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浙师大附中 外语组 英语阅读教学中的思维活动: 评判性阅读视角. 通过兴趣激发思考 通过品读加深理解 通过质疑突破常规 通过讨论升华主题.

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Presentation on theme: "浙师大附中 外语组 英语阅读教学中的思维活动: 评判性阅读视角. 通过兴趣激发思考 通过品读加深理解 通过质疑突破常规 通过讨论升华主题."— Presentation transcript:

1 浙师大附中 外语组 英语阅读教学中的思维活动: 评判性阅读视角

2 通过兴趣激发思考 通过品读加深理解 通过质疑突破常规 通过讨论升华主题


4 The Road to Modern English In Search of The Amber Room

5 运用诗歌或歌曲名言 图片 热点话题 视频新闻

6 work the land Module 4 Unit 2

7 Unit 4 Module1 Earthquakes An “earthquake” happened on Oct.6 in the world. It was an “earthquake” in IT. Steve Jobs was gone. Tens of thousands of jobs are gone. In an earthquake, gone are not only jobs but…

8 quiz guessing game


10 A Night The Earth Didn’t Sleep Module 1 Unit 4 A Night The Earth Didn’t Sleep

11 not a band not a real band a real band the band that was not a real band at first The Band That Wasn’t

12 Put the following events into correct order. 1. went to the capsule 2. met a space stewardess 3. felt sleepy 4. climbed in through an opening 5. lay relaxed and dreaming 6. the journey completed 7. had a calming drink 2, 1, 4, 7, 3, 5, 6 Unit 3 Module 5 Life in the Future

13 Well, I can’t say that I have any plans. Well, to be honest, I have none. (no money) What kind of person is Henry Adams? Any supporting sentences? Module 3 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note

14 I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand. Could you offer me some kind of work here? I don’t want your charity, I just want an honest job.

15 Well, it may seem luck to you but not to me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll be on my way.

16 Will Chinese English develop its own identity? Only time will tell. What does “tell” mean? What’s the writer’s opinion? What’s your opinion? What’s the present situation in China? Will Chinese be spoken all round the world? Why or why not? Module 1 Unit 2 The Road to Modern English

17 “Put on the mask,” he advised, “It’ll make you feel much better.” Do you think wearing the mask will make people better? Unit 3 , Module 5 Life in the Future

18 Over time computers have been getting increasingly advanced and intelligent. With the fast development of computers, what do you think the future will be?” In the future, intelligent robots will be invented and they will do many jobs instead of human.

19 But let’s think deeper, do you think letting robots do human’s work will cause any problems? If robots do all human’s work, what will happen to human? Many people will lose their jobs.

20 What will happen to the people that have no jobs? They may be poor and without earning Money ; they may become homeless. There will be more beggars and the society will be not as safe as before.

21 Is there anything else? We use smart computers to build smarter and more intelligent ones, what will be the next development and what will end computer? Or will there be an end?

22 2009 年重庆卷阅读理解 D 篇 Blanketed in mist, Victorian architecture rose from the banks of the river, responded to the sounds of sea-birds, and appeared unbelievably charming. 被覆盖在雾气中,维多利亚建筑从河岸边升起, 和海鸟的叫声相呼应,显得难以置信的有魅力。 笼罩在雾气中,维多利亚建筑在河岸两边回应着 海鸟的鸣叫,显得格外的迷人。 笼罩在薄雾中的维多利亚式建筑矗立在河岸边, 仿佛回应着海鸟的鸣叫,显得格外迷人。


24 Bricks covered the ground like red autumn leaves. Unit 4 Module 1 A Night The Earth Didn’t Sleep

25 Module 1 Unit 2 The Road to Modern English


27 Do computers bring people closer or f u r t h e r ? Why? Module 2 Unit 3 Computers

28 Computers can calculate the distance between two people. But don’t let them determine the distance between two_______. hearts

29 What impressed you most about your father?

30 music Father’s love can not easily be seen but can always be felt.

31 Unit 3 Module5 Life in the future 1. What are you expecting for your future? 2. If you want to achieve the future, what can you do?

32 Unit 3 Module5 Life in the future 1. Do you think the writer has an optimistic or a pessimistic view of the future? 2. What should we be aware of the potential danger?



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