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Gameplay: the first and last 10% Paul Taylor 2010.

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1 Gameplay: the first and last 10% Paul Taylor 2010

2 The First 10% Game Tutorials Based on:

3 Why do they suck? enshots/448/game_tutorial.png

4 To teach a player well, we need to know: How the players learn.....

5 Visual Learners People who learn through seeing stuff(NOT READING) _StudySkills/study_tuts/learning%20styles/gra phics/visual.gif

6 Teaching Visual Learners Use colours to highlight important text, they will miss a LOT of the text displayed Icons work far better than names Allow them to go over instructions at their own pace. – Red Dead Redemption kept a log book that provided this WindowsLiveWriterWhywebelieveinvisuallearn ing_8806brainTalking37.png 2UEcsgRM:

7 Aural Learners This is how University typically teaches Blah Blah Blah Blah -MMM/Math/lecture.gif

8 Teaching Aural Learners Just give them heaps of text and speech. The only thing to avoid is forcing them through parts they’d rather skip http://needle-

9 Aural vs Visual Learners

10 Kinetic Learners Learn by Moving Not to be confused with Learn by doing



13 So we know how people like to learn, but how do they acquire their knowledge? Knowledge acquisition styles are complimentary to learning styles

14 Explorative Acquisition People who do stuff ‘just to see what happens’ Risk Takers They WILL push the red button

15 Modelling Acquisition People who don’t just jump into things They want to know what the red button will do, BEFORE they will push it. Ideally they’d like to see someone perform the required action, before they do. Players may like to repeat an action until they are satisfied that they understand it properly.

16 A Tutorial for Explorative Learners:

17 Example Time rgunner

18 Absent of Tutorials:

19 The Tutorial is more fun than the game:

20 A pretty, yet still explorative tutorial:

21 Can you figure out how the game works just from this:

22 What about the Interface? It’s supposed to be transparent to the player – This infers they must understand it well

23 Explorative vs Modelling A tutorial for Exp. players will be too quick and uncertain for Mod. players. A tutorial for Mod. players will be very dull to an Exp. player. How can you combine these together?

24 Combining Modelling and Explorative approaches: We must allow player repetition, without forcing it We must allow explorers to skip through everything, perhaps even the whole tutorial

25 among-thieves-2009/

26 Uncharted as an Example Uncharted does a good job at appeasing both the exp and the mod players Naughty Dog uses a combination of time and increasingly obvious hints – In addition the ‘Notebook’ is always available to cheat assist in tasks.

27 among-thieves-2009/

28 Easy Joe Graphically soooo basic, yet really pretty!

29 The Last 10% Continued Player Motivation and Engagement Based on: Motivation_Engagement.php

30 /TAz9QV0x_HI/AAAAAAAAAv8/7egMok jx3eo/s1600/motivation2.jpg

31 Mastery Most commonly represented as ‘levelling up’ A players long term satisfaction is tied with meaningful growth. Levelling up only provides this if the player gains something meaningful when they level.

32 Autonomy Making the player feel in control... This can be as simple as giving them multiple tasks to choose from (such as sim city) Or more complicated, such as making their crops die if they don’t tend to these. solutions-tags-s.jpg Robot.jpg

33 Relatedness / Interdependence Making Players feel like they are contributing in a meaningful way. It could be as simple as giving different players different roles. TF2, America’s Army It could be as complex as WoW, allowing each player to feel unique. people.jpg

34 Rewards aren’t Rewarding! Over-rewarding can shift the focus from playing the game, to getting the reward Much like a friendship forged on throwing money at each other, it will become empty if the money ever stops (or even stops increasing)

35 mxQKI/AAAAAAAABBM/7q2gFoqiRiE/s400/mo tivation,+duct+tape.jpg

36 References 0/tutorials_learning_to_play.php 0/tutorials_learning_to_play.php _StudySkills/study_tuts/learning%20styles/vis ual.html _StudySkills/study_tuts/learning%20styles/vis ual.html

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