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Turnitin Training What types of writing do you require?

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1 Turnitin Training What types of writing do you require?
What challenges do your students face with your writing requirements?

2 Current Status

3 Area Teacher Comments “Students are involved in the active process of improving their work.” “...students can learn about plagiarism through mistakes they make during legitimate attempts to write, not limited to only catching students who are purposefully trying to cheat.’ “Not only is this a great learning tool for students, but it is a great way to increase communication between student and teacher.” “The e-Rater feature gives a lot of in-depth grammatical feedback. It not only shows the possible mistake, but also provides information about the mistake and suggestions to correct.” It is surprising how many students don’t have the tech skills they need to produce not just consume. One of the greatest values is in the conversations the students have about their writing. “Oh great, I had a 25% originality report so I need to rewrite.” Discussions on “purple haze” or teacher feedback on drafts. More discussions on grammar than previous times. Kids are actively looking for correct conventions. Students don’t lose the papers…have over time as well. I was able to have more individual writing conferences as could pull up the paper and have effective conversations Prepares for college….often need to collaborate online, submit papers electronically etc.

4 Potential Benefits Students will develop or expand
Depth and breadth of writing in all content areas Writing experiences and expertise Ability to analyze own writing and that of others Ability to give and receive feedback Skills for college and career writing Ethics and accountability for own work Concerns about plagiarism can be checked both against current websites and previous student submissions. Teachers in specific content areas will develop or expand abilities to Develop meaningful writing instruction and assignments in specific content area Assess student writing in specific discipline Give effective feedback for student improvement Use technology to communicate effectively with students to improve learning

5 Beliefs related to this project
Writing is an essential element in all content areas. Most students plagiarize because they either procrastinate or lack the skills to synthesize and summarize complex issues. Software/Online products for classroom use can be effective if used well. They will be used well if teachers and students are well trained and have the support they need. Constructive collaboration between teachers and students and students and students will improve student writing. Students need and benefit from online collaboration from peers and teachers.


7 Studies Show More Students Cheat Even High Achievers

8 Stepping into It Give you and your students time
Practice with shorter assignments Start with one class Build your and your students’ confidence

9 Introductory Session Objectives
1. Overview and potential of the program 2. Set up your teacher account 3. Set up classes and assignments 4. Overview student account set up information One account per student Student sets up own account Teacher gives students class code for his/her class 5. Overview Grade Mark 6. Locate other features

10 Getting an overview of Turnitin

11 1. Got to and click on “Create Account”
Setting Up Your Instructor Account 1. Got to and click on “Create Account”

12 2. Click on Instructor

13 4. Complete the information on the rest of the page.
3. Complete the form. Your account ID is________. Your join password is _______ * 4. Complete the information on the rest of the page. Note: We are charged by student accounts not teacher accounts. *Contact Molly Berger if you need your ID and password.

14 You may now continue on page 2 of the instructions to set up your classes.

15 Student Account Set-Up
You will need to know if a student already has an account. Students should only have one account! Those with accounts from last year will reactivate those. As a teacher you will need to have your account and classes set up. You will need to give the students your class ID and your enrollment password.

16 1. Class ID 2. Click on “Edit” to find your enrollment password.

17 Enrollment password.

18 2. Click on Instructor


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