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THE GREAT GATSBY By: Divinity Stephens 10 th Grade.

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1 THE GREAT GATSBY By: Divinity Stephens 10 th Grade


3 TASK To complete the task… You will be placed in groups of fours and come together and determine the theme the novel. As well as getting into the characters minds and thoughts. Please answer questions that are given and develop the overall theme for the novel from each characters point of view. You may use other sources but have to run them by me first. This video will help with this task.

4 CHARACTER LIST  Jay Gatsby Jay Gatsby  Nick Carraway Nick Carraway  Daisy Buchanan Daisy Buchanan  Tom Buchanan Tom Buchanan  Jordan Baker Jordan Baker  Myrtle Wilson Myrtle Wilson

5 JAY GATSBY Do you really know “Gatsby”?? What can you infer the way the character is developed. Questions that need to be answered! What is the true meaning of Jay Gatsby ? What are the events that developed his personality ? Who made a significant difference in this life? What makes Gatsby ‘great’? Why was money so important to him? Why did Gatsby drop out of college?

6 NICK CARRAWAY Questions that need to be answered! What is his role in the novel? How can he forget his own Birthday? Was he the tread that kept Daisy and Gatsby together? Was money important to him? why or why not. Is he a reliable storyteller, or does his version of events seem suspect?

7 DAISY BUCHANAN Questions that need to be answered! Who was Daisy? What role did she play to Gatsby? Where did Daisy meet Gatsby? Was money the thing that made her? What did she stand for ? Why does she choice her husband over Gatsby? Why did she kill Myrtle? Was it Daisy fault that Gatsby got murder ?

8 TOM BUCHANAN Questions that need to be answered! Who is Tom and what does he stand for ? Why did he cheat on his wife? Is money important to him? Why does he not like Gatsby? How does he treat his wife? Does this reflect on his character ? Why does Tom hit Myrtle at his apartment in New York City? Is Tom the most responsible for Gatsby’s death?

9 JORDAN BAKER Questions that need to be answered! What is Jordan Baker’s occupation? Why does she stop dating Nick? What does her Character stand for? Why does she act like nothing is going on? Is she just there to rip the benefits from being friends with Daisy? (Money wise ) The flapper girl of that time ??

10 MYRTLE WILSON Questions that need to be answered! Why Myrtle unhappy with her relationship with George her Husband? Is her relationship with Tom any better? Is this because of her stand in society? Explain. How does she die?

11 GEORGE WILSON Questions that need to be answered! Does he know that Myrtle is cheating on him? What is his stand in society ? How does others around treat him? Why does he kill Gatsby? imagine that Wilson and Gatsby had a conversation before the murder.

12 RUBRIC Sophisticated (3 points each) Competent (2 points each) Not Yet Competent (1 point each) Research Quality (e.g. use of varied sources, evaluated and validated sources, accurate information) Information is accurate; resources are legitimate; resources are varied when appropriate Information is mostly accurate with only a few minor errors; one resource may be questionable; resources good but not varied enough Information is unreliable and/or inaccurate; resources are not valid Broad spectrum of information (e.g. on political, economic, social, historical and geographical dimensions) Includes all five dimensionsIncludes four of the five dimensions Includes three or less dimensions Content of Presentation Substantive use of information (e.g. explanations on political, economic, social, historical and geographical dimensions are complete and helpful; made connections, inferences, drew conclusions, noted convergence and divergence among resources) Explanations of dimensions are complete and helpful and indicate how the dimensions interact with each other; draw conclusions, make connections and inferences Explanations are complete and helpful but include little or no interaction among dimensions or explanations aren’t quite as complete or helpful but there is an indication of interaction among dimensions; draw some conclusions and make some inferences but miss obvious ones Incomplete and/or not helpful explanations with little or no indication of interaction among dimensions; presents others’ information without analysis (e.g. drawing conclusions, making comparisons, connections and inferences)

13 CONCLUSION Students will think of as many adjectives as possible that can describe each character as a group. Each group will tell the rest of the class their adjectives, and the class try to work out who the character is. After the class guessing which character it is that student will go into answering the questions that were given as well as their groups point of view of that character. Weather that is just an oral or both PowerPoint and oral presentation. The students will gather information from these pretentions and gain a better understanding of the novel and the “American Dream”.

14 SOURCES  picture on slide 4  on slide 2.  picture on slide 5,6,7,8, 9 and 10  Picture on slide 11

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