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Course Instructor: Hanniya Abid

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1 Course Instructor: Hanniya Abid
E-Marketing e MBA course 3 Credit Hours Course Instructor: Hanniya Abid

2 About the course This course will introduce you to many business uses of the internet. You will get both discussions of E-Marketing strategy and how to apply much of these. Organisations of all types and sizes are faced with the challenge of doing business online or risk going out of business. This has led to today’s situation of exponential growth in E-Commerce & E-Marketing. This course explores the impact of the Internet, the World Wide Web, and emerging technological innovations on the marketing of goods and services. It examines consumer response to these innovations and factors that lead to the adoption of these new technologies.

3 About the course This course prepares the student for managing and implementing marketing activities online. An emphasis is placed on the utilization of traditional marketing concepts within the emerging electronic environment. This is a 3 credit hours course. This course is motivated by the needs of organisations to conduct business electronically and the key role of Internet technologies in their marketing activities.

4 Course objectives Understand the internet, social media and other E-Marketing technologies Discuss E-Marketing business models using internet technologies Describe the internet users. Explain how the internet is used for research. Identify profitable E-Marketing strategies and tactics, such as marketing communication See several Customer Relationship Management strategies online Understand how increasing consumer control is changing the way businesses operate online Describe several legal and ethical issues regarding internet use

5 Topics include E-Marketing in Context   Past, Present, and Future   The E-Marketing Plan   E-Marketing Environment   Ethical and Legal Issues   E-Marketing Research   Consumer Behavior Online   Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation, and Positioning Strategies E-Marketing Management  Product & Pricing, E-Marketing Communication & Social Media Buying Digital Media Space Customer Relationship Management  

6 Recommended texts Judy Strauss and Raymond Frost (2012) E-Marketing, Sixth Edition. Google’s Digital Marketing material. Also, other assigned readings may be linked from the class schedule. (The internet is changing at a rapid pace; thus a lot of the latest material & trends is not in published books.)

7 How will the course be conducted
Lectures Detailed Exposure to e-Marketing areas and perspectives Completion of Course Outline Theme-Oriented MS PowerPoint Presentations Encourage Creative Thinking Review of Case Studies Extensive Class Interaction Severly Penalise Plagiarism Practical assignments Excellent Course Text Books Supplemented by Handouts Weekly Assignments / Midterm & Final Examination Detailed Subject Perspective Course Material Available at password only online area H Abid - CRM Week 01

8 Rules for students: The DO‘s
Listen attentively and carefully. Listening is the basis for comprehension which is the prerequisite for performing well in this course. If you are having anyproblems, inform your tutor immediately. Otherwise it may be too late for me to help you. . While studying and doing your assignments be inquisitive, critical and creative in your approach to learning management! 8

9 Rules for students: The DO‘s
Read the prescribed course literature. It is the basic requirement for comprehending this core course! A lot of your further study depends on thorough learning from this course. Some good advice for you: Read from the beginning of the course and NOT towards the end! You won‘t regret it. 9

10 Rules for students: The DO‘s
Please note that using only PowerPoint slides for your exam preparation is NOT sufficient! YOU MAY FAIL IF YOU DO SO! The questions in your midterm and final examinations may relate to material contained in the recommended course text books and hand-outs which may not have been discussed in detail, or at all, in class!

11 Rules for students: The DO‘s
Do contact your tutor if you have a course-related problem or problems and seek counseling preferably Ask questions! 11

12 Rules for Students: The DONT‘s
Don‘t procrastinate on your weekly class assignments. Start work immediately after receiving your topics. Do leave it toeleventh hour complaining about the problems you are having when you haven‘t done enough work. My usual response: Tough Dear! You should have started work promptly and then you wouldn‘t need to stress yourself out. Don‘t pester for more marks. Tutors evaluate my students objectively and actually devote considerable time to read line by line through each examination paper and class assignment. From nothing comes nothing – if your work is crap, be prepared to get a crappy evaluation! And don‘t whine about it. 12

13 Rules for Students: The DONT‘s
Don‘t cheat in the sessional, midterm or final examinations. If caught, you may have your paper cancelled by the department or, at the very least, you may lose a percentage of your marks. NO CHEATING & PLAGIARISM! ZERO TOLERANCE! 13

14 Rules for Students: The DONT‘s
If your class assignments have,been plagiarized or copy-pasted from the World Wide Web without referencing, you will get zero marks. I routinely check to ensure that written material submitted to me for evaluation is not plagiarized. We at CIIT have the technical means for ensuring this and we don‘t hesitate to use it.

15 Rules for students: The DONT‘s
Don‘t follow the „rote“ (Learning by Memorization) approach which you may have grown accustomed to since your schooldays. It is the WORST thing you can do in my class – apart from outright misbehaviour and cheating / plagiarism. My PowerPoint slides are meant to serve as a subject guideline only and are NOT meant to be memorized. DO NOT reproduce the contents of the slides in any of your weekly assign-ments or in any examination. In case of reproduction, marks will be heavily deducted and your precious GPA will drop like a stone from the sky. 15

16 Course Assessment The “A” Student – highly motivated, hardworking and ambitious. It gives me pleasure and inspiration to work with them. Average Student – generally a good student with some shortcomings like qualitative deficiency, difficulty in applying knowledge or lack of comprehension Horror Student – A BIG PAIN ! They show disinterest in attending class and listening to the lectures, constant fidgeting, chatting. I avoid them like plague!

17 Distribution of course assessments
Assignments , Quizzes & Projects marks Points based average Midterm Exam – 25 marks Final Examination – 50 marks At the end of the semester. H Abid - CRM Week 01

18 E-Marketing Past, Present and Future
Develop an understanding of the background, current state and future potential of e-Marketing

19 Objectives At the end of this lecture you will be able to:
Explain how advances in Internet and information technology offer benefits and challenges to consumers, businesses, marketers, and society. Distinguish between e-business and e-marketing. Explain how increasing buyer control is changing the marketing landscape. Understand the distinction between information or entertainment as data. Identify several trends that may shape future of e-marketing.

20 Internet has changed everything…
“ The Internet is transforming society. Time is collapsing. Distance is no longer an obstacle. Crossing oceans only takes a mouse click. People are connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “Instantaneous” has a new meaning. Some say the internet is changing everything. Everything, especially commerce.” -Zikmun d’Amico

21 Internet has changed everything…
“E-Commerce is the business model for the new millennium. And the engine driving e-Commerce is Marketing. To hundred of millions, “” has become as familiar as neighborhood bricks-and-mortar stores. Yet Bricks-and- mortar organizations are embracing the internet too.” – Zikmun d’Amico

22 “The old message, market, and medium have been replaced by conversation, community and connection.”

23 Google has changed everything too!
A lot of marketing buzz, or interpersonal-word-of mouth about Google. Google is the reason why so many Internet users find what they are looking for online. Offers unique page rank technology & search analysis. Markets its scalable search technology. Innovative & nonintrusive advertising Why was it such a success?

24 Google has changed everything too!
Accuracy, speed and simplicity pleases users, delivering what they want. Satisfies advertisers by giving them eyeball access to hundreds of millions of potential customers who can link from search engine. Businesses benefit by investing in Google’s technology. Everyone benefits from Google’s commitment to innovation that will help make the Internet become even more valuable environment in future.

25 The Elections -Campaign Story
Many leaders targeted year-old voters because big numbers of them are online and used the Internet to get information and connect with friends. Facebook displayed pages liked by millions. A lot of interest among voters was developed through online channel.

26 Internet The internet is a global network of interconnected networks.
and data files move over phone lines, cables and satellites. There are three types of access to the Internet: Public internet Intranet: network that runs internally in an organization. Extranet: two joined networks that share information.

27 E-business, E-commerce, E-marketing
E-business (Electronic Business) is the continuous optimization of a firm’s business activities through digital technology. E-commerce(Electronic Commerce) is the subset of e-business focused on transactions. E-marketing(Electronic Marketing) is the result of information & communication technology applied to traditional marketing.

28 E-Marketing “Achieving marketing objectives through applying electronic/digital technologies.” i.e. using the internet, and wireless media. Digital customer data and electronic customer relationship managements systems are also grouped under e-Marketing.  Remember that it is the results delivered by technology that should determine the success & investment in e- marketing, not the adoption of the technology!


30 E-Marketing E-marketing is considered not only to market the product over the internet but it includes marketing through s, ECRM (Electronic Customer Relation Management,) wireless media. E-marketing is also referred to many stages of internet marketing starting with (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), ads via websites, Social networks, s and Mobile ads.

31 Other names for E-Marketing
E-marketing vs Web Marketing vs Internet Marketing vs Digital marketing all of these expressions are referred to market the products and services using emerging communication technologies. Does the difference between these terms matter? I’ve been asked this question a lot across the years… No it doesn’t matter! Trends change

32 E-Marketing Is Bigger than the Web
The web is the portion of the Internet that supports a graphical user interface for hypertext navigation with a browser The web is what most people think about when they think of the Internet. Electronic marketing reaches far beyond the web.

33 The Web Is Only One Aspect of E-Marketing
Understanding the bigger picture is important!

34 E-Marketing Is Bigger than Technology
The Internet provides individual users with convenient and continuous access to information, entertainment, and communication. Communities form around shared photos (Flickr), videos (YouTube), and individual or company profiles (Facebook). The digital environment enhances processes and activities for businesses. Societies and economies are enhanced through more efficient markets, more jobs, and information access.

35 Global Internet Users

36 E-Marketing’s Past: Web 1.0
The Internet started in 1969 as the ARPANET, a network for academic and military use. Web pages and browsers appeared in 1993. The first generation of e-business was like a gold rush. Between 2000 and 2002, more than 500 Internet firms shut down in the U.S. By Q4 2003, almost 60% of public dot-coms were profitable.

37 Internet Timeline

38 The E Drops from E-Marketing
Gartner predicted that the e would drop, making e- business just business and e-marketing just marketing. Nevertheless, e-business will always have its unique models, concepts, and practices. Online search Online data collection


40 E-Marketing Today: Web 2.0
Web 2.0 technologies connect people with each other through social media, which have created opportunities and challenges for marketers. Power shift from sellers to buyers. Consumers trust each other more than companies. Market and media fragmentation. Online connections are critical

41 Today’s Customer rules!
“Today the customer unquestionably rules the business landscape.”

42 Well-informed customer

43 We are connected

44 Source: My Digital Life 2.0: A Consumer Gadget Map by RANDY

45 Wi-Fi Available at Low Cost
Wireless WiFi Broadband in Village Pakistan


47 Acquiring a Customer from Social Media

Internet adoption matures. Online retail sales reach 4% of all sales. Search engines are now reputation engines. Content is still king. Improved online and offline strategy integration Intellectual capital rules 60% broadband adoption at home The long tail

49 The Future – Web 3.0 Lines between traditional and new media are blurring. Appliances are converging and becoming “smart.” Wireless networking is increasing. Semantic web will provide worldwide access to data on demand without effort.



52 How do experts characterize Web 3.0?
Semantic web will be achieved and the mobile device will be the primary Internet connection tool by 2020 (Pew study). Interactive media will cannibalize traditional media (Forrester Research). Web 3.0 will ultimately be seen as applications which are pieced together…run on any device…are very fast…are distributed virtually (Eric Schmidt of Google).

53 Summary About the course Definitions E-Marketing landscape
Internet and the web

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