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Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) 1274 233081 website: Making a good UCAS application Dr Roger Ash Head.

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1 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: Making a good UCAS application Dr Roger Ash Head of Admissions University of Bradford

2 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: UCAS forms are designed to make the life of every sixth-former pure living hell.

3 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website:

4 This is a cinch compared with the dreaded third page... THE PERSONAL STATEMENT The first part is easy...

5 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: UCAS Personal Statement 1. Provide some reference as to why you are interested in the course(s), e.g. career requirements flexibility delays need to specialise/keeps options open particular subject combinations etc.

6 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: Given that I gain greater satisfaction from the pursuit of the biological-, rather than the chemical-, sciences, and the fact the may interests lie within the general area of functional/comparative animal biology, I have selected these courses which will satisfy these interests and also enable me to remain flexible with respect to my choice of specialisation and hence likely career opportunities within the biological sciences.

7 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: By this means I feel comfortable that I can enter upon a chosen course and, as my knowledge base expands, make those important decisions regarding the route of specialisation from a more informed position that I am now currently able.

8 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: In addition, I feel that my course selection has also retained the ability for me to pursue aspects of marine biology in combination with either a more molecular or systematic approach.

9 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: i.e. demonstrates that you “know what it is all about” and that you have shown prior interest in, and research concerning, your intended career path (even if not particularly focused at this stage) e.g. work shadowing, community service, part-time employment 2. Refer to any relevant experience you may have had which relates to career aspirations.

10 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: part-time employment society membership and positions competitive experiences (enterprise, young scientist, debating society, sport...) 3. Provide reference to, and evidence of, inter-personal skills via:

11 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: e.g. Duke of Edinburgh award, St John’s Ambulance etc. 4. Refer to any hobbies, particular skills or achievements

12 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: I work in a shop and, if I am honest, I do because I need the money True, I have learnt some useful things: How to fold sweaters faster than customers unfold them What colour socks men of different ages buy There’s my Saturday Job

13 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: Creative Writing! “My part-time job in retail has improved my understanding of the business world and has given me valuable experience in time management and customer relations” What use is this for my personal statement?

14 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: At present I have a part-time job in a local pizza outlet and... “I have found that this employment has developed my sense of responsibility; my ability to act as part of a team and has provided me a valuable experience in communicating with the general public (developing the art of conflict resolution!)”

15 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: “... Whilst it is true that I have not involved myself in a large number of school-based activities, I have enjoyed a good circle of friends and have taken part in most sporting activities at the level of the competent team member rather than the more gifted competitor”

16 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: “...Nevertheless, I have reached a level in..., and through my involvement with a local Sunday soccer team, I have taken part in tournaments in both Germany and Holland”

17 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: Gap Year Include reference to: initiative taken current status what you will be doing what do you expect to gain indicate relevance to course(s) applied for

18 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: “ I have enjoyed my time at school and look forward to the challenge of studying for a degree and to developing my own independence by attending University.”

19 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: Demonstrate that you can write concisely and that you are an interesting and intellectually attractive proposition for University entrance. 5. Avoid a simple list format

20 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: Make it relevant to all your choices Do not alienate an institution Personal Statement

21 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: I own my own pony and I exorcise him daily My mother and I frequently attend dog shows where we have won many prizes Spelling and Grammar

22 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: Royal Geographic Society has three sample personal statements to help those applying for geography degrees St Barts and Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry has an Admissions Forum with loads of postings on getting into Medical School: See also: Personal Statements on the web

23 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: Relate the application to the course applied for? Suggest careful thinking about what s/he want to do? Convey a ‘feel’ of the sort of person s/he is? Get across personal qualities/aptitude/competencies/skills? How does the applicant...

24 Enquiries: tel: +44 (0) website: Dr Roger Ash Contact Us

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