbix is a Social Network where you can find friends and express yourself with them in many fun ways. You can share videos, chat on forums, rate members, send compliments, gifts and much more! Andrew Davis and Nuno Peralta are the Founders of iOrbix. The iOrbix staff members are always eager to listen to the needs and concerns of the iOrbix users and they work hard daily to make sure that iOrbix is as safe and secure as possible for everyone. New features are always being developed and released weekly to the public. We are growing rapidly with the help of all our users, especially our Collaborators, that help us by reporting bugs and suggesting ideas for new features, or improvements to existing ones. What is iOrbix? --- iOrbix Staff Members --- Fábio Serpa Dragoş Gaftoneanu Marco Pinheiro Cosmin Pencu Danny Van Buuren

7 To answer this question, I must firstly explain why iOrbix was built in the first place. iOrbix was built to solve the Problems that everyday users have with other existing Social Networks. To Pick up on those flaws and correct or improve where the others are lacking. Ourselves, the founders of iOrbix, having been online for many years now, we have tried the vast majority of Social Networks already available. We’ve always been able to notice quickly, when a Network is lacking in performance, usability or features. We also acknowledge when it has a good concept that is working for them. There have been so many times when we have seen the members of an online community cry out for changes and improvements. We have been there as well, just wanting a better service that we can enjoy with our friends. Unfortunately, that Dream Network never came, people were forced to continue using poor services, because that’s the only way they could keep in touch with their friends. So we took it upon ourselves to make the wishes of online users around the world a reality, to develop “That Dream Network”. Right now I can’t say that iOrbix will be the Biggest Social Network ever. That’s not really our Primary Goal. Our Goal is to build The BEST Social Network ever. That, we CAN and WILL surely do! Why is iOrbix needed?

8 Continuing on the Question, “Why is iOrbix needed?” Please allow me to touch on some of the flaws and issues that exist on some of the other Top Social Networks. This would allow me to explain how iOrbix works to correct those issues, and thus become a necessity or preference for the modern internet user. Let’s first take a look at Facebook, which you are probably already familiar with, or have heard of at some point. It is currently the world’s leading destination for online networking. Facebook has done a great job of capturing the interests of most online users, however, they certainly still have several major downfalls that make this site limited or unappreciated by allot of people. To be honest, I never liked Facebook allot myself, just like millions of other users of this site (particularly the younger generations). Facebook lacks customization, there is no way you can style your profile or make it more visually appealing to your friends, the design of Facebook itself is boring, not at all exciting for teenagers. It also lacks control. I have had a Facebook account myself for quite a while now, and I’ve still been unable to properly control what information I share with my friends, particularly my updates. Facebook always had Privacy issues even to this day. Facebook now has way too much Spam. As Facebook continues to grow, it attracts more and more Spammers which interferes with your online experience. Again being very honest with you, I’ll let you know that, for every 10 messages or Wall posts I get to my Facebook account, approximately 9 of them are Spam messages. Only 10% of the activity sent to my Facebook Profile is genuine. It is becoming more and more unbearable by the day. Why is iOrbix needed?

9 Facebook lacks other fun alternative ways to interact with your friends. This site is mostly about a single “Wall”, where you tell people what you are doing now. That’s mostly it. Your friends can then comment on your Status, and then you do the same to them. There is the alternative messages center, but not everyone feels comfortable needing to go into a “Private Chat Location” in order to have a normal conversation. Also importantly, Facebook is simply just TOO BIG! If you are a regular Facebook user, by now you would have probably realised that Facebook has been running into performance problems over the last few weeks. Shutting down without prior notice for long periods of time, creating large outbursts from those members who have grown too dependent on the site. The site has grown to such a large size, that it is becoming a problem to manage that many users and traffic. They WILL continue to suffer with problems like these henceforth. The other issue about being too large, is that everyone knows where to find you online now. So you are getting friend requests from your Parents, Relatives, Teachers, Bosses, Strangers, people you’d just rather not talk to. You then feel obligated to accept their friend request so that they don’t feel rejected. The younger generations of Facebook users are now leaving at increased rates. No one really enjoys being spied on all day young. Especially teens and young adults. They need their Privacy, which means time away from their parents and grow-ups without being monitored when they just want to chat and have fun with their friends. Statistics have shown, that the average age of a Facebook user is 38 years old! This age demographic continues to increase every month. Its becoming less of a site for Highschool and College students, and more a place for older adults to hang out; not a very welcoming thought for youngsters. These are just some of the inconveniences that affect Facebook users. Why is iOrbix needed?

10 I’d now like to explain how iOrbix seeks to correct or improve each of these problem situations. 1) Customization: iOrbix is probably the most customizable Social Network available right now. You can design your own Profile with as much imagination as you like, or you can choose from a large collection of beautiful Profile skins to enhance it. You can re-arrange the Profile Sections, or hide which ever sections you find unnecessary. You are able to set your Mood, Emotion, Status; and coming soon, you will be able to change the entire layout of the website from various Interface Options. At the moment, you are able to control the lovely 3D Background Animations on the site, disable Smileys and Auto-playing Videos if you choose, and other convenient control options unique to iOrbix. 2) Privacy and Control: You are able to control everything you share on iOrbix. It is very quick and easy to change your Privacy settings, we make sure that nothing is left out. You can control which Activity Updates are sent to your friends, and what is visible to others who view your Profile. You can easily view your own profile “As a friend or visitor would see it”. With this feature, you can be sure about how much of your information other users can see. On other Social Networks, it is difficult to figure out exactly how much information you are sharing with the rest of the world. For example, most people are unaware of the Facebook feature “See how a friend sees your profile” because it is very hard to locate. 3) Spam: iOrbix has allot of Security measures to help fight spam and protect its members. Since we have launched, numerous attackers attempted to spam our members in various ways, but they were all blocked within a matter of minutes. We focus on recognising spam behaviour and unnatural communication patterns. Our Automated System restricts the attacker, then an Admin or Moderator will investigate the situation and take further action in Suspending, Terminating or Unblocking the potential spammer. Why is iOrbix needed?

11 4) Methods of Interaction: On iOrbix, there are many other fun ways to interact with your friends. You can compliment people with “Ratees”, which allows you to highlight the best traits or features someone has. You can communicate via Profile Comments, so that people who are not yet familiar with each other can have an open discussion between themselves without the discomfort or secrecy of Private messaging. One can also rate the Photos, Profiles, Blog posts and more, of others users on iOrbix with Star Ratings. It’s also a fun way for people to compete with each other and put their best foot forward to have decent and outstanding Profile Content. It helps to raise the standards in our community and makes it a better place for everyone to be. 5) Site Performance and Errors: For now, iOrbix is handling its growing traffic very well. We work hard to structure our Internal Programming as precisely and error free as possible. At the moment our members have no performance issues with iOrbix whatsoever. We will continue to invest on new servers, revised coding and other enhancements as our membership and traffic steadily grows over time. 6) Overcrowding: iOrbix is now one of the fastest growing Networks for people who need to get away from the already overcrowded and spam filled networks. So many online users are surrounded by stalkers, seniors and other unwanted company that make them feel uncomfortable on Facebook, Myspace and many of the other large Social Networks. Right now, iOrbix appeals to Teens and Young adults the most. It’s allot more fun and vibrant than Facebook, so allot of users abandon Facebook and feel more at home at iOrbix. It is becoming the New Trend for the younger generations, as Facebook is already “Old News” for them. Why is iOrbix needed?

12 Those examples given were to highlight a few of the ways we identify problems that people have using other popular networks, and how we improve or fix the problem, to make iOrbix the best possible Social Network for everyone. I’d like to offer one more Scenario that relates to our working efficiency, and how fast we deal with arising problems as compared to other Social Networks. In the year 2008, hi5 was allot more popular than it is now. They had allot of users at this time, however, they failed at providing good service and listening to the problems of the members. hi5 created a big problem by blocking the majority of users from sending friend requests. It’s loyal users reported this problem time and time again, but all they received was false promises that a solution would be made soon. The members waited, and waited. Many months passed and they continued to remind the hi5 staff about this problem, yet nothing was done until over a year later. At this point, hi5 lost more than half of its loyal users, Nuno and I were also one of the many affected by this problem. This was just the beginning of many problems that lead to the downfall of hi5, leaving it now as a forgotten network. It was around these times of poor service and slow responses, that we got the motivation to build a better Social Network, one that can meet the standards of the Public. Conversely to hi5, our team has always been able to deal with errors and user concerns very quickly on iOrbix, and the members love the service and attention they receive. One example is, a few weeks ago, a member reported having her Photos Stolen from her iOrbix profile, and put on a fake hi5 Profile by someone. This really upset her, and we understood how badly she felt. Even though Photos can never be 100% protected online, it is our duty to provide the best protection possible on our service. Why is iOrbix needed?

13 So, Nuno and I took immediate action, we stopped all our current tasks and worked out a plan to improve the Security of User Photos on iOrbix. We spent the entire day developing these changes for all members, and before the end of the day, we released a new and improved Security System for User Photos. We developed a Watermark feature, that takes less than 5 seconds to use. This puts your Name and iOrbix URL as a Watermark on the selected Photo from your Album. This isn’t available on Facebook and other leading Social Networks. Also, we disabled Right-Clicking on all Album Photos, and removed global access to Sharing Links for Photos, because we realised it was a privacy issue. Within hours, we diminished the problem of stealing Photos, and our members felt more secure on iOrbix. Like I said, there is no sure way to prevent a very determined or skilful person from stealing your Photos on any site, but at least it is now allot more difficult to do so on iOrbix. Why is iOrbix needed?

14 Again people, like to ask all the time, why make another Social Network, when there are so many others out there already. What New is iOrbix really bringing to the Social Networking world, that sets it apart from the others? Well, half of that question was basically answered in the last segment. iOrbix provides improvements and advances in every category of Social Networking, it is simply an all round better service than what is available anywhere else. To keep the interests of our audience, and bring attraction to our network, we have come up with a few new twists and ideas of our own. Right now we have a Top Model competition, where hundreds of members participate every month to be voted as the Top Model. They absolutely love this feature! One spin or enhancement, was to the Virtual Currency department. Many membership websites now allow you to purchase virtual goods, with virtual coins or some other currency unit. On other sites, such as Facebook and hi5, you need to pay actual Cash to buy these virtual coins. Which is then used to purchase gifts for friends or used in some other fashion. Alternatively, you can take offers that are usually lengthy and boring to complete, or requires some purchase, only to be rewarded with a very small amount of virtual coins (if you are lucky to get anything at all). What makes iOrbix different or better than the other Social Networks

15 We realised that this was not fun at all for Online users, especially teens who had no access to a Credit Card or other purchasing methods. So what iOrbix did, was to make things more fair for our users. We made a new way to earn virtual coins, which was, by simply using our website! The more you use iOrbix, the more coins you gain for free. Our users help us by making our network grow and remain active, so we reward them to show our appreciation. The members of iOrbix reportedly love this idea very much, they now have an incentive reason to use iOrbix rather than the other Networks. There are also many other ways in which our members are rewarded on iOrbix. By inviting friends, designing Profile Skins for our Public Gallery, reporting site errors to us and sharing ideas to help improve iOrbix. Even more fun ways to earn coins and reputation on our site are coming soon. Another new feature that we will be releasing in a few months, is our very our Interactive iOrbix Game. At the moment we can’t give allot of detail about how they will work, but basically, the games are connected to your Profiles, your Virtual Coins and you will be able to play amongst your friends and other iOrbix members in a real-time environment. Your earned coins are again valuable here, as you can use them to upgrade yourself in many exciting ways. What makes iOrbix different or better than the other Social Networks

16 There is another Major Feature that is under development, is part of our initial idea for iOrbix. When we decided to build iOrbix, we wanted to connect Social Networking and Business, in a way that does not Spam our users, while those providing goods and services can reach our audience in a targeted and effective manner. Our Business feature will also help those looking for Jobs to be able to get the attention of hiring companies more easily, and be able to find what suitable positions may be available to them. At the same time, Companies or Business owners can outsource potential employees that will best suite their needs, requires skills or qualifications. This must all be done very precisely, in a way that isn’t confusing to our users, and does not disrupt the Social aspect of iOrbix. These are just a few of the new and creative ideas iOrbix will be offering to its members. What makes iOrbix different or better than the other Social Networks

17 It is of course easy for us the Founders of iOrbix to sit here and tell you what WE think about iOrbix, to tell you how great it is and why everyone will like it. This of course is no guarantee that iOrbix is as great as we say it is, right? Well, we can safely say, that the members of iOrbix speak for themselves in letting the world know how much they love iOrbix. From the time of our release, to this very moment, members all over iOrbix just find it important to shout and sing about how much iOrbix means to them. When we began taking in our very first members, people became amazed of the new community we built here, it was a real improvement to what they were used to before. We began to see our users posting status messages, comments, Forum posts, Blog topics, on other Websites, anywhere they can find, to shout out with joy, that something new and better is finally here; that iOrbix is surely the best Social Network they have ever used! It was so common to see this on every other iOrbix Profile, that it gave us the idea to showcase some of those feelings on the front Page of iOrbix. We can’t tell you better than our users, how much they love and support iOrbix. It really makes us the iOrbix Staff proud to see how they feel about the work we have done, and that gives us that drive to keep making iOrbix better and better for everyone. What do our users actually think about iOrbix?


19 So we’ve created a Product that both we the iOrbix Staff and our users believe is the number one Social Networking service out there. However, creating a great Product doesn’t automatically mean that it would turn out to be a successful venture. Another hard step, is actually getting more and more new people to know about iOrbix, and begin using it. We’d like to show you the relative growth of iOrbix over the past 6 months. Here we have a Graph of Memberships. We won’t display our actual figures in this Public Presentation, but it is available in a follow up Private Presentation. How well is iOrbix actually doing? The general trend for the first 6 months, was that each month we got twice as many members than the previous month. An Exponential growth so to speak. After this, an unfortunate series of events (which I will discuss later) impacted our growth tremendously in negative ways. We continued growing, but we weren’t doubling up anymore.

20 I will also share here, a Trend Graph of our Profits. This for the benefit of possible investors for iOrbix. As our Memberships and Active users increase, our Profits continue to increase somewhat proportionally. We’ll only share our actual figures in the Private Presentation for Investors. The amazing part about all this is that, we have not even spent 1 cent advertising iOrbix thus far! I’ll share with you one solid statistical figure. For the month of September alone, iOrbix received nearly Half a Million (465,199) unique visitors to our site. In the Month of September, iOrbix received over 13 Million (13,372,011) Page Views! How well is iOrbix actually doing?

21 Now, you may be wondering, “How exactly does a company like iOrbix get an Exponential Growth like this?” Is that even possible? Well yes it is very possible for Social Networks. I’ll explain. Once you can get people to actually enjoy using your Social Network, they will in-turn want their friends also to join the Service with them, right? It isn’t that much fun to Network without your friends there. People can use our Contact Importer to effortlessly invite all of their Email Contacts to Join iOrbix. Some people invite over 1000 contacts to join iOrbix, some people invite less than 10 selected friends to join. So, lets say the average person sends out 100 email invites using our Contact Importer. Well, the large majority of people ignore those invites from friends, only a few actually respond. In a case where only 2 out of the 100 invited contacts actually register on iOrbix, this is still good progress for us. This is generally what we get. The Average user that joins iOrbix will send our hundreds of email invites to their friends. As little as only 2-5 of them may respond, and add to the membership count and increased traffic of iOrbix. When this Process continues to happen, a viral growth is established. The members themselves help iOrbix to grow by inviting others. Again as we explained before in an earlier segment, our users actually DO benefit from bringing others to our site. One of the fastest way to earn Virtual Coins on iOrbix and increase your Reputation is by inviting friends. Because of the added benefits we give to our users, they have more of a reason to want to help us bring new members to iOrbix, than on any other Social Network. How well is iOrbix actually doing?

22 We’ve introduced you to iOrbix, told you about all the great things iOrbix have done and is still doing to provide a better Online Networking experience. We’ve shared with you how others feel about iOrbix and that this Network is moving towards a bright future. But what’s in it for you? Well, right now iOrbix is looking forward to taking our company to the next level, by building partnerships with investors. We are seeking to incorporate new Marketing and Business minds into our company, along with funding to help us to expand more rapidly, and to scale our Profits. So we created this presentation to help you understand what is the purpose of our company, how it operates, and to present you with this business option of partnering with iOrbix. It would be a privilege for us to be able to expand iOrbix with your help. We would like to share with you more company details about iOrbix such as our Profits, Numerical Statistics, Ideas and New Features that are in development, in follow-up presentations if you are interested in us. We at iOrbix practise and strongly believe in both honesty and good morals with everyone. From our Site Members to Staff, to future Business partners and all others we come into contact with. We believe that hard work and perseverance will carry our company forward. All the information we have provided you with and will continue to share, is only truthful reports and facts. We don’t waste time trying to exaggerate or pretend that iOrbix is more than it really is. Why would you be interested in watching this presentation anyway?

23 As with every company or business, there will always be obstacles and challenges on the road to success. We’re not going to pretend that iOrbix has no obstacles to overcome ahead of us. So I’ll make you aware of the possible challenges we face. 1) Email Delivery: We consider this to be the main problem we have faced over the past 5 months (since September). iOrbix being a new Social Network to the world, has not yet gained the confidence and acknowledgement from Email Providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and others. During September, we had so much new traffic coming in, that it apparently triggered off the Spam Filters of Email Providers because of the huge volume of Notification Emails, and Email invites from friends sent via iOrbix. Also, several users apparently abused the Email Invite feature of iOrbix, by inviting Harvested Email lists, giving iOrbix’s IP a bad reputation. This causes our Emails to go to Junk/Spam folders and not be seen or read by the recipients. We have over the months, made efforts to improve this situation, but it has been a tough road. Finally, this month, we decided to start “Fresh” using a new Email IP for iOrbix. This means, we should no longer be affected by the Email delivery problem once we follow the right steps. We expect to see exciting months of growth ahead, and resumed Exponential growth for iOrbix, once we resolve this issue. 2) Other Social Networks: Even though we can be considered the best Social Networking service, in terms of features, functionality and service, we are currently very small compared to our top competitors. Our future members are still at Facebook, Myspace, hi5 and other sites at the moment. Since they already have an account on another site, some are hesitant to create a new account on iOrbix, thinking it won’t be any different here, or they fear having too many accounts to manage. Every day, people leave these sites and make themselves at home on iOrbix. Basically, the faster they get tired of the other networks, the faster iOrbix grows. What are the possible Pitfalls or Challenges for iOrbix?

24 Currently, all of the major Social Networks other than Facebook, are failing. They are dropping drastically in memberships, traffic and profits. They are not a major threat to us. At the same time, Facebook is reaching its limits. The company declared that Facebook achieved over 500 Million active memberships on July 21 st of this year. Shortly after this, Facebook has been experiencing regular breakdowns, unlike anything they have ever experienced before. The company may be growing too large to manage, but more importantly, many users continue to lose interest in Facebook. I explained in an earlier segment, why in particular the younger generations are leaving this site. Facebook will still remain at the top for some time to come, but as they continue to lose the interests of their users, experience technical difficulties, face lawsuits or complains, and allot of other challenges that come their way, there will always be room for iOrbix to grow and reach new heights. 3) Technical difficulties: Just like any other Social Network, iOrbix is not free from technical difficulties that may arise from time to time. We have had our share of Server and Programming problems in the earlier months. At the moment, since we have identified our errors, we have been stable and in full performance. We continue to enhance our security and performance all the time, though we cannot guarantee that we will never run into problems again some time in the future. For now, we don’t think we will run into any major problems anymore. 4) Users don’t have enough friends on iOrbix: Another challenge we meet, is the fact that iOrbix is still new and small, thus when people join our site, they are not greeted by their friends in many occasions. This can cause them to want to leave iOrbix. Most users that join, will usually have 1 to 5 friends here to start with, but the large majority of friends are still on other Social Networks. This situation will improve for us over time. The more we continue to grow, the more friends our users will have on iOrbix to enjoy the experience with. Once iOrbix receives sufficient funding, we are confident that these issues will not be a problem for us to overcome. We can invest in Advertising and new Servers to scale-up our company. This is where investors can play a major role in the success of iOrbix. What are the possible Pitfalls or Challenges for iOrbix?

25 We’ve told you just about all the basics details of iOrbix. One of the most popular free online services that people use to compare the Traffic rankings of websites, is Their methods of calculating website rankings are widely inaccurate, but still it is used worldwide when trying to valuate a website. Basically, they encourage people to download and install their toolbar, and only those people with the tool installed will contribute to their statistics. Usually only webmasters install this, and most of the users reside in USA. Therefore, websites that do not get allot of traffic from USA, or is not specially build to interest webmasters, will have punished rankings on Alexa. Alexa ranks over 25 million Websites in their Database. At the moment, iOrbix is in the top 100,000 websites ranked by Alexa. Which means, Alexa places iOrbix in the Top 0.4% most used websites in the world. (We are ranked above 99.6% of all other existing websites). I think this is not bad statistic for a company that is only 6 months released, however, Alexa still greatly under-estimates our traffic level. We have very little traffic from USA at the moment, most of our traffic comes from Portugal and Romania. Users from these countries are very unlikely to have Alexa’s toolbar installed, so for all of our millions of page views on iOrbix, only a small percent of this is recognised by Alexa, thus giving us a much lower rank than we really should have. What external credibility or proof does iOrbix have to back up what we are saying?

26 iOrbix has also received acknowledgement and much fear from one of our competitors. The Social Network (one of the largest in the world) have kept their eyes on iOrbix from the moment we released it for Beta Testing. Both Nuno and myself were very popular on hi5, our accounts were amongst the largest on that Network. We had developed outstanding tools for the members of hi5, and helped the users with problems and complaints. We learnt allot about Social Networking problems during this time, observing what caused these problems on hi5 and other sites, and we learnt how to avoid these mistakes with iOrbix. We even helped hi5 with fixing many bugs, errors and security holes we reported on their site. The hi5 staff recognised how valuable and helpful we were to their community and company, so they appointed us as heads of the Official hi5 Moderators. Nuno was also invited at one point to work for hi5 in San Francisco USA, but the distance was too far, and he wanted to further his studies. All this lead to our great reputation and popularity on hi5. At this time of course, we loved hi5 very much, and did our best to help hi5 be a better Network. However, the hi5 Staff seemed to have internal company problems, they were simply just ignoring the cries of their users and continued making ridiculous decisions that kept on driving more members away from their site. This became one of our main motives of developing iOrbix as I explained before. Eventually, as iOrbix steadily grew, more and more users left hi5 to join iOrbix without turning back. iOrbix was simply better than hi5 in all ways. The hi5 staff knew this themselves, and began to fear and resent iOrbix, they wanted to shut us down before we could grow any larger, because we became an obvious treat to their Profits. What external credibility or proof does iOrbix have to back up what we are saying?

27 hi5 frantically began to block all of their users from talking about iOrbix on their network. They decided that once they censor everyone from talking about iOrbix, no one else could know about it, thus, hoping to stop our growth in its tracks. This didn’t work however, people still found ways to spread the word about iOrbix, and thus we continued to grow. We didn’t bother to retaliate by doing the same and blocking hi5 from our site, that would be pretty immature and unprofessional. We simply made it known that we disapprove of hi5’s actions, and by this, we gained much support and sympathy from both iOrbix and hi5 members. Mid September, just a few weeks ago, hi5 decided to delete the accounts of Nuno and myself from their site. We did not break their Terms of Service or spammed their site. We simply updated our friends with the changes and improvements going on at iOrbix. After all the free service and help we provided hi5 with, they showed no appreciation or concern towards us. Still, iOrbix continues to grow steadily by the day, we have the determination to overcome all obstacles in our way. What external credibility or proof does iOrbix have to back up what we are saying?

28 We have now reached to the end of our Company Presentation. I hope that you enjoyed learning about iOrbix and other Social Network information you may have not been aware of. We the iOrbix staff, would be honoured to hear your feedback on what you think about this presentation and our company. We look forward to speaking with you further, regarding possible business ventures between yourself and iOrbix. A second presentation has already been prepared for Investors who might be seriously interested in forming partnerships with iOrbix. It includes our actual figures Memberships, Profits, Costs and other vital information to help you decide if investing with iOrbix a good opportunity for you. Thank you again for sharing your time with us and giving us the privilege to communicate with you. We hope to speak with you soon and we wish you all the best! Conclusion

Download ppt "- Connecting Your World - Company Presentation - October, 2010 This is the first Company Presentation of our Social Network, iOrbix ("

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