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1 Portfolio Of Proof Real People. Real Results. 169 Preston Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7P6 Telephone: 613-799-9701

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1 1 Portfolio Of Proof Real People. Real Results. 169 Preston Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7P6 Telephone: 613-799-9701 E-mail:

2 2 We’re Ottawa’s affordable boutique spa that delivers non-surgical esthetic services that use proven technologies that the rich and famous have been benefiting from for years. Our reasonably priced non-invasive services have no pre or post down time:  Cellulite treatments  Non-surgical liposuction, body sculpting  Body detox support  Muscle toning for body  Facial sculpting  Acne treatments  Removal of stretch marks, acne and surgical scars  Anti-aging skin rejuvenation and resurfacing Facial Cryoderm 4:1 (4 advanced treatments in 1 facial)  IPL Photo Facials  IPL - vascular and pigmented lesions  Permanent IPL Hair Removal  Nail Fungus elimination  Spa nights: Four Friends Receive Four Treatments 169 Preston Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7P6 Telephone: 613-799-9701 E-mail:

3 Welcome to our Portfolio of Proof. This portfolio features our clients, real people with real results. We find that many are inspired by the before and after photographs and testimonials. Please keep in mind that the number of required treatments varies and is based on several factors including:  Your goals and commitment to a healthy balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, exercise, adequate sleep and at home care such as using the hand-held wooden rollers to complement body treatments  How your body or face reacts to the treatment(s)  The length of time the problem has existed  For body contouring: the location and thickness of the fat pads and if the treatment area also has cellulite  For cellulite: the type of cellulite you have, the thickness of fat pads (if any) you have in the area that has cellulite Kind regards, Miriam

4 Before and After Stories and Pictures

5 Before Cellulite Causing her to Avoid Certain Clothes and Photographs: After Wearing Short Skirts and Bikinis This client is in her late 30s. She works in the beauty industry and is very familiar with the lotions, potions and treatments that are promoted for cellulite. In fact, she’d tried many of them before she came to us. She met Miriam and found her straight forward assessment of her trouble areas refreshing and sensed that the Iskra technology we use to be something different that makes sense. After her 14th treatment she took a beach vacation and for the first time in years she enjoyed getting her picture taken in bikinis and short skirts. Her at home care included: using the wooden rollers we sell, riding a stationary bike, a healthy diet and lots of water. She was so delighted with the results from the 14 cellulite treatments she completed more of them and added in body sculpting cavitation treatments. Her reasoning for more treatments? She wanted to fine tune her legs to even greater perfection and looking at her after pictures you can see her lovely legs, derriere and hips.

6 Before After 30 Treatments

7 Front – After 1 Treatment Front – After 3 Treatment Progress Pictures Cellulite Treatments

8 Front After 7 Cellulite Treatments

9 Rear View Before Cellulite Treatments Before After 4 Treatments

10 After 6 Cellulite Treatments

11 After 8 Cellulite Treatments After 10 Cellulite Treatments After 14 Cellulite Treatments

12 After 30 Treatments (combination of cellulite and cavitation)

13 Gooshy to Toned Legs and Derriere in 30 Treatments This client is in her 30s and like most women she is very aware of of her body, eating healthy (for the most part) and need for exercise. She also, like many women, had the belief she was going to be plagued with cellulite for the rest of her life. Miriam gave her an assessment and told her the truth, that it was going to take at least 25 treatments to get the results she wanted. More specifically, she would need a combination of cellulite and cavitation treatments to reach her goals. As you can observe in the before pictures she had cellulite that was stuck to fat which made her self conscious. She completed a 30 treatment protocol that included both cellulite and cavitation treatments. The proof is in the pictures. She now has shapely, firm legs and lifted derriere that looks as good as a teenager.

14 Before After 30 Treatments

15 6 months for a 60 Pound Weight Loss with Body Detox Support - Lymph Drainage This client is in her 50s. She, like many people who are struggling with weight issues, is very aware of diet, the need to exercise and the frustrations of not getting results. She came to us with a healthy skepticism born from past disappointments combined with the hope that our treatments could help. Based on a review of her goals, lifestyle and problem areas it was determined that the first priority would be to complete a series of lymph drainage treatments every week. These relaxing 45 minute treatment are highly effective. You lie down and are zipped into specially designed lymph drainage pants. The release and compression of the different vascular and lymphatic structures during the treatment result in the influx of blood along with nourishing elements, and the elimination of fluids and metabolic waste products. Clients often fall asleep during this relaxing treatment. When required, the lymphatic drainage is one of the steps of cellulite and cavitation treatments. Over 6 months, she completed 18 sessions and lost 60 pounds without changing other factors in her lifestyle (such as diet, exercise & sleep). She continues to see improvements and plans on continuing with other recommended treatments.

16 Before After 18 Lymph Drainage Treatments and 60 pound weight loss

17 Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle Wouldn’t Make the Love Handles Disappear: Here’s the Results of 7 Body Sculpting Cavitation Treatments This client had a story that were very familiar with. She’s in her early 30s, eats healthy and exercises regularly but couldn’t lose her stubborn love handles. This was particularly frustrating for her because she works in the health and wellness industry as a trainer. In other words, others look to her for advice and to see how well she looks. She heard about us and after reviewing our web site she made her first appointment. She left her initial consultation and treatment with the hope that this would work because she had spent 6 years trying to get rid of the “pudge that wouldn’t budge” that she believed was ruining her silhouette. After 7 treatments she had a 8cm [3”] loss. As you can see from the before and after pictures her love handles are gone and she now enjoys a svelte silhouette.

18 Before Progress Photo Success with 7 Treatments

19 Testimonials

20 Our Team and Services Oct28/2011 I have been to Slim n’ Go 4 times and each time was a pleasant experience with Miriam being very friendly and knowledgeable. I have seen some positive results and I am looking forward to their new CPT/CRYO machine's arrival. Janet Nov 2011 I've been to Slim n’ Go. All I can say is Miriam is amazing! Makes you feel right at home & gives additional natural tips to get better results! Everyone should try this. MF Nov16/2011 How can you go wrong when Miriam is on your side?? Not only you get first class treatments and care but tips and encouragements in what to do between treatments. Slim n’ Go is the place to go! Virginie Nov24/2011 I've had 5 treatments with Miriam and she has been so wonderful! Really hospitable and knowledgeable. She gives great advice and tips to add to the success and I have seen some good results. I would recommend Slim-n-Go to anyone! Thanks for everything Allison

21 March19/2012 A wonderful Miriam and her amazing skills, approach to customers and results that are visible after 2 treatments. What more a woman need if her body looks great, feels great! Good work. Alena R April 7/2012 Lovely place and great service! Miriam and her assistant Pam are very nice people and do a great job. I saw results after 1 treatment and trust in Miriam's skills ability and advice. Sandra May 2012 Dear Miriam, I just want to say 'Thank you' again for the excellent service you provided me. I have always been pleased with the service I receive at Slim N' Go, your professionalism and knowledge quickly exceeded my expectations! Alvin Our Team and Services… continued

22 May 5/2012 Miriam and her staff are absolutely amazing! I've had 11 sessions of the cellulite treatments and I've seen great improvements. I'm 18, 5'6" and I weight 130lbs. I work out with a personal trainer and I basically live at the gym. Even though I'm slim, I've had terrible cellulite since the age of 14. Miriam is like a dream come true. Her knowledge has helped me beyond belief and she is so nice! I'm looking forward to enjoying bikini season for the first time in a very long time. These treatments really work. Amanda May 10/2012 Dear Mirka, thank you for the treatment. This was my first one and I am looking forward to my new body. Thanks. Jana May 15/2012 Thank you so much for such wonderful warm service. I have been coming for weeks and I see fabulous results. I can wear shorts once again. Angela July 10/2012 Miriam & Staff, thank you for the personal touch. I will certainly recommend your services. Judi

23 Cellulite Treatments and Body Sculpting (Cavitation) October 2011 I have been here 3 times so far and I love the results. Miriam is amazing and friendly. Everyone should try this. Better than liposuction. Glad it's finally here. Pauline, Ottawa Nov 2011 I lost 4cm [1.5”] off my belly w these treatments and the experience was relaxing and pleasant. Thanks MS Nov4/2011 I have lost 4 cm [1.5”] on my waist and 3 cm [1”] on my stomach. Miriam is so professional and kind! An amazing experience in every way. Leah Nov11/2011 All I can say is WOW!! Thank you so much Miriam! Lost 9 cm [3.5”] on my tummy after only 4 treatments. I'll be back. Michele

24 Cellulite Treatments and Body Sculpting (Cavitation)… continued Nov15/2011 I'm here on my 4th treatment and I'm extremely happy with the difference I see. I had the cellulite treatment on my bum and back thighs and I can see a huge difference. I hope with a couple more treatments it'll be smooth. Totally recommend it! Rose Nov22/2011 I've had 4 treatments & am very happy with the results. To be honest I didn't expect to lose 7 cm [2.7”] in a short time. I will recommend Miriam to my friends. Luisa

25 Cellulite Treatments and Body Sculpting (Cavitation)… continued Dec 22/2011 This is my 4th treatment. I didn't know what to expect, I just wanted to do something about what I considered problem areas. A busy lifestyle that didn't allow for working out as much made me try Slim n’ Go. I was pleasantly surprised that the 'look of cellulite' had drastically decreased on the front of my thighs after just one session. Miriam is very knowledgeable about how to get to your optimal state. Customer participation in the plan is critical to see exceptional results but even with 'off days', results were noticeable. Thank you Miriam for your enthusiasm, encouragement & kindness! Mika, Ottawa Jan 17/2012 I have been to Slim N'Go 3 times now. I have had a good time each time, it has been a new experience for me. I originally scheduled for 2 cavitation sessions, however, I was recommended to go 5 more times. I appreciated the advice and booked the next 5 appointments. It would also be helpful to know more products/things to do to help treat cellulite with my problem areas. De

26 Cellulite Treatments and Body Sculpting (Cavitation)… continued Feb10/2012 I'm in midpoint of a 14 Cav [body sculpting caviation] plus Lymph drainage program. I am AMAZED at the results. I could not be happier to have found Slim & Go. Miriam is amazing! Thank you. Debby Feb14/2012 I have been to Slim n' Go for 9 times and the difference in my legs is amazing. I tried other treatments before and nothing worked the same way as this one. I am very happy to have found this place and with the results. Adriana Feb14/2012 UPDATE - 10 cellulite treatments All I can say is 'WOW' Everyday I can not believe these thighs belong to me. I had an extreme case for my age and weight (37, 130lbs) and I can not be happier with my results. Can't wait to see the full results. Thanks Miriam! Jacqueline

27 Cellulite Treatments and Body Sculpting (Cavitation)… continued Feb25/2012 I just completed my 4th cavitation treatment on my abdomen. I can really feel the difference when I wear my pants. I've lost 5cm [1.9”]. I've enjoyed each treatment. Thank you Miriam. Sonia Feb27/2012 I'm just completing my 4th treatment for cellulite reduction and have noticed a big difference in the way my legs are looking. I am very pleased with the results and will continue to come for the recommended 7 treatments. Miriam is very knowledgeable and approachable in terms of asking questions and giving recommendations on how to deal with cellulite. Thank you so much. Lisa May 5/2012 It's amazing that after 1 treatment I lost 3cm [1.18”] on my tummy. You are very professional. I really appreciate all your knowledge. Thank you so much again. PS: I'm ready for the summer. Alvin

28 Cellulite Treatments and Body Sculpting (Cavitation)… continued May 10/2012 I have had 2 treatments of the fat reduction + green [Green Former] treatment with Miriam and have seen incredible results. 8cm [3”] from hips and 6cm [2.3”] from waist! I am dieting and exercising as well, so combined with the treatments at Slim N' Go, I am seeing great results. You will too! Combining all 3 is like a new lifestyle for me. I highly recommend Slim N' Go but listen to Miriam's advice + do the exercises and diet too! Thank you. Diane L. June 20/2012 Very happy with my legs after a couple packages of cellulite reduction treatments! Sometimes when I look down, it's as if I am looking at someone else's legs....definitely worth the cost! Miriam knows her stuff! Jill June 22/2012 I am now one of Miriam's "POSTER CASES." Amazing transformation to my problematic thighs - I should have done this when I was...well let's just say 20 yrs ago. Where were you Miriam? So glad, I found you, your great staff + amazing technology. Lucie

29 Cellulite Treatments and Body Sculpting (Cavitation)… continued June 28/2012 Have seen great results so far after 3 sessions. Thanks so much! Will definitely recommend your service! Page July 5/2012 I wish, I had done this years’ ago. Now it is taking more time to address my problem areas. Great results so far. Lori August 16/2012 After only 4 sessions of cavitation for my thighs I've seen great results. Miriam is very professional, friendly and definitely knows what she is doing. Thanks for everything Miriam! Cynthia September 4/2012 All I can say is 'WOW' what a transformation. I have had cellulite for thighs and the difference was amazing. I have also had cavitation for love handles post baby which are now completely gone! We are now working on inner thighs & even after the first treatment I noticed a significant difference while walking back to my car, less inner thigh rubbing! Very happy to have found Miriam & her team. Laurie

30 Facials February 27/2012 Lines-fine & deeper? Get the 4 in 1 facial. Oh my goodness! 1st treatment showed a difference…treatments after that show more and more results. Hard to believe but I and others really notice the results. Try it. Laura

31 Technology & Results Oct29/2011 I have been to 3 appointments and have noticed difference after the first appointment. The results are amazing and I intend to come back to reach optimal results. Keep in mind it does work but the client must do their part as well exercise, eat well Cathy June 7/2012...the technology that you have brought to Ottawa-when combined with nutrition and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle - is groundbreaking. As a sufferer of PCOS, tipping the scales back towards health is so vital. Thank you for everything in this first round with me as a returning client. I'll be back in the winter sometime … to continue towards the path to balance... Cara L.

32 Body Detox Support – Lymph Drainage Dec20/2011 I've had 5 treatments of lymph drainage and all I can say is 'WOW'. This is just amazing and terrific. I can already feel my pants loosen. And I just love Miriam with her magical touch and special advice. Continue your great work. J. M., Russell ON

33 Toe Nail Fungus Elimination April 22/2012 Thank you for your help with repairing the fungus in my toes nails. You are so kind and gentle. I really appreciate all your knowledge in this matter. All the best in your business. Love Judi+Larry

34 Current Specials Body Sculpting & Cellulite It’s time to get rid of the unattractive localized pockets of fat pads and cellulite that even a healthy diet and active lifestyle can’t get rid of. Choosing Slim ‘n Go’s risk free alternative to liposuction means no anesthesia, scars, discomfort or down-time. The two-step precision cavitation treatments are used for targeting localized fat on the body (upper arms, love handles, abdomen, buttocks, inner knees, thighs, saddlebags and chest on men). The three-step cellulite treatments are typically for legs and hips but some people choose to address cellulite on their arms or stomachs. 8 Multi-Step Treatments that are 1 ½ hours each for $399 + HST (regular price $140/treatment or $79/treatment in a package) 50% Off Facial CryoDerm 4 in 1 - 4 advanced treatments in 1 facial 1. Diamond Micro Dermabrasion - to induce collagen stimulation & creation of the epidermis while removing dead skin cells. 2. Radial endodermo therapy (RDT®) - the vacuum technology, that stimulate the skin’s natural nourishing substances including oxygen, ologo-elements and enzymes 3. CPTechnology™ - that uses radiofrequency to activate fibroblasts & the formation of new collagen for muscle toning 4. Cryo therapy - deep cooling, that speeds up biochemical & physiochemical processes by causing vasoconstriction for fine line removal & skin tone improvement 4 Facials with bonus Lymph drainage package for $240 + HST 50% Off Permanent Hair Removal We have a track record of safely, effectively, and permanently removing hair from virtually any skin type and hair colour. Receive 50% off the regular price of a 5 treatment package for: Brazilian, underarm, ½ leg or back

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