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Occidental Petroleum PeopleSoft 8.9 HR Delta Overview June 2006.

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2 Occidental Petroleum PeopleSoft 8.9 HR Delta Overview June 2006

3 HR Delta Overview Upgrading to Version 8.9 PeopleSoft v8.3 v8.9

4 HR Delta Overview Topics  Why we’re upgrading  What’s changing  What’s not changing  Changes to the Home page  Improved search capabilities  Changes to documentation and training  Changes to page and table components  Oxy contingent workers  Numbering employee/contingent worker records  Terminology changes

5 HR Delta Overview Why We’re Upgrading What Are the Benefits?  Improved ease-of-use resulting from restructured, streamlined components and pages  Support of version 8.9 extended to 2013 by Oracle  Ability to use 8.9 HR CRM and 8.9 ePerformance (360 and Performance Manager) applications (not compatible with our current version, 8.3sp1)  More robust functionality resulting from enhancements to eDevelopment, Time & Labor, eRecruit, and employee types

6 HR Delta Overview What’s Changing?  Consolidated/restructured PeopleSoft pages  Improved management of contingent workers (CWR) and persons of interest (POI)  Using “person model” architecture  Effective (future) dating of dependent and beneficiary information

7 HR Delta Overview What’s Not Changing?  User roles and responsibilities  Business processes

8 HR Delta Overview PeopleSoft Home Page  Navigation: > Oxylink  PeopleSoft sign-in page  Single, vertically expanding menu (menu pagelet)  Navigation pane  Page links

9 HR Delta Overview Changing Feature – New Window  New Window link  Feature now available on all pages

10 HR Delta Overview Menu Pagelet Search Function  Search using words from page names  Search within results  Use “Hide Summaries” feature

11 HR Delta Overview New Advanced Search Features  Search operators  Second Name field

12 HR Delta Overview Changes to Documentation – Reference Guides

13 HR Delta Overview Changes to Documentation – QRGs  QRG = Quick Reference Guides  QRGs  Navigation Quick Reference  Position Management Quick Reference  PeopleSoft HR 8.9 Data Map Cheat Sheet

14 HR Delta Overview Changes to Training – WBT Programs  WBT = Web-based Training Programs  Two WBTs available from PeopleSoft menu  PeopleSoft Basics & Navigation  HR View Only

15 HR Delta Overview WBTs

16 HR Delta Overview Changes to PeopleSoft Page Components  Personal Data component  Job Data component  Dependent Information component  Pay Rate change component  Additional pages

17 HR Delta Overview Personal Data Component  Pages have been renamed and reorganized  Organizational Relationships page available when you add a person to the database  Identity/Diversity information has been consolidated on the Biographical Details page  Referral fields have been moved from the Identify/Diversity page in v8.3 to the Person Applicant Information page in v8.9

18 HR Delta Overview Job Data & Personal Data Date Field Changes

19 HR Delta Overview Personal Data Date Field Changes (continued)

20 HR Delta Overview Job Data Component  Page names remain the same  Work Location page contains a Calculate Status and Dates button  Employee Status field replaced by HR Status and Payroll Status  Date fields have been relocated from the Employee Information page to Work Location  Some of the date fields now have override check boxes

21 HR Delta Overview Job Data Component (continued)  Job Information page now contains Supervisor ID field  Account Code field replaced by Combination Code field  Names of Employee Information date fields have changed  Pay Components region, Compensation page, has new Controls tab

22 HR Delta Overview Dependent Information Component  Number of pages have changed (from 4 to 3)  Federal Medicare Flags now on Personal Profile page  Effective date (future date) beneficiary and dependent information, including name and address  Personal Profile page:  Personal History region added  Now contains federal Medicare Flag and Entitled Date field  Includes date fields for Student, Smoker & Disabled check boxes

23 HR Delta Overview Pay Rate Change Component  Page names remain the same:  Employee Profile (now contains Last Increase Dt field)  Salary Plan  Compensation  Job Earnings Distribution

24 HR Delta Overview Additional Components and Pages  Current Job component  Changes similar to those in Job Data component  Employee Data Summary page  Payroll Status field replaces Employee Status field  Date fields have been revised  Job Summary page  Action field replaces Short Description field

25 HR Delta Overview Miscellaneous Pages  Maintain Bank Accounts page (foreign locations only)  Page name updated from Bank Account Information  Bank Details region is new  Prior Work Experience page  Person ID field replaces EmplID field  Last Updated field is new  Work Responsibilities field is new  Ending Pay Rate, Currency Code, and Pay Frequency fields have been removed

26 HR Delta Overview Changes to PeopleSoft Table Components  Department table component  Job Code table component  Location table component  Position Data table component Navigation HR Administration > PeopleSoft Tables

27 HR Delta Overview Department Table Component  Departments search page  Manager ID has been added as a new key field  Department Profile page  Manager Type region is new  Budget Level field has been moved

28 HR Delta Overview Job Code Table Component  Job Code Profile page  Job Profile ID field is new  Evaluation Criteria page  Effective Date & Description fields switched positions  Market Pay Match page  Replaces Salary Survey page  Default Compensation page  Effective Date & Description fields switched positions  Non-Base Compensation page  Can now add rows and update fields

29 HR Delta Overview Location Table Component  Location Address page  Address fields consolidated  Location Profile page  Regulatory Region field name replaces Reg Region  Establishment ID field name replaces Estab ID  Payroll for North America region is new  Select an establishment ID to associate with a location

30 HR Delta Overview Position Data Table Component  Description page  Consolidates three pages from version 8.3: Description, Work Location, and Job Information  Three fields have been added  Specific Information page  Two fields have been added  Budget and Incumbents page  Three fields have been added  Now contains a link to Job Data  Multiple Supervisors page  Account Code field is now Combination Code  Can now sort by column headings

31 HR Delta Overview Add Employees, CWRs, and POIs  Non-employees are now called “contingent workers” (CWRs)  Contingent workers who become employees now have a single record  Streamlined process to change employee types  Contingent Worker  Employee  Employee  Contingent Worker  Add a Person of Interest (POI)  Surviving spouses receiving NA Payroll payments now added as POIs

32 HR Delta Overview Organizational Instances & Employee Record #s  PeopleSoft version 8.9 uses organizational instances and employee records to create and update job records  Organizational instance is a single occurrence of an organizational relationship  To add an organizational instance, use the Add an Employment Instance or Add Contingent Worker functions

33 HR Delta Overview Employee Record #s  Record numbers auto-assigned  Empl Rcd # field displays on Work Location page  All initial employee, contingent worker, and person-of-interest records are assigned “0”  Record numbers increases sequentially when an employment instance is added  Contingent worker is terminated and then added as an employee  Employee is terminated and then added as contingent worker

34 HR Delta Overview Searching for Persons with Multiple Record Numbers  Search returns multiple results; identified by record number  Customization to be added to identify organizational relationship

35 HR Delta Overview Terminology Changes  Breadcrumbs  Contingent Worker  Hire/Add a Person  HR Status  Navigation  Organizational Relationship  Person of Interest (POI)  Pagelet  Payroll status

36 HR Delta Overview Questions???

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