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University of Oslo by Canzoniere Andrea. Where is Oslo?

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1 University of Oslo by Canzoniere Andrea

2 Where is Oslo?

3 How to get to Oslo You can reach Oslo by plane. Low cost flights land in Torp (cheap but it takes 3 hrs to Oslo) ;while from Gardamoen it takes less than 1 hour.

4 Something about Oslo Oslo is a small city with a population of just people. Norwegians are shy, but honest and friendly. The landscape is characterized by woods, fiords, mountains and lakes. The weather is cold in the winter, but dry; but the summer is used to be sunny.



7 About accommodation Student house of St Hanshaugen 13 floors Each floor has 16 rooms well furnished with 2 showers in common 3 bathrooms in common 1 kitchen in common Laundry service 350 euro per month for the accommodation

8 International Finance (10 credits) Entrepreneurship & Innovation (5 credits) Leadership & Personnel Responsibility (5 credits) International Legal Relations ( 10 credits) Spring Semester

9 Something to see Royal Palace Karl Johan Gate Vigeland Park Viking trip

10 Costs of life To be honest I do not suggest Oslo as a city for students. Why? Life is expensive: groceries, accommodation, clubs, pubs If you are not 22-3 is difficult to enjoy the night-life

11 Positive features Discovering another culture Honest and friendly people Amazing landscapes Improving english (English is the 2° language and everybody speak)

12 My personal experience I had a good time in Oslo because I faced another culture, that maybe from the Italian point of view could seem strange. The University offers well structured courses. I got many friends and saw amazing places, and I have learnt to sky as well. Contatto:

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