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University of Oslo by Canzoniere Andrea. Where is Oslo?

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1 University of Oslo by Canzoniere Andrea

2 Where is Oslo?

3 How to get to Oslo You can reach Oslo by plane. Low cost flights land in Torp (cheap but it takes 3 hrs to Oslo) ;while from Gardamoen it takes less than 1 hour.

4 Something about Oslo Oslo is a small city with a population of just 540000 people. Norwegians are shy, but honest and friendly. The landscape is characterized by woods, fiords, mountains and lakes. The weather is cold in the winter, but dry; but the summer is used to be sunny.



7 About accommodation Student house of St Hanshaugen 13 floors Each floor has 16 rooms well furnished with 2 showers in common 3 bathrooms in common 1 kitchen in common Laundry service 350 euro per month for the accommodation

8 International Finance (10 credits) Entrepreneurship & Innovation (5 credits) Leadership & Personnel Responsibility (5 credits) International Legal Relations ( 10 credits) Spring Semester

9 Something to see Royal Palace Karl Johan Gate Vigeland Park Viking trip

10 Costs of life To be honest I do not suggest Oslo as a city for students. Why? Life is expensive: groceries, accommodation, clubs, pubs If you are not 22-3 is difficult to enjoy the night-life

11 Positive features Discovering another culture Honest and friendly people Amazing landscapes Improving english (English is the 2° language and everybody speak)

12 My personal experience I had a good time in Oslo because I faced another culture, that maybe from the Italian point of view could seem strange. The University offers well structured courses. I got many friends and saw amazing places, and I have learnt to sky as well. Contatto:

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