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other riveting documents Startech International

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1 other riveting documents Startech International
The Business Plan, Slide Deck Elevator Pitch & other riveting documents Jim Poage President Startech International

2 What I Really Want to Emphasize is CREDIBILITY

3 The Purpose of the Business Plan was to Establish Credibility
Business Strategies Product Development Sales & Marketing Financial Others Management in sync (Equity Funding World) Sell the venture Due Diligence Building Credibility

4 The BP Supposedly “Proved” an Attractive Investment
Business Plan What is the Technology? What real Problem does it solve How big is the Market? Who is the Management Team? Is this a good Deal? Attractive Investment? Management Market Technology

5 We’re not in Kansas Anymore
The Internet floods Investors with deals Investors have less time per potential deal A Picture = 1,000 Words Powerpoint trumps Word If you can’t explain it in 15 minutes, NEXT A Pitch is easier to customize for an audience A Pitch is easier to Stepwise refine


7 So What Do we Do? Credibility

8 A Written Business Plan Establishes Credibility
Create A Family of Captured Credibility Product Development Slide Deck Business Strategies Product Development Sales & Marketing Financial Others Management in sync (Equity Funding World) Sell the venture Due Diligence Sales & Marketing Deck The Investor Business Presentation Financial Spreadsheets Models Technology Slide Deck Business Model Slide Deck Building Credibility

9 The Investor Presentation is Key
Single most important aspect of fund raising Play to your audience Be respectful of time Business attire No Proprietary Warnings Objectives: Not to close the deal Clarity of Business Model Invitation to ‘talk’ Build investor confidence in you

10 Know the Dance Card Introductions: X minutes Presentation: 20 minutes
Q&A: 20 minutes Investor discussion: 20 minutes You may or may not be in the room Timekeeper may be present YOU are the timekeeper YOU pace the meeting If the Finish is important, Make sure you get there

11 Your Content is Critical
The problem? Product/Service Value proposition Market Competition Competitive advantage Differentiators Management team Revenue model Business model Funding request Uses of funding Funding milestones Pre-money cap table Not an outline

12 Content Timing Yours to Make Impact
Every deal is different It’s your message and your deal However, Management Technology Market Financials Technology

13 The Technology is NOT the Answer
Detailed description of the problem Set up the Value Proposition What is the solution 5th grader rule Product Description FeatureFunctionBenefit Intellectual Property State of Development Barriers to entry

14 Great Place for Graphics
(Market) Size Matters Market Need Market Size Competition Direct & Indirect Differentiators Pricing Strategy Sales Strategy and process Revenue sources The Business Model Great Place for Graphics

15 Your Management Team Can Make or Break the Deal
Who is on the team Domain Expertise Entrepreneurial Experience Board of Advisors Building Credibility Many investors bet on the jockey not on the horse

16 You MUST Offer an Attractive Investment
Pro Forma P&L – 3-5 years Assumptions driving the numbers 20X N5 Pro Forma Balance Sheet Cap table Funding Request Pro Forma Cash Flow The ‘Deal’ and Liquidity Events Use of Funds Integrated timeline

17 The Integrated Timeline Paints the $ and Time Picture
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Alpha Beta Rev. 1.0 Rev. 2.0 Development Hire Sales Sign 1st Distr 1st Sale Sales & Marketing Continued Sales $20 $110 $15 $205 $120 $90 $135 Cash $150 $350 Investment

18 The Pitch is a Well Orchestrated Performance
Show passion Show confidence Demonstrate knowledge Minimize hyperbole Name dropping It’s a business deal not an invention Presentation Team members Consistent team attire

19 Credibility is on the Line Help Yourself Achieve it
Graphics, color, & photo’s No hard to read slides rule Do not read the slides Watch the audience Well choreographed Numbers all ‘foot’ Copies for audience “Show & Tell” Practice timing

20 Q & A is an Opportunity Don’t Squander it
Short direct answers No ‘piling on’ Backup slides Cheat sheet Curve balls May be asked for a term sheet Avoid technical discussions Don’t get defensive or angry

21 This is a Marathon Prepare for it
Do a post mortem on each presentation given Build an inventory of slides Be prepared to give many presentations Remember you are only looking for a few investors Expect to hear: ‘stay in touch’

22 Recommended Documents
(In order of importance) Investor Presentation Executive Summary Elevator Speech One Page Summary Customer Brochure Business Plan

23 An Elevator Pitch is Required
Origins in “.com” period around 2000 Short pitch which tells potential investor about the deal Objective is to get an invite to present the deal Probably the investors ‘first look’

24 Have Multiple Versions for Different Situations
Early ‘hook’ Brief description of the product or service Revenue model Management team Competition Competitive advantage Call to action Practice

25 What really happens Skim through the Slides Is there a ‘hook’?
Look at the financials $ Revenue line Look at the Management Team If you are not there: Perhaps 90 seconds Is there a ‘hook’? How much & 20X N 5? Can they pull this off?

26 Make Your Titles Tell the Story
Goal: Make your titles answer the question: So what?


28 The Turbo Entabulator

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