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Study Group Review Meeting Jennifer Herbold February 19, 2014.

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1 Study Group Review Meeting Jennifer Herbold February 19, 2014

2 Agenda UbDs & Cheat Sheet Study Group Goals Curriculum Days NMSD Insider Work in Groups

3 UbDs & Cheat Sheet Reviews are progressing. If you have not gotten your UbD reviewed, let us know. Submit in a timely manner so you can get sequential feedback. Often, the feedback for all of your UbDs are the same. Do resubmit after receiving feedback. “Expert teachers” will get less and less feedback as time progresses. Some problems with Essential Questions. More problems with Assessment/Evidence. Review Cheat Sheet.

4 Study Group Goals Data Driven Instruction: Put on hold for this year. Have a clear written plan on how you will gather baseline and ongoing data on your students next year. Complete key standards if not done so already. Those will be reviewed/incorporated in our standards lists via highlighted text during the summer. All subject areas/grade levels should have a list of key topics for each course taught. This should come from the standards. The key topics will help guide our pacing/UbD development. Give each other feedback on UbDs.

5 Curriculum Days Heather is now working on organizing curriculum days. We will, with your and your supervisors’ input, assign staff to work in different curriculum groups. These groups will be largely similar to the Study Groups. We will have subs for you those days starting at 9 and ending at 3:20. We will work on various study group goals. Some groups will have additional goals (ELA-Literature List Review, for example). Curriculum days will mostly occur on Tuesdays.

6 NMSD Insider Refresh for new pages every once in a while (does not automatically refresh). Password to Subject Area Resources (Units, pacing guides, etc): 1885. We did not want those open to the public. If you feel anything is missing, let Jen know. This is a work in progress. A lot of curriculum things will be added in the next couple of months. We will review the contents of NMSDInsider again later. NMSDInsider and PowerSchool should be your go-to websites.

7 Go forth and continue the good work you are doing!

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