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Does Mindset Matter?   Michael Jordan 

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1 Does Mindset Matter?   Michael Jordan  by-its-cover/ by-its-cover/  Malcom Mitchell

2 DEVELOPING A GROWTH MINDSET The Secret to Improving Your Grades!



5 WHAT HAPPENS? From Mindsets in the Classroom by Mary Cay Ricci © 2013, Prufrock Press By 6 th grade, 60% of students have a Fixed Mindset.

6 WHAT IS MINDSET?  A mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations. 

7 YESTERDAY’S THEORY: WE ARE BORN WITH INTELLIGENCE  There is a fixed intelligence that can be measured using an IQ test. (Dweck, 2010)  No matter how much you learn or how hard you work your intelligence stays the same! Alfred Binet Invented the first useable IQ test

8 TODAY’S THEORY: MINDSET MATTERS  The distinguishing feature of geniuses is their passion and dedication to their craft, and particularly, the way in which they identify, confront, and take pains to remedy their weaknesses (Good, Rattan, & Dweck, 2008).  IN OTHER WORDS…It’s not what you are born with that matters; it’s your mindset that matters.

9 THE BRAIN IS MALLEABLE  The brain is like a muscle that gets stronger and works better the more it is exercised.  Too often students believe the brain is static, leading them to think talent and giftedness are permanent, unchanging personal attributes that automatically bring later success.  Every time you work hard, stretch yourself and learn something new your brain forms new connections and over time you actually become smarter.

10 MINDSET MATTERS  Fixed Mindset: Intelligence is a fixed trait (Dweck, 2008)  Growth Mindset: Intelligence is a quality that can be changed and developed (Dweck, 2008) Carol Dweck Professor of Psychology at Stanford University

11 THE MINDSET QUIZ  What did you score?  Strong Growth Mindset = 60-45 points  Growth Mindset with some Fixed ideas = 44-34 points  Fixed Mindset with some Growth ideas= 33-21 points  Strong Fixed Mindset=20-0 points

12 Mindset Predicts Achievement  Blackwell, Trzesniewski, and Dweck (2007) followed 373 students across the challenging transition to 7th grade. At the beginning of the year, we assessed their mindsets, along with other motivation-relevant variables, and then monitored their math grades over the next two years.  Students with fixed and growth mindsets had entered 7th grade with equal prior math achievement. The impact of mindsets does not typically emerge until students face challenges or setbacks.  By the end of the Fall term, the math grades of the two groups had jumped apart and they continued to diverge over the next two years.

13 Study findings  Our analyses showed that the divergence in math grades was mediated by several key variables.  students with the growth mindset, compared to those with the fixed mindset, were significantly more oriented toward learning goals. Although they cared about their grades, they cared even more about learning.  students with the growth mindset showed a far stronger belief in the power of effort. They believed that effort promoted ability and that was effective regardless of your current level of ability. In contrast, those with the fixed mindset believed that effort was necessary only for those who lacked ability and was, to boot, likely to be ineffective for them.  those with the growth mindset showed more mastery-oriented reactions to setbacks, being less likely than those with the fixed mindset to denigrate their ability and more likely to employ positive strategies, such as greater effort and new strategies, rather than negative strategies, such as effort withdrawal and cheating. students’ beliefs about their intelligence played a key role in how they fared in math across this challenging school transition. When students believe that their intelligence can increase they orient toward doing just that, displaying an emphasis on learning, effort, and persistence in the face of obstacles.

14 STEPS TO DEVELOPING A GROWTH MINDSET  Step #1: Learn, learn, learn  Step #2 Realize hard work is key  Step #3 Face setbacks

15 MINDSET STEP #1: LEARN, LEARN, LEARN  Fixed Mindset: Look intelligent at all costs. “The main thing I want to do in college is to show others how good I am.”  Growth Mindset: Learn, learn, learn. “It’s much more important for me to learn than to get top grades.”

16 GRANT AND DWECK’S STUDY  A Fixed Mindset predicted students’ failure to recover from an initial poor grade.  A Growth Mindset predicted successful recovery.

17 MINDSET STEP #2: REALIZE HARD WORK IS KEY  Fixed Mindset: Learning should come naturally. “When I have to work really hard in a subject, I don’t feel very smart.”  Growth Mindset: Putting a lot of effort into learning and working hard is key. “The harder I have to work at something, the more effort I put into something, the better I’ll be at it.”

18 MINDSET STEP #3: FACE SETBACKS  Fixed Mindset: Hide mistakes and conceal deficiencies, retreat, blame others, act superior. “I’d spend less time on this subject from now on.” “I would try not to take this subject ever again.” “I would try to cheat on the next test.”  Growth Mindset: Capitalize on mistakes and confront deficiencies. “I would work harder in class from now on.” “I would spend more time studying for the test.”

19 REMEMBER TO…  Focus on effort, struggle, persistence despite setbacks  Choose difficult tasks  Focus on strategies: effort, perseverance, hard work  Reflect on different strategies that work and don’t work  Focus on learning and improving  Seek challenges  Work hard

20 Why is it important to have a growth mindset?  Open up a word document on your computer.  Write a paragraph explaining your answer to the question above.  Save this document as your name (first and last) in Mrs. Paul’s in-box. S drive -- teachers -- P -- Paul -- In-box -- period -- Growth Mindset paragraph

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