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Writing Presentation- Literacy Autobiography Student No. : S9727005 Department : Applied Foreign Languages Instructor: MeiRong Alice Chen Date : October.

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1 Writing Presentation- Literacy Autobiography Student No. : S9727005 Department : Applied Foreign Languages Instructor: MeiRong Alice Chen Date : October 6, 2009 Essay & Presented by Kevin Lin

2 Outline Paragraph 1: Introduction- Give necessary back ground material. Also include the thesis statement and subtopics at the end of paragraph 1 General statement More specific statement Thesis statement

3 Paragraph 1 When I started learning English, I didn’t have any effective methods. All I did was keeping memorizing. Honestly speaking, it was a torturous way and not effective at all. General statement

4 Paragraph 1 As time went by, I experienced diversified styles of English teaching. Topic Controlling ideas More specific statement Thesis statement

5 Outline Paragraph 2: subtopic 1 Paragraph 3: subtopic 2 Paragraph 4: subtopic 3

6 Major subtopics : 1 HESS: happy-learning oriented

7 Paragraph 2 I used to be trained as an English teacher in HESS cram school. As I took charge of teaching children, the teaching methods were happy-learning oriented. From phonics, vocabulary to sentence pattern teaching, everything was related to fun. Each teaching step based on a theory which was seriously studied to help children learn could be packed as a fun game or an interesting activity. During the drilling process, I found the joy that I had never gained in my past learning years. Thoughts

8 Paragraph 2 Now I am an insurance and financial planning consultant who am also a facilitator to drill the employees’ English ability for the company. Though the trainees are adults, I still play some games with them and their pleasant reaction proves this way suits for not only children but also adults.

9 The harmonious interaction motivates them to ask questions willingly and that pushes me to further my learning in response to their puzzles. Paragraph 2 Paragraph 2 conclusion

10 Major subtopics : 2 Peter Lai: organized-clustered oriented

11 Paragraph 3 Happy-learning oriented teaching style works well in arousing people’s interest in learning English and I do enjoy it. However, my desire to make progress forced me to look for more approaches. By searching on the website, I happened to find the audio files of Peter Lai’s course. With an easy auraI immersed myself in absorbing the content coming from Peter and Bruce, who was an experienced foreign teacher, in an organized way. They taught the extended usage deriving from the main stuff as well. Transition sentence

12 Paragraph 3 Their design for the course enlightened me to reflect upon my learning method. I had used to learn English piece by piece, which made my absorption fragments scattering in my brain and led to forgetfulness. After Listening to the course, I suddenly got an insight into my blind spot of learning. Reflection

13 The effective learning method must be like a tree diagram. The extended learning stems from several basic points and more does from previous extended learning. Then everything will become a cluster and not tend to be forgotten easily. Paragraph 3 Thoughts Paragraph 3 conclusion From then on, I have owned the ability to keep more English in my mind and retain it for long.

14 Major subtopics : 3 Li Yang: oral and gestured oriented

15 Paragraph 4 Aside from the HESS’ and Peter Lai’s teaching styles, Li Yang’ Crazy English impressed me deeply. Transition sentence This English mentor is known to China and features giving a speech in the presence of a big audience. Upon watching his video clip, I was astonished Li Yang gave lectures with full energy accompanied with strong gestures.

16 Paragraph 4 Tens of thousands of students ranging from children to the elderly followed Li’s instruction to speak up and make the gestures. It was such a spectacular scene. I admired Li’s influence on people and the students’ aspiration to learn English. Li Yang advocates that through continuous oral practice everyone can learn English well. He repeats vocabulary and sentences clearly demonstrating the details of pronunciation skills simultaneously. Background for the readers

17 Paragraph 4 To be honest, I found it boring in the beginning. Thinking hard, I realized it made sense to do so. Speaking contributes to memorizing. Chinese students’ general shortcoming is being reluctant to speak up. That explains why Chinese students seem not to be able to say anything when they need to use English. Reflection

18 Paragraph 4 Figuring out the reason, I changed my learning habit. I read out loud whenever I studied new materials. Gradually, I felt the improvement of my memorizing ability. Thoughts Paragraph 3 conclusion

19 Outline Conclusion: 1 Re-state the thesis statement 2 Expanded ideas

20 Conclusion HESS’, Peter Lai’s and Li Yang’s teaching styles guided me to the correct direction of learning English. Re-state the thesis statement I digested their concepts and converted them into my own method. On account of my grasp of effective learning skills, I always have enough English in my mind to use. Extended remark

21 Conclusion Well goes the saying, “Not only work hard, but also work smart.” Now I do enjoy the meaning of this nugget of wisdom Cite a quotation to end the conclusion

22 Evaluating Your Writing ScoreDescription 3 Excellent ■ Content: Writing presents clear opinion and supports opinion with reasons, examples, and/or facts to convince the reader. ■ Form: ideas are presented in an essay which includes an introduction, main idea, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. ■ Vocabulary and Sentence Structure: Writing is correct; mistakes don’t interfere with writer’s meaning. 2 Adequate ■ Content: Writing presents an opinion; reasons, examples, and/or facts can be brief and reader may not be convinced. ■ Form: Some essay parts may be missing. ■ Vocabulary and Sentence Structure: Writing is mostly correct, there are a few mistakes. 1 Developing ■ Content: Writing does not present opinion clearly or does not support opinion with sufficient reasons, examples, and/or facts. ■ Form: Ideas do not follow essay format and are confusing. ■ Vocabulary and Sentence Structure: There are too many mistakes to understand and/or follow the ideas.

23 The End

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