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英语口语训练 Spoken-English Training Useful Sentences and Situation Dialogues.

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1 英语口语训练 Spoken-English Training Useful Sentences and Situation Dialogues

2 How to greet people and how to respond to a greeting Useful sentences and expressions: Good morning(good afternoon, good evening. ), Sir(Madam,Miss). Nice to meet you. It’s my pleasure to meet you. It’s very nice to meet you. It’s a great pleasure to meet you. I’m glad to meet you too.

3 It’s my pleasure,Madam. It’s my honor to meet you.

4 Making a self-introduction Useful sentences and expressions: Let me introduce myself, I’m. May I introduce myself? My name is. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m.

5 How to talk about sports and pastimes Useful sentences and expressions: Do you often play sports or do exercises? I go jogging every morning. I’m a football fan. I like skating very much. Swimming is my favorite sport. It is very good for people’s health. Are you on any sports team?

6 Do you often go to movies? I’m quite a movie fan. I’m quite a movie-goer. What movie do you like? I like fictional movies. Which do you like better, going to a concert or a performance. Do you like music ? I like listening to music. I often go to concert. I like the symphony.

7 What musical instrument do you play? I play the piano. My playing is not bad. Do you often watch TV? Television is very important in my life. Which program do you prefer?

8 Situation Dialogue A about studies and courses A: Good morning, nice to meet you. S1: Nice to meet you too. S2: Welcome to our university. I hope you will spend a nice time with us. A: You are from different secondary schools.What are your majors? Are you busy with your studies this term? S1:Let me introduce myself, my name is Pan Xusheng and I am from “school of elementary education” and my major is primary school education (pre-school education).It is the third year for my study in University.

9 A: How many courses do you have for this semester? S1:I have four required courses, including Educational Psychology, Pedagogy, Curriculum in primary school,etc.Besides, I also take two optional courses, one is a bilingual course and the other is a computer course. A: I think it is extremely great. You do have a busy schedule(You will be filled fully.). What subject do you do best? Are you happy about your work?

10 S1:I am doing quite well in Educational Psychology ; and in other subject, I am an average student. A: How are you getting along with your bilingual course? S1:To be honest, I can cope with the written exam, but I still have been having some difficulties in listening and speaking. A: Could you tell me why you choose this bilingual lesson?

11 S1: During the first two years in university, we have English lesson every week and we have opportunity to practice English. While after the second year, to tell you the truth, I seldom speak English. I think the best way to improve my oral English is to speak as much as possible. Taking bilingual course, I think, is a good way to improve my English. Though it is not easy for me at this moment, I decide to stick to it. A: That’s great! I really appreciate your efforts. It is said interest is the mother of study.So it’s right to follow your feeling of interest. I believe that by the time it is over, you can really learn a lot. S1: Thanks for your encouragement! I will try my best. It was very nice talking to you.

12 Situation Dialogue B about university A: Would you please introduce your university to us ? S1: It is my pleasure. Hangzhou Normal University is a comprehensive university and is founded in 1978. It has 14 secondary schools, including school of Science, school of Humanities, school of Information Technology, school of Fine Arts, school of Foreign Language, etc. I come from School of Elementary Education.

13 S2:Hangzhou Normal University has over 14000 full-time students and over 900 full-time academic teachers. S3:There are three campus in our university, they are Xiasha campus, Wenyi campus and Yuhuangshan campus. Most of the students and some faculty members live on Xiasha campus. S4:The university has modern educational facilities, such as Computer Center, Multi-media Classrooms, Music Halls, Sports Field, library.

14 A: How do you find the atmosphere in the university? S1: The campus is very beautiful; all the teachers are kind and helpful, and students work hard. We enjoy a friendly atmosphere and comfortable studying and living environment. A: Just now you mentioned you are from the school of elementary education. Well, would you please say something about your school? S1: School of elementary education is known as a cradle of prospective teachers for primary school and kindergarten. Our school provides 2 four-year undergraduate teacher certification programs , “elementary school education” program and “pre- school education” program. Besides, the school is qualified to provide graduate teacher certification programs .

15 S1:As we know, a teacher must have some knowledge of the subject matter and pedagogical skills. In order to make good teachers, the School of Elementary Education provides undergraduate and graduate study in education, health, nursing, communication, and the arts professions.

16 Situation Dialogue C about one’s future career A: What do you want to do after graduation? S1:You know great achievement have been made in my field, but I don’t think what I have learned so far is enough for my future work. Therefore, I want to pursue my graduate study after graduation. The more education you have, the better job you can get. S2:I think it is wise to be realistic. When I graduate, I will begin my teaching career as a primary school teacher. However, to be a primary school teacher is full of challenges. I should be open to new challenges and ideas, and continually seeks ways to improve myself,

17 S3: As an ambitious young man (woman), I am not contented to have a bachelor degree and plan to study abroad for master or doctor degree program. I never doubt that my dream will come true someday. A: Where there is a will, there is a way. Talent and a bit of luck are all you need to realize your dreams.

18 Situation Dialogue D about sports and pastimes A: How do you spend your spare time? S1: In my spare time I like to do something relating to English such as reading English story books, listening to English songs, watching English movies or TV programs. Sometimes I surf the Internet and download the E- books to read. Reading E- books is fun. In addition, it also enlarges my vocabulary.

19 S2:After periods of hard work. I take great pleasure from my hobbies. I like sports and I am fine with some sports. Sports can help me relax and make me feel more energetic. By sharing the common hobbies with others, I make more friends and gain more fun from life. S3:I always find nothing to do in my spare time except watching television. Television is very important in my life. TV is a cheap and convenient source of entertainment. TV keeps me know about the foreign countries, new events and the strangest customs in the world. Besides, TV offers an endless series of programs of entertaining.

20 S5:I have many things to do to enjoy myself after class. I can sit still all day, listening to popular and classic music. Or I like going to internet to chat with friends. Through net chatting, I can learn the society from what they say and the way they say it. S6: I do a part-time job as a tutor. The most important thing, I think, is to gain some work experience. In my part-time job, I can learn things that I can’t normally learn on campus or from books.

21 S7: I am a movie fan. I often go to movies. Recently, I saw the film “Three women”, it is directed by Zhang Yimou. I have a feeling after seeing the film that life is hard for Chinese women before.But now things have changed.Life is also not easy for men.

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