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CGMSC Student Expectations & Discipline 2011-2012.

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1 CGMSC Student Expectations & Discipline 2011-2012

2 Attendance Expectations You are expected to be at school EVERY day! Parent must call ATTENDANCE HOTLINE to report absences Notices will be sent home informing parents about excessive absences If absences become a problem, Johnson County Probation Office will be contacted

3 Attendance Reminders If you are absent from school, you cannot do the following: participate with your team in a meet/game that evening; participate in school activities that evening, (school dances); attend sporting events that evening.

4 Message from Mr. Parker

5 Lockers Do not tell others your combination. Do not open another student’s locker. You may decorate the inside door of your locker, as long as it does not block the pull bar on your locker. If a locker jam is reported due to an item interfering with the pull bar, the item(s) will be removed and you will have to take those items home.

6 Please do not tape over the metal pull bar Please do not place heavy magnetic items on your locker door near the pull bar

7 Student Safety Students can walk to the high school, walk home or walk to the elementary school if they have parent permission AND a “walking note” on file in the front office. If a student does not have a current note on file, he or she may not walk. Students are not allowed to walk to the high school in order to board their middle school bus. If students are seen boarding their middle school bus at the HS, disciplinary actions will occur.

8 How are MSC students expected to behave?

9 CGMSC Motto: “Champions Make Choices; Choices Make Champions”

10 What happens if I make a poor choice?”


12 Consequences for Misbehavior Lower-level: Before School Detention Lunch Detention 1 period of In-School Suspension

13 Consequences Middle-level: Friday Evening School In-School Suspension

14 Consequences High-level: Out of School Suspension Expulsion

15 Discipline Log

16 Hitting, Fighting, or Causing Injury Including “horseplay” which results in an injury Could result in an Out of School Suspension Repeated offenses could result in a recommendation for expulsion and referral to the police WE WILL MAINTAIN A SAFE SCHOOL FOR ALL STUDENTS AND STAFF!

17 Possession of Illegal Items Tobacco, tobacco products, and/or alcohol Possession of drugs or look-alike drugs Weapons- including Swiss Army knives, pocket knives, etc. Making a bomb threat or false fire alarm report (such as pulling a fire alarm) These behaviors could result in Out of School Suspension and a recommendation for Expulsion

18 School Grounds/ Property Students are required to follow all school rules whenever on school grounds. The school can enforce consequences when students violate school rules. What are school grounds? – School corporation property at any time – Athletic contests (home and away), bus stops, dances, on a school bus to/from a school event, any school sponsored activity

19 Harassment and Bullying Do not physically or verbally threaten, harass, or intimidate others – This is harassment Please report such behavior immediately to a guidance counselor or school administrator This behavior could result in any of the following consequences: conference/ parent contact, Out of School Suspension, or recommendation for Expulsion STUDENTS AND STAFF WILL BE TREATED WITH RESPECT AT ALL TIMES!

20 Harassment While calling people names is not appropriate…certain types of comments will be handled with more significant consequences. – Do not make comments about a person’s: race, religion, ethnicity, gender or physical appearance – All very serious and will be handled very seriously.

21 Student Relationships The Guidance Counselors at our school- Ms. Gunn and Mrs. Thacker work with students on how to resolve conflicts with each other without being in trouble. At CGMSC we try and work through harassment issues with a guidance counselor before it is a discipline problem.

22 Misbehavior Problems & Poor Choices

23 Dress Code Guidelines Shirts must: Have sleeves, with no sheer or mesh material Cover the shoulders, chest & midriff Pants, Shorts, & Skirts must: Pass the “fingertip length” test Have no transparent holes or rips Permanently patched or mended are acceptable COMMON SENSE & COVERAGE!

24 Dress Code Inappropriate dress choices: Clothing with vulgar, sexual, or violent references Unusual coloring of the hair & face painting Drawing and writing on the body Dangling chains, sunglasses, bandanas Pajamas & other sleepwear Shoes with wheels Jackets & coats that are outerwear Piercings other than those in the ears

25 Dress Violations - Consequences 1st offense – wear appropriate clothing supplied by the office, official warning from administrator, call home 2nd (or more) offense - wear appropriate clothing supplied by office, d-slip, and consequence

26 Electronics Policy OFF and AWAY! Confiscated if seen or heard No additional warnings will be given 1 st violation – Before School Detention 2 nd + violations – Friday Evening School and then In School Suspension

27 E-Reader New this year we will be allowing students to use devices primarily designed for reading. This includes Nooks and Kindles. Tablet devices that are designed to serve other purposes including reading E-Books are not allowed in school at any time. Examples include: iPads, HP Touchpad, Toshiba Thrive, Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Phones will not be allowed as a reading device

28 Inappropriate Language F-word violations Saying, writing, or gesturing - all treated the same Friday Evening School then ISS Other language violations: D-slip and consequence Consequences will grow in severity if repeated

29 Cheating Policy All assignments are to be the work of the individual. If you cheat or allow someone else to cheat from your work, you may both receive a zero on the assignment. You may also be considered for disciplinary action.

30 Easy to remember guidelines for making good choices at MSC School is your job! Dress and act appropriately! Respect all staff, students, and visitors!

31 Success in school AAAs Yearbook party Respect of other students & adults Making Good Choices Pays

32 Let’s have a GREAT year!

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