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TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM How can technology make my lessons more effective and improve classroom management?

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1 TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM How can technology make my lessons more effective and improve classroom management?

2 Did You Know?

3 Awesome Motivation

4 There is so much I can’t cover in 1 hr Go to my website: s=2569 s=2569 I will share this PPT on TeacherShare Tutorials Use my YouTube Channel “swhslibrary” Follow “SWHS Library” on Twitter Go to my Edmodo Page: SWHS Library Webpage: High_School_Library/Home.html High_School_Library/Home.html SWHS Library Catalog Page:

5 Organizational Tools you can Use Livebinders ex: Evernote Google Docs Google Drive SkyDrive (Windows Live @Edu or Hotmail) mfu mfu YouTube Education (swhslibrary channel) SchoolPointe Website

6 Streaming Resources & Tutorials YouTube Education (swhslibrary channel) TeacherTube SchoolTube Discovery Education KET Encyclomedia PBS Khan Academy

7 Build your SchoolPointe Website and connect it to Edmodo Log into your SchoolPointe Website (CMS) and scroll to the bottom of the page for the SchoolPointe FAQ [click link below for a demo of how to log into the Schoolpointe site and use Online Classroom] Demo of Online Classroom n=artikel&cat=25&id=35&artlang=en n=artikel&cat=25&id=35&artlang=en

8 How to use SchoolPointe: Best Video Tutorials eb/schoolpointe.htm eb/schoolpointe.htm =channel =channel

9 SchoolPointe Online Classroom Video Tutorials from Vendor How do I add a video into the SchoolPointe Video Library? =41&artlang=en&highlight=online+classroom =41&artlang=en&highlight=online+classroom OLC How to create Homepage ng=en&highlight=online+classroom ng=en&highlight=online+classroom How do I create my Online Classroom? ng=en&highlight=online+classroom ng=en&highlight=online+classroom How to create and use the Classroom within the OLC How to use the OLC Pages & Sub-pages

10 SWHSLibrary on YouTube Go to YouTube and search for the SWHSLibrary Channel where I create playlists of tutorials related to SWHS Instruction/Technology. _main _main

11 Edmodo-Social Network for your classroom Go to the SWHSLibrary YouTube Channel and select the Edmodo Playlist: Edmodo at a Glance-Intro Edmodo Splainers Edmodo Demo Edmodo Student Tutorial Go to and create an account Join the Technology in the Block Group with this code: s2wjqt Create your profile, complete the assignment and the quiz. Connect to Google Docs

12 Edmodo Communities Creating a Professional Learning Network (PLN) is a valuable way to ensure your growth and satisfaction as an educator � and now you can use Edmodo to build your PLN! Connect with other educators: Use the � Search Teachers � function on the right side of the screen to find colleagues and educators you � ve met at conferences and professional development events. Connecting with them allows you to send direct messages and share content to each others libraries. Join communities: Edmodo Communities provide a valuable forum to gather professional feedback, exchange ideas, and share content and lessons that you can integrate immediately into your classroom curriculum. To join a community, simply select � Request to Join �. We � ll verify that you are an educator, and notify you when your community access is activated. Join communities:

13 Use Google Docs (Presentations, Text, Spreadsheets, Forms, Drawing, etc.) Go to the YouTube SWHSLibrary Channel and select the Google Docs Playlist. Watch the videos in the order they appear to learn how to use Google Docs. You can connect Google Docs in Edmodo. (create an account using your email address)

14 Create Videos of your lessons for those students who are absent or homebound. Use iMac iSight Camera Document Camera turn to face the board. Quicktime Player Screencast recording ActivInspire Screen recording You will need a microphone to record your voice. Upload to Video Library on SchoolPointe, YouTube Broadcast yourself, or Edmodo so that students can watch at home. (With Edmodo, only your students can see the video).

15 Exam View Use Exam View for quizzes and tests here at SWHS (No Internet needed) and it grades it for you. Get Exam View Pro (Test Generator & Test Manager) on your teacher iMac See Mrs. Stinson to set up your folder and specify Mac or PC use Here are your step by step instructions for using with the Mac Server & student MacBooks or iMacs : Go to TeacherShare>TeacherShare Tutorials>ExamView>ExamView Cheat Sheet for using Mac. See Melissa Carwile for information on setting up a folder to use with the PC Server/Student PC’s

16 Live@edu Email KDE Tutorial Page: /Technology/KETS+Help+Desk/Directory+Services+and+ Outlook+Live+Email/End+User/ /Technology/KETS+Help+Desk/Directory+Services+and+ Outlook+Live+Email/End+User/ SkyDrive fory you & your students E&feature=relmfu E&feature=relmfu

17 Infinite Campus Community If you have not created an account in Infinite Campus Community, you should do this. Click on Campus Community at the bottom of the Index. You will need to create an account and log in. If you use the same username & password as your IC account, it will automatically link.

18 Video Library Menu has tutorials

19 Other Infinite Campus Ideas Email Students directly from Infinite Campus: ssenger.swf ssenger.swf

20 Other Tools you can Use Grad Cam iRespond 2 sets of 32 student response clickers (See SWHS Library Youtube Channel for tutorial videos) Thinkfinity Collaborize Moodle in Warren County Poll Everywhere SAS Curriculum Pathways Login for Faculty: gold5shoulder Password: root5clean Login for students: Use your email address

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