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Write the correct pronoun on your board.

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1 Write the correct pronoun on your board.
Pronoun Case Write the correct pronoun on your board.

2 I, Me, or Myself To complete our Egyptian mummy costumes, Lou Ellen and __________ bought a 12 pack of toilet paper. It was __________ who ate your leftover slices of pepperoni pizza. Grandma asked my brother and __________ to buy cherry cough drops while we were at the drugstore. That’s not what happened! It was __________ who shoved straws up my nose and began barking like a walrus! When I was a child, Grandpa was unhappy with __________ excavating his rose garden in the hopes of finding dinosaur bones.

3 She, Her, and Hers See that young lady smacking her lips? It might have been __________ who stole your jelly donut. Clarisse shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. Neither __________ nor Jermaine knew the answer to question 5 on the quiz. Kettia’s favorite color is peach, so I’d guess that this pretty orange sweater is __________. Kendra has a car. Perhaps __________ and Ruth can run to the fish market for some fresh octopus tentacles. Mom comes from a family of strict disciplinarians, so always say please and thank you around Aunt Nancy and __________ if you don’t want your earlobe twisted.

4 He, Him, His, and Himself Don’t bother offering to help Dwayne with that heavy branch. He insists on dragging it to the road __________. (himself, hisself, or his self) Brianna shot Nate a dirty look across the restaurant table. She found __________ slurping the squid eyeball stew rude and embarrassing. Emilio loves American football. At the dinner table, __________ argue whether football or soccer requires more skill. (he and his father, his father and him) Jacob is a computer geek too! Ask either Stephanie or __________ to help us bypass this security software. The driver in front slammed on his brakes for no reason and sat in the middle of the road. Jasmine waved an angry fist at his passenger and __________ as she drove around.

5 We, Us, Our, Ours, and Ourselves
We tried to make cupcakes __________, but the cake was dry and the frosting drippy, so we bought a dozen from the bakery instead. (ourself, ourselfs, ourselves) Did you notice the toilet paper streamers hanging from the Pattersons’ trees? It was __________ who did the “decorating”! In an angry whisper, Leslie asked us to put down our sodas. __________ slurping was drawing angry glances from the test proctor, which made consulting her cheat sheet more dangerous. Has anyone seen Squeeze, a ten-foot albino python? He belongs to __________ two. The bakery manager told __________ shoppers that fresh chocolate-broccoli muffins were ready to purchase.

6 they, them, their, theirs, and them
Oblivious to the consequences, Erica and Teresa spend all of history class chattering in the back row. __________ constant gossiping inspires Mrs. David to look extra hard for points to deduct when she grades their essays. Marsha and Diane wrestled the sofa up the flight of stairs. Derrick—with muscles bursting from his shirt sleeves—offered to help, but the two women insisted that they could do it __________. (theirself, theirselves, themselves, themselves) Yikes, those Nuclear Toaster fans are really rowdy! Too bad for you, seating is assigned, so you are between __________. (Emilio and they, they and Emilio, Emilio and them)

7 they, them, their, theirs, and them
4. The squirrels crouched against the branches, stone still, as a hawk circled overhead. __________ and the other tree dwellers relaxed when the raptor finally abandoned the hunt and flew away. 5. Joshua shushed the two students sitting behind him. __________ knuckle cracking and gum smacking were making him crazy as he tried to concentrate on the dissection demonstration. 6. Stop yelling at the cat and look at the dogs! It is __________ who are guilty of tipping over the trash.

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