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MyCSUNtablet Year One Overview and Initial Results.

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1 myCSUNtablet Year One Overview and Initial Results

2 Introducing myCSUNtablet Video

3 myCSUNtablet Increase student engagement Improve the quality of learning materials Reduce the cost of learning materials

4 7 majors 70 faculty in program 1,100+ enrollments in Fall 2013 1,700+ enrollments in Spring 2014 myCSUNtablet

5 iPad required for courses Payment plans available Cost neutral after 3 semesters

6 Faculty Retreat January 2013 Faculty Kickoff April 2013

7 Expansion to Athletics

8 Expansion to Advisors

9 Tablets for Engaged Learning Access Internet Interactive apps Lecture capture Mark-up slides Quizzes eTexts Email Diagrams Photo Video Exams Social media

10 Core Apps

11 Discipline Specific Apps

12 Ensuring App Accessibility

13 Branding

14 Campus Bookstore Partnership Purchase iPads in the campus bookstore First 500 students received free Apple Care Bookstore became authorized Repair Center

15 Helping Students

16 iPad Classes listed in Schedule of Classes

17 Wi-fi for the New Norm!

18 Helping Faculty

19 Coming Summer 2014 myCSUNtablet Academy

20 Textbook Content for Tablet Delivery Adopt lower-cost versions of print textbooks Assemble electronic course readers Create “born digital” textbooks using faculty-authored material

21 CSUN Faculty Authored eTexts Melissa Wall, Ph.D. Sloane Burke, Ph.D. Dan Mathiyakom

22 Bringing iPads to the Classroom

23 The Active Learning Classroom

24 Do Students Understand?

25 Cheat-proof, Paperless Exams

26 Does It Work? Assessment 1.Indirect 2.Direct 3.Pedagogy 4.Ethnography

27 “The in-class iPad assignments made sure you were paying attention.” “I loved how it saved paper and space. All the information for my course was saved in one little iPad.“ “I was able to actively draw things in class which helped with my understanding of the material.“ Student Comments “We could make notes on the instructor’s PowerPoint slides, which allowed us to get more out of the lectures.”

28 “The worst part was that I had to buy an iPad right after I’d purchased my Samsung tablet.” Not Without Challenges “The teacher didn't use the iPads. The lectures were not interactive. It was basically pointless to have one except for the tests. ”

29 What Did Tablets Help Students Do? Use less paper - 85% Access course material more effectively - 78% Study "on the go”- 72% Engage more with the course material - 65% Learn the material better - 63% Improve my grades – 58%

30 Summary Findings from Surveys Student satisfaction was largely function of faculty skill, preparation, attitude ------------ Faculty say iPads have great potential but adopting them requires pedagogy redesign

31 Assessment: Biology Class #1

32 Assessment: Biology Class #2

33 Disability Resources & Educational Services Lesson Learned: It Takes a Village Universal Design Center Assessment & Program Review National Center on Deafness Information Technology Admissions and Records Institutional ResearchBookstore Apple Advancement Chairs and Deans Financial Aid Financial Services Faculty Technology Center Faculty Development Faculty Library

34 Challenges Thus Far Tool, not a panacea – iPad use has to be thoughtfully deployed and assessed Faculty want time to redesign their courses for effective tablet teaching and learning eTexts are fastest route to cost recovery but require time and raise questions about RTP Requires expanded wi-fi in the myCSUNtablet classrooms

35 Next Steps Expand classes in existing majors Add two new majors Expand faculty training and support Continue with faculty incentives to develop more eTexts Explore options to become tablet-agnostic Continue to focus on assessment

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