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2005-2006 Poetry Notebook Sophomores from Periods 1,4, and 6.

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1 2005-2006 Poetry Notebook Sophomores from Periods 1,4, and 6

2 Poetry Definitions

3 Okay…well, to me, poetry is putting down on paper, the words you keep inside… Tiffany Mistelske I think you can say whatever you may be feeling at the time, even if you don’t really mean it. Lily Williams It is a way to let your feelings out and be creative with it. Nathan Dodge Poetry to me is when people can write down their feelings. Nick Raffo Poetry to me is a way to express your thoughts or just making the time pass on a rainy day. Brandon Sleep I do not like poetry at all. It is just not for me. I will do what I must to get my grade. Sam Ussery

4 #1: I Am To me poetry is something that you give to a girl when you are in elementary school. Other than that it is just a bunch of useless words. But there are a few exceptions where they are good for a laugh. Zac Cook

5 I am Books, winter spring. Hiking and horse riding are the best things for the weekends. Laugh lines, soft faces, and smiles are important to me. Fun is the best thing in life. Telling the truth can hurt but telling a lie can hurt worse. I like to go for walks. I dislike going to the city beach. I like to go swimming on hot days. I am -CW

6 I am Football in the cold, Guitars all the time Doby Sammy Dubs School Friends Family Working out I am --AG

7 P2P I am All American, mini-skirts, and fully Chinese. I like fish cheeks and the minister’s son. Politeness, tradition and fun are important to me. being able to blend in with two totally different environments is a real blessing. This can be bad when they combine, but it’s easy to keep them Separate. I like American manners, Chinese Christmas, and keeping them separate. This is me. When changing the story to a poem, I really enjoyed it. I liked the story of the Chinese girl, wanting to be American. I loved changing her ideas into a poem. --AD

8 I am A daughter, friend and sister I admire the young and old Truth, love and humor are important to me Laughter is essential Telling the truth can hurt, but with love it can be helpful Talking to the old is wise Playing with the young is fun To love and be loved is absolutely amazing This is me. --AD

9 #2: I Don’t Understand Poetry comes straight from the heart—no where else. Corey Stevens You can find poetry everywhere you go. Jessi Dingman That’s cool, too, that you don’t even have to rhyme for it to be a poem. Casey Marine

10 #2 I Don’t Understand I don’t understand Why people are so quick to Judge Why there can’t be peace on earth Why life is so short But most of all Why so many people are atheists Why people are starving and we don’t help them Why the rich are so rich and the poor are even poorer What I understand most is Why when it seems like God has abandoned you he’s Really right there beside you Why all the stars are placed to just the right places Why no matter how bad today was tomorrow is a brand new day --BB

11 I don’t Understand Why people listen to poetry Why people write poetry Why people have to write down what they are feeling But most of all Why people try and control poetry Why people try and teach poetry What I understand most is Why people listen to music. --BW

12 I don’t understand Why some days the world turns so slow Why some days the world turns so fast Why people don’t enjoy every second But most of all Why people get on your good side to turn away Why your best friend goes away in a blink Why your close family dies What I understand most is How a true best friend is there forever Why I try to enjoy every second of my life What is waiting for me after this --JB

13 I don’t understand The logic behind PETA The reason for Wax Museums The way mirrors work But most of all I don’t comprehend The attraction of reality Television The intensity of NFL. And Scientology theories But I do understand Kiwi/huckleberry flavored smoothies The mind of a tortured artist And why plants are green --BG

14 I don’t understand why homework is so hard Why Bio is easy to me I don’t understand why I am writing this poem Most of all I don’t understand How we all are here in the universe But I do understand why the sky is blue. --JE

15 I don’t understand Why bananas are yellow Why people kill people Why the dark scares people But most of all Why countries have war Why helpless animals are killed Why the world can’t be in peace. What I understand the most is Why love is strong Why school is challenging Why the grass is green Why everyone needs love. --TR

16 #3: List What poetry is to me is a way to express yourself without having to go by the rules. Nick Stutzman It is my favorite form of literature. Tanner Roos Poetry to me is very important because of the way it sounds and feels. Catherine Hodgkins

17 January February Ary Arch March Arch Ril April Ril Ay May Ay Une June Une Uly July Uly Ust August Ust Ber September October November December Ber --JB

18 Poetry Feelings Love Hate Envy Plants Forest Roads Life Difficulty School Mrs. Webb Poetry --KM

19 Some days I just wanna, Sleep, Snooze and, Snore, And others I really wanna Run, Jump, Ski, Jam, But today I don’t wanna Type, Write, Or think. --BW

20 There are so many things that are the small pleasures that make the best memories. There are goofy pictures spontaneous parties breakfast for dinner loud music good hair days sleeping in school, and getting away with it. Conversations with random people dancing in the rain pointless drives meeting goals laughing so hard it hurts Jumping in the water fully clothed running through the sprinkler talking all night sledding down stairs being a kid These simple little things make life worth living. --JR

21 Distracted You ask me why I wasn’t at practice. Well… First I got out of bed, But fell and bumped my head, Second I got the flu, Then I lost my shoe, My mom told me I had to take a shower, But then my house lost power, I tried to drive my car, But it didn’t make it that far, It got towed away, Man that was a horrible day. You ask me why I wasn’t at practice, Because I had to deal with all this!!!! --AC

22 THE DENT I know you want to Know why there is a Dent in the car. Really it’s not my fault You will understand The tree fell on the car The house just appeared there The deer hit the car The blind man ran into me I didn’t see the fire hydrant Yes, I was putting Different CD in. No allowance For a year. That’s NOT fair. --AT

23 So many times It has left me Hanging- By myself After school By my car Before I go home With my grades dropping The reasons are simple The excuses not so good Poetry is not for me But hey, maybe it’s for you Cyndl Lawrence #4:Metaphor Thirds

24 Sad Black Phone As I sit on this empty sidewalk alone, I watch as the kids keep walking. Nobody in this world will even say hi, Just because I’m different, they walk by. I sit like a sad black phone, I’m like the new student. No friends, all alone. Nobody by my side. What am I to do? --KS

25 Darkness covering your face Alone, Waiting Nervous like a deep green ocean The thunder roaring like the waves Alone --JR

26 Halfway up tired chalked hands proud as white water the rock unforgiving I climb conquering its challenge --BH

27 Angry is like a pink glove That puts fighting into place Your wearing your pink glove And you give that person a shove Angry at life you take it out On your pink glove Angry doesn’t show love --VH

28 Grazing in a Field Minding his own Business Sad as a red Deer Bang He is shot --CR

29 Swept away like a love struck pink starfish into a sea of hearts --ND

30 I’m a Mean Pink Pony And I am here to say I’m the most naked Pony in the USA AAAAAAAAAAA --EV Note: The above poem is to be done with backbeat and gestures for the full, and absolute affect, preferably performed by the original poet. Accept no substitutions.

31 #5: Sonnet I think that poetry is an alternative to just writing down words and making a short story. Henry Machado To me poetry is a way of expressing your feelings through words. John Breckenridge Poems are some of the most amazing and beautiful things that all people should use. Lorisa Potter

32 As I walked a muddy trail All strewn with dirt and leaves I looked down upon branches frail Seeing inner beauty that flowed in me The leaves shimmered a glowing green vibe That crept into the dead branches lying about Filling them once again with life As much as the branches would allow I continued on my way Passing by each leaf with a new understanding Knowing that there’s life each new day It grows from within and spreads expanding As the branches slowly passed and with departed A new leaf will fall and begin where it all started --BG

33 shall I make? Shall I make thee a pool of Jello-O? that jiggles so much its like the ocean. That looks so soft like a fluffy white pillow powder and water is the only potion. Or shall I make a big giant sandwich? With lettuce, tomato, and bacon. Also enough pepper to make your eyes itch, so after you’re done your stomach will be achen or shall I make a big cup of Joe? To really wake you up in the morning. And once you’re awake you can get with your mojo made from coffee beans that are foreign. So as long as I make things really, really big Might as well be yourself, a pig. --BH

34 A POEM I LIKE AND I MADE IT. SHALL I COMPARE A SLED*TO A STUMP* SO HOW I CAN GLIDE AND ONLY FEEL A BUMP* FOR OUT THOW* QUIK AND THOW* STOUGHT* WITH LESS SNOW*THEN HAVE DOUGHT* Key* Sled=snowmobile Stump=usually a leftover piece of wood left in ground after logging or a fire Bump=opposite of a hole Thow=a word people who feel special use Thow=if people use this word twice they probably are special Stought=strong, hard to move Snow=a frozen type of water that is white Dought=lack of belief, example, say you jumped out of a plane and your parachute did not open. There might be some dought that superman is not going to catch you. --SE

35 To the inventors of skiing How do I like thee Over the snow they glide with ease On them I feel quite free They have evolved since you made them But credit goes to you They are quite the gem They’re fun through and through I’ve been on them since I was little I’ve been riding them since I’m not too bad, and kind of good, I’m at least above the middle Skiing is at least the best It’s the ultimate test --JG

36 #6: PERSONAL CREDO Poetry is something we have to do in school. Matt Gerred Poetry is a way to turn words into art. Drew Anderson

37 I believe in being my own person Making a statement Standing for what I believe in Having my own opinion Making my own choices I don’t believe in putting people down or making fun or them doing their best. I believe in having fun Being safe Having good friends And I believe in telling people how I feel no matter How upset they get over it -JS

38 #7:Letter I m going to be honest; I don’t even like poetry and it gives me a headache. Jason Petty Poetry is not that important to me but I think it defines people’s lives. Ian Williams In the end poetry means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Trevor Johnson

39 Dear Rock, Today I realized That I ran you over Time and time again I didn’t think anything of it I though you would just not care When I saw you today You looked sad and broken All the years you worked so hard Were ruined in a day I finally wore you all away The water was enough And I just had to make it worse Today I realized… I broke you up in little pieces And now you are not the same --AT

40 Dear Hope, You’ve washed away, like a butterfly in the rain. And left me drowning in dark weather The fire that lay inside Like the moon hiding your face The light in your eye Set like the falling sun Moving around the earth Where ever the wind stars I pray it brings you back to me. Yours, Me --SD

41 Dear Scooby, What happened to the mystery machine! Have you lost it? I wish I had one! Poor Shaggy. He must miss Velma. She was the heart of the operation. Wasn’t she a brunette? I think so. I hope the others noticed because she was definitely underappreciated. So what’s your next mission? A ghost? A sea Monster? Oh please write back soon, I’m dying to know! Tell the gang I say Hi! --AF

42 Dear mr. Shakespeare You do frustrate me so. You’re so over sensitive and well mushy. If you were around now a days u would be getting beat up For the way you talk. I ges it is unique and pretty if your into that kinda thing but I am not. And romeo and Juliet?! No guy acts like that he would be killed. Even in your time. Farewell --LP

43 Dear Elmer, What are you doing? Is it really that important to get that stupid rabbit? Come on Get a frozen dinner. Or a banana. Or shrimp. Or a taco. And there are plenty of other Rabbits in the world. I know, how about that Trix rabbit! He needs to get shu p. Trix are for ki*BANG* Ha ha ha. “Trix are for kids” my @xx Besides, rabbit doesn’t Taste that Great. Get a buffalo. They’re slow, and easy To shoot. And wait a minute? Shhh? Be vewy, vewy, quiet? Who the heck are you talking to? The camera? Do me a favor. Say this line for me; Ryan and Ronald rode the running rhino. Ha ha ha. I knew you couldn’t do it… Sincerely, Mel Blanc --EJ

44 Dear Tomorrow, What will you bring? Can I count on you for anything? Will you bring me up or hold me down? Whose choice is it anyhow? Will I live a meaningful life? Or will it be filled with troubles and strife? Will it be filled with troubles and strife? Will time stand still or pass me by Life’s one big struggle between truth and lies Only time will tell; it’s in your hands. --BB

45 #8: Tanka To me poetry is a way that people can express themselves through words, patterns, colors, sounds, and senses. Erin Cometto Feelings can be expressed in many ways, but feelings expressed in a poem can be rhythmic and enjoyable. Stephanie Thurmond I understand why some people would like it; some of it’s nice but it’s just not my cup of tea. Will Fancher

46 Welcome to my car, We will have an adventure, We’ll go bogging, And we’ll get muddy, Thank you for riding with me. --EC

47 Thoughtful Welcome to my mind, We will be inquisitive, We will never get bored, And we will entertain ourselves. Thanks for being my guest. --AC

48 Tanka (race against time, deception/irony of life) Time collects like dust Constant, abstract: life Sifting through your mind Shaping what you will become As you dust off shelves with ease --LB

49 Welcome to my room We can have lots of fun here Let’s watch movies And play some really fun games Thank you for coming today. --MC

50 With this strait jacket I feel like I can’t be me I need to get out I bite, scream, Jerk and yell out. I break it, and now I’m free. --EN

51 If life were a drum Would you walk to your own beat Or follow others Tell me my friend don’t be shy For the drumbeat is your life --ND

52 #9: Memory Poetry It’s like A sun! It smiles At you If You are even Having a Bad Day! Cody Crabb

53 Moving Driving a long way from home Wondering what this new place is going to be like. Hot, July, just driving. Mom, Dad, Chase, Sierra, and me. Waving goodbye from back of the car, not wanting to go. Hot July wanting to stay at the beach. Making it to Oregon. Sleeping the whole way, wondering what Idaho is going to look like. --AR

54 A boy, his breath a cloud from early autumn cold Smiles at me, a mischievous twinkle in his eye The cold walk has made us huddle for warmth And a kiss on the cheek warms the air With the insolence of a child He bends down and picks a flower from the neighbors garden And gives it to me with a shy glance I still have the flower I wish I’d thanked him --KB

55 The first time I learned To ride a bike, it was just after my birthday All my friends were there. My bike was red with racing stripes I got on started to peddle Then I fell, getting right back up I looked around at The field, the trees, the kids Then my bike wondering Why it had thrown me from the seat. I tried and tried until I finally was thrown no more by my bike, if you heard me in the distance you would have thought me to win money. --CD

56 A Summer Night Snap! A twig breaks Will they see us or will they pass? Have we been too crass? For a moment all is still We sit and wonder if they will look Too short of time we took Deciding the coast is clear We make for the house near Only to think we made it back to base They will look while we wait for another chase As the sun sets on a summer nights hide and seek. --JA

57 Memory poem Sitting in front of the fire in the mild Louisiana winters Still cold enough to bring a chill My grandfather would sit in his looming teal green arm chair. Me on my pillow next to the tasty warmth He would read the morning paper, and glance at me with kind and well knowing but still with an old hardness with his eyes --JA

58 #10: Free Verse I think that poetry is something special, something that you can express the way you feel in any way. Kayla Seppala Poetry is the art of words that even time cannot kill. Brittany Marley It’s the expressions and emotions of one’s perceptions of the world that they put down in words. Rachel Trout

59 Partly Cloudy We gather together on the horizon Like ally cats on a bgck fence. We float sometimes together and sometimes apart, Casting shadows on the earth below us, In the summer we play hid and seek around the mountains, Until the afternoon breeze sends us off on chase of our own shadows --KH

60 This year is going by fast It makes me think of the past. I’m growing up, And moving on. Two and a half years to go, I hope they won’t go slow. I’ve learned many things, The bell rings. I’m ready for it to be done So I can be my own person and run. Run away from this small place, Be the first to win the race. I’m nervous to be on my own Not scared, but nervous. But I’m ready So, so ready --MM

61 What is poetry? A poet is a painter who puts pictures into words. Some are good artists, with patience and care. While others try out “Modern art.” Poetry is the beginning, the ending and all that fits between. Dark, light, love, hate, admiration, desperation and many things. A way to show the world How you perceive things, even if you may be The only one that understands it. The words are just words, but somehow become A window into a world we are foreign to Yet seems so familiar. And only the poet knows Where he has taken you. --BG

62 LOVE Is it just a word? Is it a feeling? Do you fall in love? Are you swept off your feet? Maybe… I think it just happens. You never know what life is going to throw at you! If someone leaves that’s close to you, Does someone else take their place? When you’re sick are they going to be there? If you’re having a bad day, Do they make you laugh or cry? If the only people you love, is your family! Is that right, to keep love and not share it? Life is Love, without love what’s the point of life?!? The world is full of love, to see it you have to have it!?! When someone says, “I love you” do they mean it??? Love! What is Love? --EV

63 #11: Humor Okay…well, to me, poetry is putting down on paper, the words you keep inside… Tiffany Mistelske I think you can say whatever you may be feeling at the time, even if you don’t really mean it. Lily Williams It is a way to let your feelings out and be creative with it. Nathan Dodge Poetry to me is when people can write down their feelings. Nick Raffo

64 A basketball legend, the great M.J. He was way more than just okay One of the best to ever play the game Now he’s in the hall of fame --ND

65 The old man Ronald Reagan To be president we didn’t have to beg him He helped this country If it weren’t for him we could be in a depression --NS

66 There once was cockatiel from Cuba, Who screeched out loud with a tuba, Playing all day, With something to say, They could hear him as far away as Aruba --EC

67 Once there was a sponge in the sea A hero, that’s all he wanted to be. He had a snail named Garry, Who was not at all hairy.

68 There once was a wrinkly old granny… Who had a dog named Manny. She smelled like carrots and peas… And her nasty old dog had fleas. I’m afraid of my wrinkly old granny. --HV

69 Stephen King wrote many-a story, Unfortunately, they were all very gory. I finished The Shining about a week ago, And puked up my dinner, chicken and egg roll. -EJ

70 PARODY of Carlos Williams This is just to say, I have dumped The bucket That was out The door. And which, You were probably Saving for rain. Forgive me, It was full, So full, And so heavy. --RU

71 As the Pony Climbed in The bottom of The Cookie Jar First the left Hand then Carefully The pence Then coming down Into the hole of The squishy Pigeon This is just to say I moved the shovel From the middle Of the tree fort this week And which You should probably Save for the skinny boy Forgive me It was pretty So pretty And so green --CH

72 #12: Headline Poetry is a way to allow others to interpret things to fit what they need, and to tell them about yourself. Amanda Gee Poetry in my mind means rhyme. Alex Hoyle You can tell when someone is in a good mood and when they are in a bad mood, when they are writing poems. Amanda Ednie

73 My Secret Mexico Behind the scenes of life. One true love Play truth or dare Start now finish stronger Your dreams are unstoppable --TO

74 In search To feel the burn The races Of The Earn --TA

75 Contributors Carol Wheeler Aaron Griggs Tyler Aronson Tasha Owens Cory Hawkins Ray Utt Erik Jansen Hannah Vermeer Erin Cometto Nick Stutzman Nina D’ Orazi Ethan Vest Megan McDermott Kellie Hassler Josh Allen Cody Dana

76 Contributors cont. Kara Bennett Amanda Rodriquez Nicole Dorval Erik Nielsen Melissa Cooper Lea Black Alex Crossingham Erin Cometto Bridget Burford Liz Pitts Amara Faucett Samantha Dale Amanda Tuchon Jamie Stringfellow Joel Gregoire Spencer Eich

77 More Contributors Brian Hilland Brittany Groenhout Ethan Vest Cody Reichart Vanessa Henderson Jen Rainey Kourtney Smith Anna Tucker Brain Wolcott Jimmy Byers Tavo Rivas Jake Evey Bobbi Gooby Amanda Doughtery

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