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WRRO Update WRRO: advocacy, academic reactions and links with Research Information Systems Rachel Proudfoot White Rose Research Online Officer.

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1 WRRO Update WRRO: advocacy, academic reactions and links with Research Information Systems Rachel Proudfoot White Rose Research Online Officer

2 Supporting open access  A fun author rights video A fun author rights video  Open Access 101 from SPARC Open Access 101 from SPARC

3 1. Brief WRRO refresher 2. Three common reactions from researchers 3. Stats 4. Communications 5. Research Information Systems

4 White Rose Research Online  Repository – online database of research papers Repository – online database of research papers  Where possible, made freely available to all  All research staff at Leeds, Sheffield and York can deposit  “RAE” type – REF type content: Peer-reviewed, give-away literature ordinarily behind a subscription barrier Books  (White Rose Etheses Online)

5 Who?  All of us!  Steering Group: Bo Middleton, Denise Harrison, Elizabeth Harbord  Advocacy Group: Jane Saunders, Marion Tattersall, Karen Smith  WRRO staff: Rachel Proudfoot, Archana Sharma- Oates  Leeds: Jodie Double, John Salter, Gemma Storr  Sheffield: Anthea Tucker  York: Lucy Jaques

6 Open Access Routes  “Gold route”: open access publishing  Hybrid journals: publishers have their cake and eat it!  “Green route”: self-archiving

7 Scenario handout What issues are raised by the academics’ reaction? How would you respond?

8 “ I signed away my copyright to Massive Publishing Inc. There’s no way I can deposit. I don’t want to get sued.”

9  Just because you signed your copyright away, don’t assume you can’t self-archive  (Just because you kept your copyright, don’t assume you can do what the heck you want!)  (What are the key publishers in your area?)  Nothing goes live straight away  Seek permission  Manage risk  Reassurance: if in doubt, deposit anyway

10 “I’m sure this repository thing is all very laudable but I’m busy. I’ve got links to my publications on my web site, you can just take them and do whatever you want with them. Though, to be honest, I can’t see anyone going to this White Rose site to read stuff.”

11  Scalability  Is there anyone in the department who can help?  What versions are on the web site?  How can we get their new publications?  Adding an individual record is very quick (a few minutes)  Usage statistics  Personal pages often have dead links  Will this problem be solved by Research Information Systems?  Misunderstanding – how WRRO accessed.

12 “Oh, so the copy in the WR repository isn’t the same as the one in the journal? I’m not sure I like that idea. Anyway, my research is very specialised – everyone who needs to read it already can.”

13  Assumption that all potential readers can access  Is some access better than no access?  Front page – clarifies version to the end user  Include DOI / link to published copy  Funders: AHRC: “ ensure deposit of a copy of any resultant articles published in journals or conference proceedings in an appropriate repository“ “[respect] current copyright and licensing policies”

14 Statistics  Authors love stats!  IRS monthly download for the entire repository and at the individual paper/thesis level, visitors list the top ten papers/theses, top ten university domains, keywords with full text download traffic from search engines and other sites downloads from particular countries

15 Useful impact data End Jan 2007: external reference on the Wikipedia "Canonical correlation” page at =Canonical_correlation End Sept 2006: NIPS 2006 workshop linked to this eprint from its webpage University of Southampton & Key Perspectives (2007) Interoperable Repository Statistics. JISC Digital Deluge Conference, Manchester, June 5th - 6th. [accessed 26/11/09] Canonical correlation analysis

16 From Google Analytics Last 12 months  127,652 unique visitors came from 202 countries/territories  329,258 Page Views  UK  USA  Canada  India  Australia  Germany  China Top referring site

17  RSS feed  Information Studies Information Studies  Twitter  /wrro /wrro

18 WRRO Communication Strategy Key messages  White Rose research will be easy to find and reach a wide audience.  Open access raises the profile of individual researchers.  Open access is supported by research funders.  Deposit is easy.  Repository staff can help with copyright.

19 Communication Plan  Your mission: to get information about WRRO and open access to your departments by fair means or foul!  What method, when, who….

20 RIS@RHUL Web of Science PubMed etc Research Managers Institutional Repository Importing of bibliographic data Researchers Validation of bibliographic data Submission of research artefacts Depositing research artefacts Research Management System Library staff Querying of research output data HEFCE HRID MgtCMS Querying RHUL Systems Submission of bibliographic data WWW Updating researchers’ websites Grants REF Reproduced with permission from Tim Wales





25  Leeds – refer to Symplectic  York and Sheffield – continue to refer to White Rose  Selling point – anything deposited now will appear in the RIS once it’s up and running  Boost your visibility, make your work available!

26 Searches  IRS – dopamine “Gurney” IRS  WorldCat - Translating animal art: Salin’s Style I and Anglo-Saxon cast saucer brooches WorldCat  Google / Scholar  Scirus – saucer brooches Scirus  BASE – saucer brooches BASE

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